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IE 11 settimeout not working

  • Why my setTimeout doesn't work with recursive? January 25

    How do I pass context into setTimeout? I want to call this.tip.destroy() if this.options.destroyOnHide after 1000 ms. How can I do that? if (this.options.destroyOnHide) { setTimeout(function() { this.tip.destroy() }, 1000); } When I try the above, th

  • Javascript setTimeout : Set a delay between beeps September 27

    Simply put... why does setTimeout('playNote('+currentaudio.id+', '+noteTime+')', delay); work perfectly, calling the function after the the specified delay, but setTimeout(playNote(currentaudio.id,noteTime), delay); calls the function playNote all at

  • javascript setTimeout function acts like threads November 8

    I have the following scenario: setTimeout("alert('this alert is timedout and should be the first');", 5000); alert("this should be the second one"); I need the code after the setTimeout to be executed after the code in the setTimeout i

  • setTimeout() and setting parametersMarch 2

    I have some jQuery code that looks like this: $('.mainNav2 > li').mouseleave(function(){ var someNum = Math.random(); $(this).attr('id', someNum); var t = setTimeout("HideMenu(someNum)", 200); $('li.clicked').mouseenter(function() { clearTime

  • setTimeout and QuickTabsFebruary 28

    I'm using QuickTabs with a couple of views to show some content within tabs. This works fine. Now, I want my tabs to automatically cycle. Basically, this issue sums up what I want to do. The thing is, it partially works. I have two tabs, and it cycle

  • Function not running in javascript setTimeout function March 26

    i try to develop a page and i have to use setTimeout function because i need to load my video in my page two seconds later. In order to do that, i wrote this, window.onload = function () { player = new Player('playerObject'); setTimeout(player.playBy

  • JavaScript.setTimeoutApril 25

    I am learning JavaScript and I have learned recently about JavaScript Timing Events. when I learned about JavaScript setTimeout Method at this link:http://www.w3schools.com/js/js_timing.asp I noticed a strange figure which I didn't run into before. W

  • Simulating Delay using jQuery and setTimeout()

    Simulating Delay using jQuery and setTimeout()August 26

    Sometimes you may wish to simulate a delay of events such as simulating loading of results before showing on the page. This example uses a recursive setTimeout() to call a function which loops through an array of data which has the results of a syste

  • JavaScript "recursion" via setTimeoutFebruary 1

    I understand that because of JavaScript's single-threaded execution, long loops or recursive calls could make the browser unresponsive while they execute. I thought about simulating recursion using setTimeout with a delay of 0, so as to queue the nex

  • Trying to simplify a setTimeout sequenceAugust 2

    Here is the script: function opening(){ setTimeout(function () { var opening = $('#stage'); opening.find('h1').fadeIn('slow', function(){ setTimeout(function () { opening.find('.logo').fadeIn('slow', function(){ setTimeout(function () { opening.find(

  • JavaScript binding loss with setTimeoutSeptember 4

    My current task is to extend some JavaScript of a framework we are using. A pop-up should slide in, instead of just appear in the middle of the window. So I have overridden one of the framework's methods, and do at the end this: AdfDhtmlPage.prototyp

  • windows.setTimeout() making my infopath form very slowFebruary 5

    this is my code for InfoPath postback window.onload = function() { window.setTimeout(getData, 1000); } function getData(){ getEmployee(); getCompany(); window.setTimeout(getData, 1000); //To handle IP's form postback } function getEmployee(){ var emp

  • Utility object for setTimeoutMarch 12

    I was using setTimeouts for a project where a callback will be called after a duration, but the user has the options of extending, pausing or stopping the timeout. I felt using the default setTimeout was a bit clunky, especially since I needed to rem

  • Alternative to setInterval and setTimeoutApril 22

    Alternative to setInterval and setTimeout JavaScript's setTimeout and setInterval are evil and not precise... both have a delay of various milliseconds http://www.andrewduthie.com/post/a-self-correcting-setinterval-alternative/ both are very resource

  • Managing setTimeouts and setInterval in a distributed environmentJune 1

    I am building a turnbased game on nodejs using socket.io and redis as the datastore. I am planning on hosting the game on AWS opsworks with the ability to scale by adding more nodes. How should I structure the application so that I can have setTimeou

  • Executing ajax calls in setTimeout after set intervals?August 1

    We develop an application involving a lot of ajax. Such as showing users notifications, updating what they see via ajax while they are on the web page. This update is due to the actions of other users in the application. In the code base we are gener

  • Using both setInterval and setTimeout for simple image carouselNovember 5

    I have a really basic image carousel that I just wrote. Basically I'm trying to keep it as small and light weight as possible, but I get the feeling that I've gotten way off the beaten path of how these things normally work. function hide(element, in

  • NodeJS setTimeOut - How to run callback before delay time exceededNovember 19

    I'm developing a card game server. I want to do this : While server process a turn for players, players have 20 seconds to do something. If players send a request to server within 20 secs, timer will stop and the callback will fire. I'm doing like th

  • Using setTimeout to get scrolling chat window to work, but doesn't feel like the ideal solutionMay 19

    My friend and I are working on a bare-bones chat web app, using Angular on the front end. He's using Swampdragon for some of the real-time stuff. My task that I set out to achieve was to get the chat window to scroll to the bottom when a chat room is

  • A Nightmare on setTimeout StreetJune 3

    I have script which plays audio, shows/hides elements: var audio = new Audio("audio/test.mp3"); audio.addEventListener("ended", function(){ element.fadeIn(0); setTimeout(function() { element2.fadeIn(0); setTimeout(function() { element3

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