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instal youwave on vps

  • Help with install on OpenVZ vps.

    Help with install on OpenVZ vps.April 5

    Hello. I need little help with installation of ispConfig 3 on Debian 6. I follow this guide: http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-s...n-6.0-with-bind-dovecot-and-nginx-ispconfig-3 But i have a vps, so i think i cant use "quota". Should i skip step

  • Installing on a VPS...September 3

    Hey guys, I have a VPS that has only 256MB of ram allocated to it. I want to do some testing with ISPConfig just for my own personal use, but I can't get it to install because the PHP compile keeps dying due to a shortage of memory (there is no swap

  • Linux kernel and headers do not install on a VPS systemJune 9

    At this point all I'm trying to do is update my headers on fresh Ubuntu 14.04: [email protected]:~# uname -a Linux invoke 2.6.32-042stab094.7 #1 SMP Wed Oct 22 12:43:21 MSK 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux [email protected]:~# uname -r 2.6.32-042stab094.7 roo

  • Install ispconfig3 in VPSAugust 7

    Hello all. I tried to install ispconfig3 in a VPS debian. When i need to enable quota on the file system mounted on /, i edit the /etc/fstab file. i need to add a few words, but in the caso of vps the file /etc/fstab is empty !!! , this only show a c

  • MySQL Tuner script to optimise MariaDB 10.1 install on 512MB VPS - MySQL's maximum memory usage is dangerously highJanuary 1

    I have installed MariaDB 10.1 onto a 512MB CentOS 7 x64 VPS & enabled InnoDB. On this machine, I am also running NginX (1 worker process) & PHP-FPM (2 child, 2 spare) with php.ini memory limit is set to 128M. This is my current configuration /etc/

  • hot to install forum in vps

    hot to install forum in vpsDecember 24

    can anyone of you can tell me hot to install forum in windows servers any tuto or with screen shoots its perfect tnx from u --------------Solutions------------- Which forum software do you want to install? i wont to insatll phpbb forum but im interes

  • installing ssl on a virtualserver a vpsSeptember 17

    My Problem: Installing SSL on VPS, for one domain. My server: Ubunutu / Apache / mod_ssl / openssl Using Virutalmin / Webmin Two IP address. I have four domains hosted on my vps, i.e. there are 4 virutal servers. On one of the domain i.e. one of the

  • Help With VPS install

    Help With VPS installJuly 16

    Hi All, Is there no where on this forum an Install script for installing on a VPS correctly. I have followed the Perfect server for Debian 7 twice now starting at page 3 because I have to load the template from my control panel on my VPS. I get the s

  • Installing Laravel 5 application on DirectAdmin VPSFebruary 14

    I read and tried several methods and none worked. I always get either 400 or 500 error. The app works perfectly on localhost. What are the exact steps in order to get Laravel 5 up and running on a VPS with DirectAdmin CP?? Please don't link to other

  • Installing software on Cent OS 5August 7

    I've got a VPS with CentOS 5 where my company hosts a subversion repo. My problem is I want to install more software on there (like Trac) but I'm having a hard time. Most tutorials tell me to use yum to install packages, but it has been disabled by t

  • Way to connect to VPS w/Win Vista Home Basic, other than VNC or TeamViewer?February 1

    I need to connect to a VPS and I'm running Vista Home Basic. TightVNC and TeamViewer both require access to the VPS first, because they require that the server be set up with TightVNC or TeamViewer. Is there anything similar to Remote Desktop that wi

  • OS for Virtual Private Server (VPS)March 9

    I'm new to VPS managing and I need to chose which OS to install on my VPS. I have the following alternatives: CentOS 5.2 Ubuntu 9.10 Ubuntu Server edition 8.10 Debian 5.0 Lenny Debian 4.0 Etch Gentoo Minimal 10.0 I tried to install couple of them, I'

  • moving from shared-hosting to VPS-hostingMay 8

    I'm thinking of moving my social network from shared hosting to VPS hosting. I'm not familiar with VPS and have no experience. Will that be a problem? Thanks --------------Solutions------------- Depends. Shared hosting everything is setup for you (Ap

  • how download link in vps from net ( with web appliction )?April 15

    I have vps and i want download link from net like rapid share ( with account ) or from direct link or also torrent... is there any web application with php or python to download link form net? edit: i want have application with php or python and inst

  • Can I compile code on a VPS account?April 25

    I intend to purchase a Windows VPS account with the following: - Windows Server 2008 Standard 64-bit OS 2 GB RAM 1,000 GB/month bandwidth I develop Windows software but not for so long, I just got started. I make exe's but I do not trust my home comp

  • YouWave doesn't load apps

    YouWave doesn't load appsJune 12

    I added default "android apps" folder but my application windows is empty. Why? I can see "localapps.xml" in that folder. I tried: Uninstall YouWave. Delete all relative things. Restart. Reinstall. Restart. It still doesn't load apps.

  • Cant access ISPCONFIG after fresh install on Centos 6.5 and Centos 7February 21

    I originally had ispconfig installed on this server but wanted to do a fresh install I have successfully installed Perfect server centos 6.5 more then 10 times, But for some reason I just cant get it to work now. It was the only reason I switched to

  • Can't seem to install the correct version of PHP, using apt-get installJune 7

    I'm using Ubuntu 11.04 LTS server, it's a new install on a VPS box from MediaTemple (their ve server). I'm trying to install PHP 5.4.3 on this box, but I'm having a common problem not matter what version I get. I'm trying to get the php-cgi process,

  • OneClick install software to automatically install packages like wordpress September 12

    All the hosts now have One Click install for packages like Wordpress, Drupal and so on. Is there oneclick installer software that I can install on my VPS that gives me the ability to have one click installers for these popular packages? Thanks in adv

  • Perfer Ubuntu Server 8.04 on VPS?November 21

    Hello, I am just about to install my first VPS machine (webserver) using Ubuntu 8.04 server and will be following this wonderful HOW TO by Falko Timme. My VPS specs are as follows: Memory 256, Disk 10 GB, 2 public IPs and 200 GB transfer. What I'd li

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