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  • http internal server error 500November 10

    complete n00b to servers and their errors. Running a site on a windows 2008 server with IIS7 and I've gotten the internal server error 500 when I try to visit the site. It was working up until very recently. No changes were made either. The server is

  • All PHP sites stopped working on IIS7, internal server error 500August 10

    I installed multiple drupal 7 sites using the Web Platform Installer on Windows Server 2008. Until know they worked without any problems, but recently internal server error 500 started to show up (once every so many requests), now it happens for all

  • Can the re-occurring of 404 error lead to Internal server error (500)?February 15

    I'm wondering can the re-occurring of File Not Found (404) error eventually lead to Internal server error (500)? --------------Solutions------------- I would definitely argue it is possible if your 404 page was built using a dynamic language like PHP

  • PHP5-FPM reload from web browser: Internal server error 500August 9

    I am creating a free shared hosting service for fun and learning. I made a simple form where the user enters the subdomain and ftp password. When the user hits submit, a script generates a linux user, encrypts the entered password with crypt() then s

  • Clean Wordpress installation shows Internal Server Error 500November 6

    I'm trying to install Wordpress installation on my dedicated server. Copied all files, but it shows Internal Server Error 500. Logs shows this: [Wed Nov 06 18:12:36 2013] [error] [client] FastCGI: comm with server "/home/rafal/domain.com/

  • More frequent "Internal Server Error 500"April 24

    We've been having some problems with a flash based file uploader. While it started up very fast at uploading files lately it has been slowing down and throwing out Internal Server Error 500. Also, we have been getting this error with our other sites

  • Internal Server Error 500 .htaccessJuly 4

    For years, I have been using the following .htaccess for PHP to execute within HTML on Apache at GoDaddy: AddHandler fcgid-script .html FCGIWrapper /usr/local/cpanel/cgi-sys/php5 .html A few days ago, only one of many websites at GoDaddy using this .

  • Meteor alanning:roles - Error invoking Method 'updateRoles': Internal server error [500]January 15

    I am trying to set the role for the logged in user (using alanning:roles package) via a method on the server. Here's what I have... Client var userId = Meteor.userId(); Meteor.call('updateRoles',userId,'admin'); And this is the simplified version of

  • Cake PHP shows Internal Server Error 500January 16

    Following CakePHP code is in my index.php file. When it runs on the server, it shows internal server error 500 if (!defined('DS')) { define('DS', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR); } if (!defined('ROOT')) { define('ROOT', dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__)))); } i

  • Error invoking Method 'addReservation': Internal server error [500]

    Error invoking Method 'addReservation': Internal server error [500]January 20

    I have problems with inserting data to collection, it says in console: Error invoking Method 'addReservation': Internal server error [500] This is my reservation template: <template name="reservations"> <div class="container-fluid

  • apache2 is throwing internal server error 500 after AllowOverride All, localhostJanuary 29

    i am new in configuring server. For now, i have to configure localhost with LAMP and opencart framework. But still it is throwing internal server error 500. Even I have tried the following things sudo a2enmode rewrite apache2ctl configtest // for sya

  • I get an error **Error invoking Method 'addReview': Internal server error [500]February 2

    If I try to add reviews or like a recipe I get an error Error invoking Method 'addReview': Internal server error [500] debug.js:41,even though it adds reviews and likes into databases and works fine but still gives me above error. Source code Github

  • Error invoking Method 'filterMulitpleTags': Internal server error [500]February 8

    I dont understand why i am getting this Internal server error 500. Also because of the items aren't being hidden as i want them to. The console output is saying that the '$' isnt defined which isnt right i dont believe since i am link jquery. HTML: <

  • .htaccess Authentication Internal Server Error 500August 4

    I am trying to setup an authentication for a directory on a ubuntu server and when i sign in i get a 500 Internal Server Error I have the following: AuthUserFile .htpasswd AuthName "Sign In" AuthType Basic Require eMA I also tried the POST GET a

  • Deploying Django in CentOS - Internal Server Error 500October 2

    My system: CentOS: 5.5 x86_64 GNU/Linux Apache/2.2.16 mod_wsgi-3.2-1.el5.x86_64 python 2.6.6 django 1.2.3 My file example.wsgi: #!/usr/local/bin/python import os, site, sys # add the virtual environment path site.addsitedir('/home/admin/domains/examp

  • Internal Server Error (500) using Managed Client Object ModelMarch 10

    I'm attempting my first foray into the Client Object Model. In the following code, using (ClientContext context = new ClientContext(url)) // url works w- SPSite { Web web = context.Web; context.Load(web); Log.Debug("Loading web."); context.Execu

  • ISPConfig 3 - Internal Server Error 500October 15

    After installing the panel ISPConfig 3, before the link http: //mywebserver:8080/, i have a problem: Code: [B]Internal Server Error[/B] The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please conta

  • trac: "Internal server error (500)" with mod_fcgid and mod_suexecJuly 22

    I try to setup Trac on a shared server with shell access, SW is Trac 1.0.1, Python 2.6.6, Apache 2.2.15 with mod_fcgid and mod_suexec. I've set it up following the instructions from the wiki of my hoster, https://uberspace.de/dokuwiki/cool:trac . The

  • MaaS API Internal Server Error 500 while commissioning NodeNovember 26

    I always get request to http://$MaaSServer/MAAS/metadata//2012-03-01/ failed, sleeping HTTP Error 500: INTERNAL SERVER ERROR (screenshot not posted, I lack the reputation . . . ;-) ) now, when trying to commission any nodes. Calling the URL in the br

  • Internal Server Error 500 with Custom PHP fileAugust 11

    I am trying to create a gallery with multiple sortable albums since there are so many pictures. I am doing this by enabling categories on media items, looking up a specific category, gettings all the appropriate IDs, and loading the images into 's. T

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