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  • Acting rationally vs thinking rationally ( AI ) February 9

    i'm confused between two basic terms in Artificial Intelligence , which is : acting rationally and thinking rationally can someone help me how can i know the system which is acting rationally and thinking rationally ? and gives me a real world exampl

  • Are covert and rational adversaries same?May 26

    Aumann and Lindell defined covert adversaries in 2009 which is informally adversaries which have a epsilon-deterrence to cheat. Some authors (for ex. John R. Wallrabenstein) have defined similar adversaries and called it rational adversaries who act

  • My Rational struct, version 1March 18

    I have written a Rational struct for working with rational numbers, i.e. Rational(int numerator, int denominator). A recent post regarding rational numbers peaked my interest. I particular like the answer by @aush with his RationalNumber class. I am

  • Request for Comments - CAN-SPAM ActMay 18

    The Federal Trade Commission (US) has opened up a window (http://ftc.gov/opa/2005/05/canspamfrn.htm) for public comment on the CAN-SPAM Act introduced in 2003. The FTC is seeking to clarify definitions in the act, such as person, sender and some guid

  • How do you manage your Linux iptables configuration on a machine acting as a router?May 5

    I have a couple Linux machines that act as routers/firewalls for my networks and I have a script that runs all the iptables commands to set my rules. This seems to me like a really silly way to do it though. How do you do this? Is there a program wit

  • Can Windows Server 2008 RDP be setup to act like VNC?June 30

    I have a server in the closet and an extra monitor which I setup on the wall just outside the closet. I would like to have it display various status tools. I like RDP as is but want to have the experience something like VNC provides without it's slug

  • Setup a linux computer to act as a bluetooth keyboard/mouse July 21

    I want to make my laptop announce itself as a bluetooth keyboard or/and a bluetooth mouse. It would be nice to be able to connect the computer to my phone or my media computer using bluetooth. Does anyone know of a good way to do this? --------------

  • Single Monitor act exactly like dual monitor?July 21

    Does anyone know if there is a way to make a single monitor act like a dual monitor with 2 totally seperated areas that are detected at the window's level. Eg. 2560x1600 monitor to show up as 2 panels with 1280x1600 resolution each or a 1920x1200 sho

  • How to make screen terminal emulation act more like xterm or rxvt for init/uninitAugust 15

    Programs like less and full-screen editors work well with terminals like xterm and rxvt, because the terminal initialization and uninitialization lets the terminal save current screen contents and restore it after the program exits. I'm wondering if

  • Ubuntu vi Acting StrangeAugust 27

    I just installed Ubuntu Server 8 and found vi to be acting strangely (compared to vi on Fedora, CentOS and OSX). When I use the 'a' command to enter text, pressing the arrow keys results in "C", "D", "B" and "A" to

  • SQLServer - need to access an ACT! database for data migrationOctober 23

    I'm looking for a way to access data in an ACT! database for a data migration to a custom application. The ACT! software uses SQLServer 2005. The data conversion script and new application will be written on a Linux system using Python and Postgresql

  • Bluetooth dongle acting as keyboard?November 30

    I've heard that there are certain bluetooth dongles that act as a regular input device, just as if you've connected a regular USB keyboard, instead of just forwarding the bluetooth signal so to speak. I want it so that I can pair with the dongle inst

  • How do I make zsh completion act more like bash completion?February 3

    I'm a recent convert from bash to zsh (which I'm using "oh my zsh" with), but one thing annoys me: When I hit the tab key, the first autocompletion is filled out automatically, and you need to cycle through the completions by hitting tab repeate

  • How can I connect to my ACT database to export data?February 24

    I am trying to export data from an MSSQL server that ACT uses. It is ACT 2005. I have tried tons of different things, from trying to starting the MSSQL server in single user mode (still can't login), I have tried copying the mdf files from it and put

  • Getting WinMinimize to act on currently active windowMarch 22

    I am trying to write a hotkey to minimize the current window. My current attempt is below and it does nothing. I can't see how to make commands like WinMinimize act on the currently acitve window. <^>!z:: WinMinimize, return --------------Solutions-

  • Can I buy a wireless access point that also acts as a DNS nameserver? March 22

    I was wondering if I buy a wireless access point/router that also acts as a DNS nameserver for DHCP clients. I can see the hostnames of my home devices in the DHCP clients table of the router I have, it doesn't seem like a great leap of the imaginati

  • Can I get a domain controller not to act as DNS for the members?March 29

    Let me try to explain my current setup. I have one linux machine acting as DHCP and DNS (dhcpd3 and bind) in my network. This works fine, all computers I hook up to the network gets an IP address and proper DNS servers set. Let's call it H

  • Top/left edges of screen, in Virtualbox, act like bottom/right edgesApril 28

    I have Virtualbox running on Windows Vista, and Debian running inside Virtualbox. Everything's running great, for the most part. Everything looks correct. But when I'm in full-screen mode, the top edge seems to act (to the mouse) like it's the bottom

  • How to configure Linux to act as a Bluetooth RFCOMM SPP server?May 18

    I'm writing a phone app for Android that connects to a bluetooth RFCOMM device in my car. My phone app talks AT commands with it. For development work, I often need to communicate with the device to try different commands and things. My neighbors are

  • Creating a Linux cluster/cloud to act as a serverJune 1

    I have about four or five machines in the Pentium 3-4 era and I'm interested in creating a Linux server comprised of these machines. The server's main purposes would be to host several low-medium traffic websites/services (voice and game), and share

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