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  • Not able to run batch script(.bat file) in Jenkins client machine

    Not able to run batch script(.bat file) in Jenkins client machineJanuary 17

    In my Java program I am launching batch script(.bat file). I am facing following error: FATAL: command execution failed java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "cmd" (in directory "C:\..\Project_Name"): CreateProcess error=87, The para

  • Run .bat file from JenkinsJanuary 21

    I'm trying to run the file with Managed Script Plugin When I run, there is error: FailedConsole Output Started by user anonymous [EnvInject] - Loading node environment variables. Building in workspace C:\Users\*****\.hudson\jobs\dfs\workspace [worksp

  • How to create a service running a .bat file on Windows 2008 Server?August 16

    I've created the service using sc create myService binpath=myservice.bat But when I start it, it fails with the following error message: [SC] StartService FAILED 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion. O

  • Run a .bat file in a scheduled task without a windowMay 17

    I have a scheduled task that starts a batch script that runs robocopy every hour. Every time it runs a window pops up on the desktop with robocopy's output, which I don't really want to see. I managed to make the window appear minimized by making the

  • What's the difference between .cmd and .bat files?June 2

    Just curious. "Cool" people in our company always use *.cmd while no one was able to explain the difference to me. --------------Solutions------------- Here is a good discussion from Stackoverflow. There are semantic differences in the command l

  • Help for creating a bat file to schedule a backupJune 14

    Hi I have a mdb file at C:\Program Files\ApplcationName\filename.mdb. Please let me know the COPY command to take a backup using .bat file to a folder C:\Backup. In short i am having probles because of the space between "Program" and "Files

  • Is it possible to change the icon of a MS-DOS bat file?August 20

    I have a MS-DOS bat file that I have written. However, I am wondering is it possible to change the icon to something different? --------------Solutions------------- The icon is determined by the command line extension, so no. What you can do is creat

  • Including a bat file in a bat fileAugust 26

    I have many bat files that share a common setup of variables. Instead of defining the same variables over and over again (and making errors in the process) I would like to include one bat file in all the others. How do I do this? Excuse my newbie que

  • How can I reset the default .bat file handler in Windows Vista?

    How can I reset the default .bat file handler in Windows Vista?August 29

    I make a mistake one day: I made notepad the default application for opening .bat files. I've tried using cmd.exe to open a .bat file, but all it does is open a new window; it doesn't execute the script. How can I restore the default behavior for bat

  • Bat file in another accountSeptember 23

    I have a bat file which will delete files in some folder (Profile Folder). But i do-not have access to that folder. But another account has access to the folder. How to run a batch file from one account by login into the another account which has acc

  • How do I get .bat files to run instead of being opened with Notepad?September 30

    My Vista machine is opening .bat files with Notepad. How do I get it to run the .bat files instead? What application do I assign .bat files to? --------------Solutions------------- If you go to Explorer, and go to Tools, Options, and click the File T

  • Running bat file using Windows schedulerOctober 6

    I wanted to run a .bat file in Windows task scheduler, so I opened it, added a new task, browsed to the bat file, and... nothing happened. So I changed the timing to see if it'll run, and it didn't. Next I right-clicked on the task and chose "run&quo

  • FTP BAT file - Windows Scheduled TaskOctober 7

    Is it possible to create a scheduled task in windows, that connects to an FTP site, and downloads all the files and folders within the root directory (or specified folders in the root directory) - for example \httdocs and \subdomains to a local direc

  • How do I restore .bat files association with the system (make them run when double-clicked)?October 9

    What do I set the 'Opens with...' property to in order to get the system to run .bat files again (when they are double-clicked)? Somehow my boss convinced his workstation that the handler for .bat files was supposed to be Word. Now, when double-click

  • IIS wont run a BAT FileOctober 14

    The problem we have run into is as follows. We have an ASP.NET WebService which runs under IIS7. The code in the WebService works 100%, however when the WebService tries to run a .BAT file, nothing happens. Nothing at all, the code doesn't crash, the

  • Running bat file at startup as administrator in Windows 7November 16

    I'm currently running a startup script in form of a bat file successfully in Windows 7 (I've inserted a new registry key entry with the bat file path as value in Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run). Now I need to

  • run bat file at startupNovember 16

    How do I run a bat file at startup in Windows 2008? --------------Solutions------------- Windows Scheduler -- When my computer starts I'm pretty sure you can the built-in Windows Scheduler to execute your batch file on startup. Try this: Start > Prog

  • Can I run bat file on 64 bit system?December 6

    I have a bat file that I ran successfully on my old Windows Vista 32 bit system. Now that I have upgraded to a 64 bit Windows 7 system, will it be possible to run the same bat file? Is there a difference between 32 bit bat files and 64 bit bat files?

  • Fire batch (.bat) file execution and continueDecember 14

    I want to write a .bat file that starts executing another few .bat files, without waiting for the 1st to complete before going to the next one. Spawning multiple cmd.exe commands is OK. I tried doing call script1.bat call script2.bat from the "main&q

  • Run this bat file with admin rightsDecember 21

    I have written a simple bat file to run a silverlight install at login. I have the script called via GPO and AD, but when it runs, i have the issue of admin rights and UAC. Is there a way to stream the admin username and password into the script so i

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