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  • Custom DisplayForm using JSLinkJuly 22

    Is there any way to customise the display form of a list using the Client Site Templates e.g. // Register the template overrides. SPClientTemplates.TemplateManager.RegisterTemplateOverrides(overrideCtx); I know you can override each fields render han

  • Custom DisplayForm not linking to the Custom Content Type's Display FormJuly 10

    I have a Content Type that has been stapled with a feature to SPSERS#2 and BLOG#0. The linkage does not work when i staple the feature to the BlogSiteTemplate. When i checked the content type in SharePoint Designer the Display Form link is empty. It

  • How get item ID in JSLink on DisplayFormNovember 24

    I'm customizing the DisplayForm of a list, and I want put a button on footer to EditForm, but in the ctx has no edit form url and no CurrentItem.ID. How can I do this? --------------Solutions------------- Getting from ctx var itemId = ctx.FormContext

  • How to expand group with JSLink custom list viewsDecember 15

    If I custom render my groups on list views with JSLink, I (of course) overwrite the SharePoint standard code, including the javascript for expanding. function myGrouping(ctx, group, groupId, listItem, listSchema, level, expand) { var html = listItem[

  • Referencing JSLink files from Content Type Hub's Style LibraryNovember 26

    JSLink allows the following tokens to construct relative URL references. ~site-refers to the URL of the current Web site. ~sitecollection-refers to the URL of the parent site collection of the current Web site. ~layouts-refers to _layouts/15 with res

  • Customing the newform.aspx of a list using jslink in SharePoint 2013April 3

    How do I customise the newform.aspx of a list in SharePoint 2013 using JSLink? A lot of examples seem to be for customising list views. I can't find anything that explains how to customise the new form for adding a new item to the list. Basically I w

  • how do i place custom action in custom group on displayform?April 5

    By following the examples in the SP 2010 C# Hands On Lab (SPCHOL308), I've gotten a CustomAction button to show up under the View tab in the Manage group on the DisplayForm. I want to place this button in a new group called 'Reservations', but I am u

  • How to create custom EditForm and DisplayForm for custom content type?June 4

    I have developed a custom ASPX SharePoint application page using Visual Studio. I would like to use that page as the EditForm and DisplayForm for the custom content type. At the moment, my page is receiving some values as HTML page parameters through

  • WebPart on Top of Displayform for Custom List, ListItem deleted = Server ErrorJanuary 24

    so I have a visual webpart for registering/unregistering for an event on top of a custom lists' ("events"-list) display form (added via &ToolPaneView=2). Now my use-case is this: potential Attendee opens the display form and wants to registe

  • Customizing discussions list in SP2013 with JsLinkApril 12

    I'm working on a community site and was looking at ways to modify UI of the discussion list that is presented to the user (and possibly more going forward). It is my understanding according to the articles below that lists can be customized using JSL

  • Custom action with javascript doesn't navigate in DisplayFormApril 17

    I have a strange issue, basically, I have the following custom action: <CustomAction Id="Navigate.DisplayMenu" Title="Navigate to:" RegistrationType="ContentType" RegistrationId="0x010100AEAD1A170E39D343BE3252ECF5B97&

  • Custom JSLINK rendering template - how do you get ajax paging working?September 13

    So I followed this post to implement paging in my custom JSLINK rendering template, and got that working great. The only downside to it is that the paging actions are full page post-backs whereas on the stock SP list web-part they use ajax. After dig

  • Custom JSlink template intermittently not downloading for anonymous usersOctober 8

    I've developed a JSLink template that works fine. I've tested it with authenticated and anonymous access and it works flawlessly. The problem that i'm seeing is that when I open the page with the LVWP and custom JSLink template as an anonymous user i

  • JSLink makes search textbox to disappear in Page Library Custom View

    JSLink makes search textbox to disappear in Page Library Custom ViewNovember 11

    I have created a view in a page library and added a custom JSLink that should render the items as follows: Each item is a Page in the Page library. The problem is that when I add my customJsLink.js to the view the search Box for the Page Library disa

  • Getting Custom List columns with JSLink Context

    Getting Custom List columns with JSLink ContextJune 2

    I have a custom list in SharePoint 2013 and I'm using a javascript file to style it utilising the JSLink capabilities to reduce server load etc. The problem I'm having is that my custom list as a few different custom fields in it that I need to displ

  • Can't get Custom Column of type Publishing Image to display in JSLinkAugust 5

    I have a column of type "Publishing Image" named "Picture Upload" defined at the site collection level, and then included in my Custom List. When I try and access the column from my JSLink function, it won't work. If I console.log the

  • How to apply JSLink to the custom new form of list?

    How to apply JSLink to the custom new form of list?October 8

    I have created custom new form for list using SharePoint designer, to customize the behavior of OOTB SharePoint. The functionality which I wanted to achieve is complete but I am not seeing the option for JSLink in the settings. Is there any way to ap

  • SP2013 Custom View via JSLink TypeError issueJanuary 13

    I'm currently customizing a Library View, by using CSR and JSLink. The view is rendering items by "Modified" date DESC. The custom view has to display the 5 last modified pages, and the more recent one in top, with its publishing Image. The 4 ot

  • CommandUI.Ribbon.ListView Displays Custom Action On DisplayForm For ItemFebruary 24

    I have the following custom action definition: <CustomAction Id="MYRibbonTab" Location="CommandUI.Ribbon.ListView" RegistrationType="ContentType" RegistrationId="0x010014D754C688D12A4FB4C811B4B4F67A5C" Sequence=&

  • Site Columns JSLink doesn't work in custom XSLTListViewWebPartMay 7

    I have a site column (Status) that I've added JSLink to, that runs my custom JavaScript. This works fine on lists. The JavaScript changes the text to a colored image. I've then created a Visual Web Part that has some custom functionality, one of whic

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