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jsp page sumvalue function in database

  • How to delete information from database by using a button on my JSP page? I'm using Hibernate DAO, JS, and Spring

    How to delete information from database by using a button on my JSP page? I'm using Hibernate DAO, JS, and SpringFebruary 13

    I'm struggling to find out how I can delete items from my database through this table/button on my JSP page. I've created this page below that pulls information out from my database and posts it on this page: To be more specific, I want the user to b

  • How to code in jsp to create a database(oracle) table from jsp page? [on hold]February 12

    I am very new to this, i am trying to create a table in database through JSP page but facing some problem .. plz look at that code <% Class.forName("oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"); Connection c = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:orac

  • Is it advisable to integrate SQL statements in the JSP pages that are not displayed to the user but handled at the back?March 1

    I have a signup form in which the user has to enter the email address and after some quick asynchronous processing at the backend I have to tell the user that whether the email address is already registered or not. Below is a sample example of the JS

  • Calling a Servlet from a JSP page using jQuery AjaxSeptember 1

    I know there are quite a few related question here but none that actually relate to my question have an answer attached. Or at least an accepted answer. Happy to be wrong in this if someone can point me to the question. Also please retag if I've miss

  • How to include a JSP page into a custom tag January 24

    This question already has an answer here: Show JDBC ResultSet in HTML in JSP page using MVC and DAO pattern 5 answers I am creating a custom tag directive where I have to print a table of data from database. So far I have created a jsp page <[email protected]

  • Progress bars while jsp page is loadingJanuary 29

    I've a jsp page which internally calls few java classes before it renders the content on the browser. The whole process is taking 1-2 minutes, so I want to show some progress bars or animations (preferably progress bar). Have gone through few posts i

  • Can't we use jQuery in the jsp page which has been called asynchronously from another jsp pageFebruary 2

    Can't we use jQuery in the jsp page which has been called asynchronously from another jsp page . Let me clear you with below eg : Am having two jsp files named getUserDetails.jsp and getUsers.jsp and i made a ajax call to getUsers.jsp from getUserDet

  • how to get JSON response from servlet to jsp page by using ajax February 7

    This question already has an answer here: How to use Servlets and Ajax? 7 answers I am trying to get JSON response which has been set in servlet to a JSP page. JSP page <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $("#submitBut").click(function(

  • How to populate jsp page dynamically?February 8

    Im working on website, using servlets and jsp. I have jsp page with different categories and when i click on one category, servlet redirects on another jsp page with components (Desktops, laptops, tablets...) but there is all categories on that page,

  • use a postdata in jsp page

    use a postdata in jsp pageFebruary 10

    I have a form in my jsp page, and I have to capture the POST variables when clicking ok button and print them. I think my solution is Ajax,but I'm not able to get it. <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="tex

  • Unable to parse JSON data to jsp page

    Unable to parse JSON data to jsp pageFebruary 15

    This is my servlet jsonObject.add("MessageInfo", jsonElement); out.print(jsonObject); and this is my javacript file $.ajax({ type : "POST", url : "GetConversation", response : "json", data : "rideID="+ride

  • How to refresh only a division of jsp pageFebruary 17

    I am developing a web application and I have a jsp page in which I have a table and few other things.All I want is to refresh the contents of table every 5 seconds.Below is my code of jsp page.Can anyone help me solve my problem. <%@ page language=&quo

  • Apache Forward JSP pages to tomcatOctober 5

    I have Apache Server, in which my website running, but there is some jsp pages in my website. I have to forward my jsp pages and servlet to tomcat. Kindly help me so that I can make it possible. Sorry for my bad English. --------------Solutions------

  • How to update data on submit button and stay on the same jsp page? June 24

    How can I display an error message in the very same JSP when a user submits a wrong input? I do not intend to throw an exception and show an error page. --------------Solutions------------- Easiest would be to have placeholders for the validation err

  • AJAX driven "page complete" function? Am I doing it right?October 14

    This one might get me slaughtered, since I'm pretty sure it's bad coding practice, so here goes: I have an AJAX driven site which loads both content and javascript in one go using Mootools' Request.HTML. Since I have initialization scripts that need

  • Pass variables from html preprocess function to page preprocess function?March 4

    In my custom theme's hook_preprocess_page() and hook_preprocess_html() functions, I often need to identify the same information. Rather than essentially running the same if statement checks in both the identify the same info, it would make much more

  • Are there any JSP File for manage PostgreSQL database?April 14

    1. I need jsp file to manage PostgreSQL database?! Anyone know JSP file for manage PostgreSQL database?! 2. How I can connect to remote PostgreSQL Server with Webmin?! --------------Solutions------------- You can use JDBC to connect to a database fro

  • Is it possible to return form, themes, content in an array for my page callback function?May 9

    For right now I need to return a themed table, a form, & content on one page. In my page callback function how do I properly store and return this variable/array? I looked at the page below, but the code did not seem to work properly. I can only get

  • Driving a JSP Page with DropdownAugust 11

    We are using Drupal to drive the fields on a JSP page on a Java web site. I can easily enough create a Long Text field and populate it with text such that a text element becomes a radio button or input field on the JSP. But I also need to drive input

  • Attempt to fetch logical page (5:65424) in database 2 failedOctober 23

    I am getting following SqlException on calling a stored procedure - Attempt to fetch logical page (5:65424) in database 2 failed. It belongs to allocation unit 7349876362857938944 not to 4899918190390149120. System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException occurre

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