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kali linux persistence not working

  • Can't boot kali linux under grub2 (usb flash)August 27

    I split usb flash to three part: | For DATA | For Kali Linux | Persistence | Then i'm install grub on /dev/sdb2: sudo grub-install --no-floppy --root-directory=/mnt/linux /dev/sdb Write /boot/grub/grub.cfg: ... menuentry "Live USB Persistence" {

  • kali linux not asking password to login ( in persistence using USB)December 28

    Iam using kali using persistence usb. Everytime I open my system using kali persistence , it doesn't ask for password for the first time (i.e gives access to the root user without any authentication), but it does asks for password when i lock the scr

  • Unable to add persistence to a Kali Linux "Live" USB DriveJanuary 9

    I am attempting to add persistent storage to my bootable Kali Linux 2.0 USB drive (instructions). The drive is 32GB and I'd like to use most of that for persistent storage. When I get to creating/formatting a new partition: end=28gb read start _ < <

  • How to install Kali linux on to a specific (existing) partition on a USB stickMarch 28

    I'm endeavoring to put Kali linux onto a USB stick - I know it's already written up, but I'd like to use only a portion of the total space (the aforementioned link will use the entire drive space). Let's have my 16GB usb stick mounted as sdb ... the

  • How to Dual-Boot Kali-Linux and Windows 8.1?May 4

    I have Acer V3-772G 1 TB Harddisk. I shrinked my biggest partition in order to install Kali Linux. When installing Kali, GRUB couldn't detect windows 8 so I kept going on(I installed grub as my masterboot). After installed Kali there was no way to bo

  • Kali linux throws ' isolinux.bin missing or corrupt ' error using USB 3.0December 1

    I'm having a problem with a Live USB Kali Linux with Encrypted Persistence. I've downloaded kali-linux-1.0.9a-amd64.iso from the www.kali.org for my 64bit machine. And I've make sure with the checksum that my download was complete. To produce the Liv

  • Help In Installing Kernel headers in Kali LinuxFebruary 9

    I have Kali Linux 1.0.7 on a usb persistent drive as 1.0.8 and above have problem with usb persistence. i want to use cudahashcat as i have a nvidia gt740m.I Wanted to install the drivers but for that i need the kernel headers. i know how to install

  • Kali Linux live usb persistanceMarch 16

    some tutorial explain that persistence on a live usb instance of kali linux is achieved by a different partition. http://docs.kali.org/downloading/kali-linux-live-usb-persistence How about modify files stored in the system's partition like: /etc/netw

  • Kali linux doesn't recognize my WN722N usb adapterOctober 24

    Today I installed kali linux on a usb (with persistence) , everything went smoothly, but the only problem is that kali doesn't recognize my usb wifi adapter. The weird thing is that I have a kali dual boot in the same computer that recognizes my wi-f

  • Monitor mode on macbook 2015 hardware in (kali) linuxOctober 25

    After installing Kali Linux on a USB Stick with persistence enabled and live booting it (via refind) on my macbook pro (late 2015) the wifi did not work. I found out how to install the right drivers from git.kernel.org and this enabled using wifi. St

  • Kali Linux 2.0 live USB updates not workingDecember 5

    I can boot from USB drive to Kali Linux, but when I reboot the system, all previous updates and files saved just vanish. I have done almost everything the Kali Linux official documents tell me to do, except that after I dd the ISO to my USB drive, I

  • How do I get my Wireless USB Adapter to show up in Kali Linux

    How do I get my Wireless USB Adapter to show up in Kali LinuxJanuary 12

    I just received my PAU05 usb wifi adapter today and after installing some drivers I got the device to work just fine in Kali Linux (Did some wireless pen testing with no problems.) However when I restarted my pc today and went to boot up Kali Linux i

  • Kali USB persistence is not saving dataJanuary 16

    I've made a bootable Live USB Kali Linux using Mac Linux USB Loader (with Persistence Manager as well). Everything works well, then when I tried to create an empty file on the desktop and reboot Kali. It's gone and wasn't saved. I made a bootable USB

  • How to install Kali Linux on a usb flashdriveFebruary 3

    I was wondering is there any way to install Kali Linux on a usb drive instead of my SSD. I have a 32GB flash drive that I want to use instead of an SSD partition. The reason for this is that i want to customize my Kali Linux. It can already boot from

  • Benefits to Arch Linux over Kali LinuxFebruary 2

    What are the relative benefits of BlackArch or other Arch-based distro over Kali? Are the tools broadly the same, or does one have better functionality in a particular area? Are there any other pen-test distros that are based on a Linux OS that is no

  • The Perfect Desktop Kali LinuxJune 22

    Here is one interesting suggestion. Most of us know that Linux is a relatively secure operating system. But this security is relative and not all distributions provide the highest level of security that is possible for an operating system to provide.

  • I want to install Kali Linux side by side on my machine which is currently running on Ubuntu 12.10April 20

    I want to install Kali Linux side by side on my machine which is currently running on Ubuntu 12.10.Is it possble and if it is could you instruct me how? --------------Solutions------------- This is certainly possible, I had it installed in a free par

  • Can't run startx a non-root user in Kali LinuxMay 16

    I've installed Kali Linux from a mini ISO network install on VirtualBox. I then installed xfce and ran startx on root account. apt-get install xfce4 apt-get install xfce4-goodies startx xfce starts perfectly. I logged out from xfce. I then created a

  • The VM with Kali Linux hangsMay 26

    I have downloaded the newest Back Track version "Kali Linux" as a VM image. I run it using my VM Workstation latest build. First time I visited Youtube to play some videos it asked me to download Adobe but when I use the Virtual machine to work

  • Unrecoverable system error when try to install Kali Linux on VirtualBox running on Windows 7May 29

    Downloaded kali-linux-1.0.2-i386.torrent and mounted ISO on a virtual drive. Followed directions on http://docs.kali.org/installation/kali-linux-hard-disk-install to install Kali on VirtualBox running on Windows 7. When I try to boot in regular mode

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