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  • Meaning of the clockwise/counter-clockwise rolling circle in Google Chrome

    Meaning of the clockwise/counter-clockwise rolling circle in Google ChromeAugust 12

    When using Google Chrome I've observed that the icon that holds the favicon.ico shows a rolling circle before a page is fully loaded. It appears as if the circle is rolling counter-clockwise when the browser is in the following states: Resolving host

  • How do I configure Google Chrome to open zip files in file-roller instead of Nautilus?

    How do I configure Google Chrome to open zip files in file-roller instead of Nautilus?August 14

    When I download a .zip file using Google Chrome on Linux, upon clicking it the .zip file opens my Downloads folder in Nautilus, not the .zip file in file-roller. Ironically, Google is mum on the subject, with most results pointing to Windows 7's Defa

  • Problem running Google Chrome in Kali LinuxSeptember 10

    I want to run google-chrome in Kali Linux. But I am facing some problem.(otherwise why would I be asking a question :D ) I have installed google chrome by following the steps mentioned here. It is successfully installed with chrome being displayed on

  • Google Chrome on Kali Linux will not launchMay 25

    I'm using Kali Linux amd64 and installed Google Chrome stable release from the official Google Chrome site but it is not launching nor showing any errors i have tried launching it from the command line but it won't give any output. System information

  • Google Chrome and VLC do not open in Kali 2.0August 16

    I installed Google Chrome in Kali 2.0 but it does not open with no error messages. Also VLC does not open. Error message of VLC while opening through terminal is VLC is not supposed to be run as root. Sorry. If you need to use real-time priorities an

  • Google Chrome Enterprise - Any Gotchas?June 30

    Has anyone rolled out Google Chrome to a medium / large organisation? I would like to suggest it to our management (because I think it would work very nicely with some of our intranet applications), and I would like to find out what problems (if any)

  • Which Linux distribution is Google Chrome OS based on?July 19

    I'm interested to know which Linux distribution the upcoming Google Chrome operating system will be based on. Does anyone know? --------------Solutions------------- Such details have not been released yet. Most probably it will not be based on a part

  • How to Disable Google Chrome UpdatesJune 1

    Google Chrome's automated update is a double-edged sword. On the plus side, it ensures users have the latest version of the browser: the Chrome 4 update was rolled out to everyone within a matter of weeks. However, many businesses take a more cautiou

  • Google Chrome constantly asking for Keychain permission?August 3

    My Google Chrome installation on Snow Leopard is asking for access to the keychain any time I go to a site with login information... This happened really suddenly - I've restarted and tried different combinations of settings (always allow) to no avai

  • Google chrome 6 won't work on linuxOctober 3

    I'm on Slackware 13.1, used slackbuild's sbopkg to update from Chrome 5 to Chrome 6.0.472.62. When I try to run Chrome, it starts but immediately dies. Here's the error message that comes up: /usr/bin/google-chrome: /usr/lib/libz.so.1: no version inf

  • Firefox addon to imitate Google Chrome's built-in notification system

    Firefox addon to imitate Google Chrome's built-in notification systemApril 9

    I'm using Mozilla Firefox 4 and I would like to be able to receive notifications similar to Google Chrome's built-in notification system, like so: Is there an addon like this or similar? --------------Solutions------------- this extension appears to

  • Google Chrome automatically adding websites to my list of search engines?April 27

    I have noticed that certain websites (e.g. Stack Exchange sites, Dell, etc.) are automatically added to my list of search engines in Google Chrome. They even add a keyboard shortcut to their entry. Here are some examples: Dell: Keyboard -> Dell.com S

  • Google-Chrome-stable immediately closes on startup May 4

    Hi I installed and reinstalled google-chrome-stable chrome and chromium from the synaptic package manager. Each time I try to use the browser it closes. When I tried to open the browser from terminal, this is what the machine did: $ google-chrome [27

  • Can you see a good reason to remove the plus sign in Google Chrome's create tab button?

    Can you see a good reason to remove the plus sign in Google Chrome's create tab button?February 13

    I am talking about this button: The plus sign that used to be on that button has been removed in recent versions. I am very intrigued as to why they might have found it convenient. I'm a google-chrome user since a long time, so the change basically d

  • Running Google Chrome updates from a centralized locationFebruary 27

    We are trying to roll out Google Chrome as out enterprise browser. Does anyone know of a solution that allows for Google Chrome to be updated from a centralized location? For example, maybe through WSUS or any other ways of doing it? Any suggestions

  • Google Chrome causing file system to mount as read onlySeptember 11

    So disclaimer, I am using Lubuntu 12.04 but I'm almost certain it shouldn't make any difference. Earlier this week I resized my lubuntu partition on my harddrive with GParted to be 25 GBs smaller, the rest being unallocated space. This is when my pro

  • Few web/HTML5 apps not working on Google Chrome even after clean installMarch 26

    Most of the problems seem to be with HTML5 applications. I have uninstalled Google Chrome, I removed everything from AppData, cleaned the registry. And then installed. Cut the Rope and similar apps which are working on other browsers don't work corre

  • Google Chrome does not openApril 26

    When I click on the Google Chrome icon from the launcher it does not open. I tried searching in the dash and clicking on its icon but it does not open at all. I tried the terminal as well, like this: $ google-chrome and this is the output: (google-ch

  • Google Chrome Won't OpenJune 28

    When I try to open Google Chrome from the launcher, nothing seems to happen. (this is a new phenomenon, it used to work). I'm on Ubuntu 13.04. When I try to open via the terminal with either google-chrome google-chrome --incognito I get, FATAL:zygote

  • google chrome - gmail text window gets very wide beyond screen view, very frustratingFebruary 1

    My Gmail mail window getting very wide, off the screen wide. A person replied with an answer and said to ctrl + roll down and then reset. But can someone please explain what "roll down" means? I have not "roll down" key on my computer

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