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  • Kendo grid virtual scrolling broken/not fetching dataFebruary 1

    I am a beginner working on Kendo Grid. I wanted to load the data on demand in the grid, like : I set the page size to 10, when a user scrolls down to 10 rows, the grid should retrieve next 10 rows from database and display it on demand.To do this, I

  • Kendo grid - Grouping is not working with custom editor drop down listFebruary 12

    I am using a kendo grid with grouping enabled with inline edit options. one column is using custom editor drop down list. when I am trying to group with that specific column I am getting error like Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier I create

  • kendo grid popup drop downJanuary 16

    I have a kendo grid. It is in popup edit mode. I have a drop down field on that popup. I have included snippets from the different areas below. I have validated with linqpad that data is coming back for the depTaskList. However, when i try the drop d

  • Kendo Grid Mobile with JSP WrappersJanuary 21

    I cannot get the mobile Adaptive Grid features to work using the Kendo JSP wrappers. I have cut everything down as much as possible, and it will not work with the wrappers. I can get everything working perfectly fine with Javascript. The following wo

  • Kendo Grid Loading Spinner is not in the center of the screenJanuary 25

    I'm using Kendo Grid without fixed height and with a 50-100 entries in one page. The problem is that when I'm scrolling to down of the page and changing the page the loading spinner appears in the middle of the grid, which is not visible. How to chan

  • Kendo grid expand row not working correctlyFebruary 8

    I have a Kendo grid which is populated from a SQL database. The kendo expand works fine and returns a different kendo grid in the expand when the program first starts but if I do a new search and return different results the expand row does not work.

  • Sorting in Kendo GridJanuary 14

    I am sorting Kendo grid dynamically. var sortedName = $([email protected](model => model.SortingName)').val(); var sortedOrderName = $([email protected](model => model.SortingOrderName)').val(); sort: { field: sortedName, dir: sortedOrderName }, i

  • Kendo Grid disable server refreshJanuary 14

    I have a kendo grid that uses the local data source from the model on the view rather than making an ajax call. When I click on the headers though there is clearly a call to refresh the data. I have managed to prevent this using: .DataSource(p => p.C

  • How to bind the event Kendo grid PopUp mode?January 17

    My requirement i want to do the calculation in Kendo Grid While Clicking the Add New Record or Edit in Popup mode. Currently i am not able to catch the Kendo Grid Popup event. But i can able to catch the event outside using html on chaning event. It'

  • Excel export of Telerik Kendo Grid with multiple detail levelsJanuary 17

    I have a Kendo Grid with "multiple hierarchy" - two detail levels, like this: Main row Details Details of details Some more details of details Details Details of details Main row Details Detail of details Using this example I am able to export t

  • dynamically add columns in Angular-Kendo GridJanuary 17

    I want to add columns dynamically in a angular-kendo grid. I found a solution which require to destroy the grid every time a column is added. However I don't want to destroy the grid every time as I lose other column values. Any solution ? Below is t

  • Kendo Grid SaveChangesJanuary 18

    I have a kendo grid that i am doing a mass update on. User selects the column they would like to update, "Name" and they can append/prepend, change all of the rows at once. So they want to prepend with "Column 1". After the update all

  • How to calculate all the values kendo grid column and want display outside using one textbox?January 18

    Actually, my requirement is i want to calculate all the amount values and want to display outside of the grid. For example i am having coulmn name amount and please assume that amount grid column having 10 more values and i want to calculate sum of t

  • How to pass variable from kendo grid to template functionJanuary 18

    I have a kendo grid as : $("#myGrid").kendoGrid({ dataSource: dataSource, pageable: false, height: 350, columns: [ { field: "Status", title: "Status", width: "130px", template: Getvalue("/#=Status#") }, ],

  • DateTime formatting on Kendo Grid foreign key columnJanuary 19

    I have a Kendo grid that has a foreign key column as follows... .Columns(col => { col.ForeignKey(c => c.ScheduleID, (System.Collections.IEnumerable)ViewBag.schedules, "ID", "EventDate").Title("Date"); }) Currently, the

  • How do I add extra datasources to existing Kendo Grid using Kendo with Javascipt/C#January 20

    I am new to Kendo Grid and have been reading posts about this matter in this forum as well as Kendo official documentation and am still unable to find an answer to this. What I have currently is a KendoGrid reading data from a table in my database. I

  • Kendo Grid from v.2016.1.112 with knockout-kendo.js change event does not fireJanuary 20

    I was using version from 2015 of kendo UI, but after I upgraded to the new trial version 2016.1.112, the change event for kendo grid does not fire anymore. and I am using knockout-kendo.js for databinding . function selectContentItem (data, event) {

  • data within kendo-grid disappears on sortJanuary 20

    In an angular app I have a page that displays several Kendo-grids based on the data retrieved from an http request. The data comes back as json. This is the function that executes on successful data retrieval. This is within a controller, and ctrl is

  • how to style kendo grid mvc using CSSJanuary 20

    This is what I have for the grid @(Html.Kendo().Grid<OPAMvc.Models.Parts>() .Name("grd") .Columns(columns => { columns.Bound(o => o.Id).Title("Id No").Width(80).HeaderHtmlAttributes(new { style = "font-size: 8pt; font-

  • Kendo Grid/Datasource initial sort on computed/calculated fieldJanuary 21

    I am trying to get the state of my Kendo grid to persist even after refreshing or going to another page and then coming back. I've got it working for the most part, but when I set the initial sort with a computed field, the grid throws an error upon

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