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leoxsys working with vmware kali

  • TP-LINK TL-WN721N USB Wi-Fi adapter not detected in VMWare Kali LinuxOctober 7

    Since the a TP-LINK TL-WN721N USB Wi-Fi adapter is one of the few that works with Kali normally. I am having trouble having it detected as a Wireless Adapter in a Virtual Machine. I installed Kali and Tools etc on VMWare. Updated the OS and everythin

  • Accessing VMware Virtual Machine through SSH

    Accessing VMware Virtual Machine through SSHNovember 23

    I want to connect to my VMware Kali Linux VM through SSH. Open-SSH server and client is already installed and here are my current VM settings: I am running VMware Workstation. Here is what is showing up on my router settings: However, when I tried to

  • metasploit suddenly stops for seemingly no reason

    metasploit suddenly stops for seemingly no reasonJanuary 18

    ALright, so I'm new to metasploit and I was just tinkering with the commands when I got this access denied have to say the magic word crap. and it's been saying it on startup ever since. I'm running it on vmware (kali linux). I don't know what I did

  • Leoxsys nano wifi adapter installation in backtrack 5r3/kali linux 1.1.0July 3

    I have leoxsys nano wifi adapter 150mbps using chipset realtek 8188ETV. It works fine in windows but not recognised in backtrack or kali linux via vmware workstation 9/10/11. When i gave the command "iwconfig" it showed "no wireless extensi

  • Installing VMWare Player on Kali linuxDecember 3

    This question has changed drastically since the first time I posted it, so I have deleted the old content. I downloaded the latest version of VMWare player and when I try to install it I get the following error in the console: Gtk-Message: Failed to

  • Extend Workspace on Kali using VMware

    Extend Workspace on Kali using VMwareApril 21

    I'm using Kali on Windows via VMware. The web browser and other things sometimes seem too much zoomed in and I can't get to certain links or buttons. How do I zoom out or expand the area? (clicking maximize doesn't do anything) Provided is a screen s

  • Wireless connection not figuring in VMware Workstation 10(Kali-Linux)June 7

    I just installed kali-linux on my VMware workstation 10. I had to check for the wireless connection in the kali-linux. I tried to check for the wireless-network connection(WiFi);but,it was incorrectly identifying the wireless-network as an Ethernet-c

  • RAM for Kali Linux 1.0.9 VMWare 32 bit (i486)September 6

    How much RAM is the Kali Linux 1.0.9 VMWare 32 bit (i486) pre-configured to use. I have been searching on Google and various sites and cannot find the answer. I have limited, slow internet and need to know how much RAM it is pre-configured with so I

  • Kali Linux running in VMware problems related to Wi-FiOctober 31

    Today I installed the latest version of VMware to run Kali Linux. All installation went fine, but when I started the virtual machine, I found that Kali Linux was already connected to the Internet through a wired connection and no Wi-Fi was found. I w

  • Kali vmware live vs graphic install

    Kali vmware live vs graphic installNovember 4

    All, Forgive me I am a newbie for Linux world. I was following Kali VM installations and trying to create a Kali virtual machine with VMWare. So far, Everything is ok. And I can do everything in the Live without installation when the VM start up. So

  • Running VMware in Kali

    Running VMware in KaliDecember 8

    How to run VMplayer in Kali Linux? I installed VMplayer but after I select Applications > System Tools > VMware Player I'm getting this problem I have already tried apt-get install open-vm-tools apt-get install open-vm-toolbox How to correct this pr

  • Networking works only when using Iceweasel in Kali inside of VMWare

    Networking works only when using Iceweasel in Kali inside of VMWareDecember 24

    As the title says, I have a problem with my connection in vmware. I'm using vmware 10.0.1 andthe latest version of kali. It's a little weird that my connection will only work on iceweasel browser but not any of the other applications (or even from th

  • Kali Linux inside VMWare using NAT: DNS not resolving namesJanuary 29

    I have a Kali Linux installed in VMWare Workstation. The virtual machines is configured for using NAT. The host server is Windows 8.1. DNS in Kali is not working: $ ping -c1 www.google.es ping: unknown host www.google.es Networking is working: $ ping

  • VMware workstation 11 host-only networking with Kali Linux (Guest) and Windows 8.1 (Host)February 6

    I've been trying to set-up a host-only network between my Virtual machine Linux (Guest) and Windows 8.1 (Host) to share Internet connection of Linux VM with Windows 8.1 host. the Linux distribution i'm working with is Kali-Linux. internet connection

  • VMware Player / VMware Workstation installation in KALIFebruary 15

    I have been trying to get VMWare Player/ VMWare workstation installed in KALI Linux for almost ages now. I might look a little exaggerating but I would like to quote it that way to bring about the level of frustration now that I have reached to : I h

  • Kali on vmware, intel 7260 wont appearJuly 21

    I downloaded the latest kali virtual drive, after downloading and installing the latest kali on my actual computer with about the same issues, the wireless card was acknowledged, but otherwise unuseable. ethernet however on vm does appear to work whi

  • unable to install vmware tools on kaliAugust 11

    When I try to install VMWare Tools on VMWare workstation, my kali guest freezes up. It never finishes installing. When I try these links it freezes midway through the steps on each of these links: here, here and in other places as well.

  • vm freezes when I try to install vmware tools on kali guestAugust 12

    When I try to install vmware tools on my kali guest, It never finishes loading the vmware tools installation. The disc icon never appears and the icons on screen, along with the menu either disappear, leaving the background, or it goes to a black scr

  • Kali Linux 2 and VMware workstation 12September 13

    I'm having problem Installing and running Kali Linux 2 on VMware workstation 12. when I first try to boot the ISO file in order to install it on a VM it doesn't do anything and just shows a black screen but after changing some settings or deleting th

  • Connect to host port 22 connection refused from Ubuntu to Kali via SSH in VMwareSeptember 13

    I have a PC running Kali Linux and a laptop running Ubuntu on VMWare. They are both on the same network. When I am trying to connect from Ubuntu to Kali via SSH I get the error port 22 connection refused. However I can connect from the Kali to Ubuntu

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