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  • How can I run Firefox on Linux headlessly (i.e. without requiring libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0)?March 11

    I've got Dreamhost shared hosting, and I'm trying to run Firefox 3.0 on it headlessly for use with Selenium. When I try to run it (~/local/bin/firefox/firefox), I get the following error message: error while loading shared libraries: libgtk-x11-2.0.s

  • Firefox 42+: libgtk-3.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directoryAugust 7

    Asking, because it took a minute to figure this out and nothing came up on Google. Answer coming up. I downloaded a Firefox (nightly) build from mozilla.org for testing. Running it presented an error: $ firefox XPCOMGlueLoad error for file /home/para

  • How do Firefox and Chrome render JPEG images on Linux?February 15

    I'm having trouble with Firefox and Chrome for some time now and it's very irritating. Neither of these browsers will render JPEG images. Konqueror and Opera are fine though. What libraries I can try swapping or up/downgrading to get this working aga

  • Httpd on Centos6 not listing directory contentsJuly 22

    I have a folder (which is NOT the conventional /var/www/html folder!) /Server/Websites/Default on my Centos6.4 server. There is only one file, phpinfo.php (with the obvious code in it). Running http://localhost/Default/phpinfo.php in firefox, shows t

  • Problem With Firefox installation

    Problem With Firefox installationSeptember 24

    Hi Guys, i trying to install firefox with the terminal but i Having Problem with the installation wget 'http://kyoto-mz-dl.sinet.ad.jp/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/3.6.10/linux-i686/en-US/firefox-3.6.10.tar.bz2' cd firefox ./firefox problem: libg

  • Can't make Koji Work on A Centos6 serverFebruary 6

    I setup the koji build environment in a Centos6 Machine server as suggested by the documentation (http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Koji/ServerHowTo). I could properly access the Koji Web using HTTP, yet I'm facing an SSL certificate trouble when switchi

  • Running The Latest Firefox Version On Debian Squeeze

    Running The Latest Firefox Version On Debian SqueezeNovember 20

    Running The Latest Firefox Version On Debian Squeeze Version: 1 Author: Jair Bolivar Last edit: January 21 2012 15:30 CST We all know that Debian is a production like GNU/Linux operating system, thus the software available by default in the repositor

  • Making the most of FirefoxFebruary 9

    The web development community is positively buzzing at the moment with news of the release of Firefox 0.8, the latest release in the Phoenix/Firebird/Mozilla browser line. The release marks the third and final name change for the Mozilla project's st

  • Firefox Search Plugin for SitepointJune 4

    As it's Friday, a nice gimmick for Firefox users, inspired by Planet PHP's Search Plugin (itself inspired by the PEAR search plugin). First you need a little XML like; name="Sitepoint" description="Sitepoint Search" method="GET&qu

  • Firefox Extensions for ForumsJuly 18

    Couple of helpful Firefox extensions for working with forums like Sitepoint forums BBCode – adds a context menu (right click in textarea) to add BBCode tags to the text you're typing. Works pretty nicely (although hopefully the author will consider k

  • Momentum for FirefoxDecember 13

    Not that it did not have any momentum – but Firefox has the potential to gain another 80,000 users even as it surpasses 10 million downloads. Penn State University has issued an advisory to students and staff urging them to discontinue use of Microso

  • Concern Over Firefox Reviewer ResourcesMarch 12

    A recent blog post reflects some concern over the number of serious resources available for code/patch review for Firefox. This post, by one of the senior hackers involved in the evolution of the browser, perhaps shows more the frustration and diffic

  • IBM Looks to Contribute to FirefoxApril 14

    Reported through several outlets yesterday - IBM is looking to hire a developer for its advanced technology group who can contribute to the upstart web browser. IBM is seeking to insure Firefox works with all of its applications across multiple platf

  • Google Toolbar for Firefox et alJuly 8

    Google has released a long-awaited Firefox version of its toolbar. The toolbar runs on Windows, Mac and Linux systems. There are some other Google-related extensions for Firefox: Google Sugggest – suggests completion of search terms typed into the Fi

  • Firefox Secrets interview on Computer AmericaJuly 19

    Just before I hopped on a plane to Canada last week, I was interviewed on the Computer America radio show, which is broadcast all across the United States. For the second hour of Thursday's show, I spoke about the Firefox browser, offering up a handf

  • Firefox - the secret is out

    Firefox - the secret is outJuly 20

    As you may have already noticed, SitePoint's latest title has just hit the shelves - 'Firefox Secrets' by Cheah Chu Yeow. Chu Yeow, in case you don't know, has run one of the most influential and informative Firefox blogs over the last few years and

  • You Don't Know Jack About Firefox!

    You Don't Know Jack About Firefox!July 26

    If you feel that the Web has lost its sparkle, that's probably because you're slogging across it in an old browser. I'm over here on the other side, and the grass is not only greener: there are none of those microscopic grass bugs that cause nasty ra

  • Small Screen Testing in FireFox

    Small Screen Testing in FireFoxJuly 26

    A month or two ago I wrote a little piece on Testing for Smartphones & PDAs in the Design View. In essence, the article was a barebones rundown of the more well known small screen emulators. Today I discovered I had overlooked a reasonably handy alte

  • Java applets to gain new life in Mac FirefoxAugust 31

    (Via MozillaZine) Firefox 1.5 for Mac OS X will have the Java Embedding Plugin built in to allow the browser to take advantage of the latest version of Java on that platform. Java applets have had a rough time of it, as technologies go. Hyped beyond

  • Greasemonkey beta available for Firefox 1.5September 20

    With our current feature article focusing on Greasemonkey, no doubt many of you have noticed that the extension doesn't work with the new Firefox 1.5 Beta 1. A new beta version 0.6.2 of Greasemonkey addresses this, restoring compatibility with the ne

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