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  • Fast Tips for Fast DownloadsMarch 29

    Are you losing customers because your Website is too slow? Follow these four tips to ensure that: your pageloads are quick and crisp, your customers stay on your site and your visitor-to-buyer conversion rate improves. 1. Keep Your Homepage Brief I,

  • Display Download Status In Your Flash Preloader

    Display Download Status In Your Flash PreloaderApril 29

    We've all heard the hype, but you and I both know that Flash is a powerful tool, and needn't be a turn-off for users (yes, even those on dial-up connections). You can spend a lot of time honing your sites and movies to make the Flash experience more

  • Build a File Download Script in PerlJune 21

    I have a Website that presents photographs for visitors to download. I used to simply have the files display in the browser window so that visitors could right-click and save them to their computers. However, 2 problems soon became apparent with this

  • Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions are free downloadsNovember 7

    Microsoft has launched the Express Editions of Visual Studio 2005: Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition Visual C# 2005 Express Edition Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition Visual J# 2005 Express Edition Each of these

  • Sun's Java Studio Creator is also a free downloadNovember 8

    Microsoft isn't the only one giving away IDEs. Java Studio Creator is now a free download. Either Sun wasn't getting many takers at the normal US$99 price point (which was chosen to accomodate the entry-level developers for whom this tool was designe

  • One Year and 100 Million Downloads Later, FirefoxNovember 10

    SpreadFirefox.com have a gallery of screenshots up to celebrate Firefox's first birthday. In its first year of official release it has enjoyed more than 100 million downloads (check out the celebratory photo gallery) and is now tipped to have reached

  • Firefox 3 Beta 5 Available For Download

    Firefox 3 Beta 5 Available For DownloadApril 4

    The beta 5 release of Firefox 3 was released this week, and contains the following improvements: Improvements to the user interface, including changes to the look and feel on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux Changes and fixes for new fea

  • FREE PDF Download: The Photoshop Anthology

    FREE PDF Download: The Photoshop AnthologyMay 14

    With thanks to 99designs, we're very pleased to announce that for the next 30 days our book, The Photoshop Anthology: 101 Web Design Tips, Tricks & Techniques, is free to download (normally worth $29.95). That's right, the entire 278 page book, yours

  • Free PDF Download: Firefox 3 Revealed!

    Free PDF Download: Firefox 3 Revealed!June 17

    Our newest book is now available in PDF format only-and it's FREE! It's called Firefox 3 Revealed: What's New, What's Hot, & What's Not. Here's how it came about. When I first discussed the idea with Fabio Cevasco of writing an article that described

  • Microsoft: 100 Million Silverlight Downloads in 4 Weeks

    Microsoft: 100 Million Silverlight Downloads in 4 WeeksNovember 18

    In what is increasingly becoming a war of words between Microsoft and Adobe, the two companies seem to time announcements about Silverlight and Flash respectively in an effort to steal the other's thunder. Last night, a few hours before the embargo l

  • The Art & Science Of CSS is FREE to Download!

    The Art & Science Of CSS is FREE to Download!November 18

    PLEASE NOTE: This offer expired in November 2008 and is no longer valid. Thank you! One of our best-selling CSS books of all time, The Art & Science of CSS (valued at $29.95), is FREE to download for two weeks. All you need to do to grab a free copy

  • Rip a website via HTTP to download images, HTML and CSSFebruary 6

    I need to rip a site via HTTP. I need to download the images, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as organize it in a file system. Does anyone know how to do this? --------------Solutions------------- wget -erobots=off --no-parent --wait=3 --limit-rate

  • How can I download an executable file inside the company network when it's been locked down?April 30

    This might seem like a silly (or nefarious) question at first glance, but allow me to elaborate... We have implemented all sorts of measures on the company network and proxy to prevent the download of certain file types on to company machines. Most f

  • Downloading jQuery UI CSS from Google's CDNMay 4

    I am planning on using Google to download the jQuery lib for both UI and Core. My question is, do they allow me to download the CSS for it or should I have to host it myself? Also if I use Google to load how should I load other plugins? Can I compres

  • IE hangs in "Getting File Information" while downloading fileMay 15

    Internet Explorer 8.0 hangs in "Getting File Information" while downloading file. What could it be? I can download this same file from FireFox. --------------Solutions------------- One solution to this problem is to go to Tools, Internet Options

  • Anyone know where I can download a copy of Sun Java System Active Server Pages 4.0.3 for SolarisMay 26

    I've contacted Sun regarding this and they have told me that the download is no longer available as Active Server Pages 4.0.3 is now End Of Life. We need to upgrade our server to 4.0.3 to acheive PCI-DSS compliance. Anyone know of a site where I can

  • SBS 2008 pop 3 connector won't download emailsMay 27

    We use pop accounts as a backup when our server or internet connection is down. We've recently upgraded to sbs 2008. I've added our backup pop accounts via the SBS console pop conenctor. When i hit retreive now it give me an error. in the event log t

  • How automatically download current versions of popular software? (like Acrobat, Firefox, Opera)May 29

    I'd like to provide LAN users access to set of useful and popular applications (like Acrobat, Firefox, Foobar, putty) but there is one problem - such software is released every few weeks or even often. What is best method of automatically downloading

  • Counting downloads from an RPM repositoryJune 1

    My company hosts an open source RPM repository and would like to start counting RPM downloads per day. The repository is hosted on Apache httpd. Can anyone recommend a good way to count the downloads of just the RPM files (which will have URLs of the

  • where to download Virtual PC addins?June 3

    I am using Virtual PC 2007 on Windows Vista Enterprise x86. I need Virtual PC addins to enable functions like shared folder between host and guest OS. But I am very surprised I can not find a download URL from search. Could anyone point me to the dow

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