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linux automatic stack expansion

  • What is "automatic stack expansion"?February 5

    getrlimit(2) has the following definition in the man pages: RLIMIT_AS The maximum size of the process's virtual memory (address space) in bytes. This limit affects calls to brk(2), mmap(2) and mremap(2), which fail with the error ENOMEM upon exceedin

  • How is the linux graphics stack organised?

    How is the linux graphics stack organised?February 24

    Can anybody explain(hopefully with a picture), how is the linux graphics stack organised? I hear all the time about X/GTK/GNOME/KDE etc., but I really don't have any idea what they actually do and how they interact with each other and other portions

  • How is the Linux kernel stack organised for ARM architecture?December 23

    Can any one explain how exactly linux kernel stack organisation is handled? When a child process is created using the fork() system call, how is the kernel stack space initialized?

  • Coreaudiod spams system log: Enabled automatic stack shots because audio IO is inactiveMay 13

    I'm getting my system log virtually spammed with: May 13 23:56:36 alluminium coreaudiod[238]: Enabled automatic stack shots because audio IO is inactive May 13 23:56:37 alluminium coreaudiod[238]: Disabled automatic stack shots because audio IO is ac

  • What is the difference between the 2013Q1 Intel Linux Graphics Stack Release and xserver-xorg-video-intel?June 4

    Webup8 recently posted a description on how to upgrade your intel graphics driver to the "2013Q1 Intel Linux Graphics Stack Release". I already have xserver-xorg-video-intel installed from the main raring repositories. What is the difference bet

  • Is it Possible to mount windows partition on Linux automatically when system starts?August 20

    I have a Dualbooted PC, windows 7 64 bit and a Debian wheezy distro, I have all my music and documents on windows. When on Linux I have to manually mount windows filesystem partition on Linux. This isn't very convenient, for example, if you listen to

  • linux io stack analysisJanuary 14

    I'm trying to understand the Linux IO stack by analyzing blktrace trace. Below is the trace i captured by executing simple fio sequential write with no Direct IO (5 x 8k request size). 8,16 1 1 0.000000000 10006 U N [fio] 0 8,16 1 2 0.000024099 10006

  • How do I enable automatic history expansion for commands using 'magic space'?June 10

    I read on a blog somewhere about the possibility to use automatic history expansion before actually executing a command or even pressing the enter key in the command line. It involves the 'magic-space' and creating an ~/.inputrc configuration file. W

  • Does Linux automatically clean up abstract domain sockets?July 17

    There's a great answer on StackOverflow about providing a better lock for daemons (synthesized from here) that doesn't depend on the common PID file lock mechanism for daemons. There are lots of good comments there about why PID lock files can someti

  • Sometimes unable to tune Linux TCP stack for improved high-latency performanceSeptember 6

    I have been unsuccessfully trying to apply the TCP Tuning techniques discussed at http://fasterdata.es.net/host-tuning/ As you'll see when you read through the entire question, sometimes the es.net tuning guidelines are effective for me, other times

  • virtualBox on Solaris 10 + Linux, network stackJune 28

    I'm migrating from Solaris 10 to linux. After having installed RH, I got some performance hit related to the network stack. I've switched back to Solaris where the problem is not present. I'd like to figure out if this problem is inherent to RH, or i

  • Sync files between Mac, PC and Linux automaticallyFebruary 8

    I have a MacBook Pro, a Windows 7 desktop, and a Fedora 13 netbook. I have been searching far and wide for an automatic solution to sync files (pictures, music, docs, etc...) between the three when they are all on the same LAN. To better explain, whe

  • Linux automatic install or Live CDJune 2

    I am under creation of a Linux installation CD for an embedded system I am developping. I have a general question regarding this topic. I have made some automatic installs a while back using kickstart files (for Mandriva distrib). Nowadays I use comm

  • Linux: Automatically restart 3rd party process once pegged at 100%May 11

    Is there any generic way to monitor a process and restart it automatically if it's pegged at 100% CPU for over x seconds? I'm battling some bugs in Mono's fastcgi server and while I search for a fix (analyzing stack traces) I'm looking for a workarou

  • linux automatic change permissions in resolv.fileJuly 4

    In various linux servers I see how the permissions of the /etc/resolv.conf file change automatically. In state normal: -r--r--r-- 1 root root 103 Jul 4 11:50 resolv.conf In changed state: -r--r----- 1 root root 103 Jul 4 11:50 resolv.conf I installed

  • Linux automatically creating LVM partitions on RAID members?June 2

    I've had a software RAID1 array in production for over a year which has LVM partitions on top of /dev/md0. I rebooted over the weekend to apply some kernel patches and now the array won't come up. Getting the "Continue to wait; or Press S to skip mou

  • GNU/Linux: automatic cloning of a system with partitions encrypted with LUKS+dm-cryptJune 18

    I would like to have an up-to-date clone of a (Debian) GNU/Linux system on an external HDD and therefore be able to replace the internal HDD with the external HDD at any time and being up and running in no time. Since the system is on a laptop, I can

  • Can we automatically stack images into one tall image with Photoshop?

    Can we automatically stack images into one tall image with Photoshop?March 25

    photoshop has a feature that allows us to stack images into layers in one file. Can we automatically apply the height of the new image as the sum of all layers and then spread the layers to make one very tall image? For example like this: -----------

  • Grub not loading config file or booting into linux automaticallySeptember 29

    I was trying to dual boot elementary os with windows on my laptop (Asus Zenbook UX305). To do that I shrank the windows partition using the windows disk manager, and then used the Elementary installer's "install alongside windows" option to set

  • Linux TCP stack and network cards performance: packets per minute before drop?October 17

    how much TCP packets should come at 100/1000mbit network card (not an embedded Realtek's home solution) before the Linux kernel will become unable to process the NIC's buffer resulting in packet drop? Hardware: let's say about dual-core Xeon + Intel'

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