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  • Is a PS3 with a flavor of linux installed a capable machine?March 27

    Is a PS3 with a flavor of linux installed a capable machine? Is it a viable option for a desktop for watching movies, coding browsing the web? Can it handle multitasking well? I am assuming that since it can play all those high quality games, plain c

  • Absolute minimal Linux install?January 21

    I'm looking for a truly minimal usable linux install: the only requirement for the install is that it be able to install a .deb file (that has no dependencies) from the local file-system. (I'm assuming that if I can do that, I can then use that to bo

  • Can a Linux install be moved from one computer to another?January 28

    split to here I have a 16gb flash drive which I want to contain a portable Linux install. If I could just install Knoppix onto the flash drive, and have that work on any computer, I could do that. Would that work, or are hardware specific things set

  • Boot a debian linux installed on SD card from USB ram reader into VirtualBoxApril 29

    The title says it all! I need to boot a debian linux installed on SD card. I have a USB ram reader. I want to boot system in virtalbox. --------------Solutions------------- Use the command line tool: vboxmanage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filenam

  • How do I force grub2 to detect my arch linux install?July 26

    I have an uncommon setup. I have Ubuntu installed on one, and a backup from a direct copy of an older Arch Linux install on the second. By direct copy, I mean I tar'd the contents of an entire partition initially, and now I've extracted those content

  • What would I need to do to clone a Linux install to another machine?December 8

    Basically, I want to make an image of one Linux install I have, and distribute it over similar (if not identical) spec machines on a network. I know it is possible, however am unsure of what needs to be done before I make the image of the install to

  • Arch Linux Install, Why is arch-chroot giving me an error?January 8

    I'm following the Arch Linux install instructions found here from a live cd, and I'm stuck issuing the following command: # arch-chroot /mnt mount: sys is already mounted or /mnt/sys busy sys is already mounted on /sys sys is already mounted on /mnt/

  • Windows 7 to Debian Linux: install without CD/DVD or USB drive or net during installJune 9

    Installed : windows 7 home premium. Now want debian linux. Tried a couple of things (see question below). Got installer menu using win32-loader.exe of debian from the goodbye-ms site. But I have a fibre optic internet that needs a login so when the i

  • Unable to get Wireless working during Arch Linux installOctober 23

    I'm following the Arch Linux install guide here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Beginners%27_Guide I'm installing from a live disc. I've just used pacstrap to install the base system. I then used chroot to configure the system (time zones, lang

  • Move an existing Linux install to a new multiboot setupNovember 6

    I have an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS installation on a failing hard drive (I already have my data backed up so that is not an issue.) I want to move the current Ubuntu install intact to a new hard drive. The new hard drive will also need to boot 1 version of W

  • I don't get this message: "If you have Linux installed, please reinit its boot loader"March 4

    I just used Paragon Partition Manager Free Edition 2014 on my Windows 8 to transfer space from one of my Windows logical partition to my Ubuntu Linux partition (I have only one partition for Ubuntu). After the operation, the software gave me a messag

  • Recovering HDD Space From Failed Linux InstallMarch 19

    I had a dual-boot (Windows/Linux) on my laptop a while back, but the Linux partition became corrupted when I tried to install a different version of Linux and overwrite the previous one. How do I identify the space on my HDD that is taken up by the c

  • Taking the Linux Install CD out during Installation?June 30

    I'm installing rhel and need to install a driver during installation. The plan is to 'linux dd' at the boot promt and install then. However, I just wanted to know if there would be an issue with removing the Linux install cd at that time to install t

  • SATA-Raid linux installDecember 16

    He folks, in a few day I saw a friend asking for some support about sata-raid and I wanted to tryed my self. I got an AsRock AsRock P4VM800 and 1 Sata hard drive of 80Gb Raid utility is not configure yet, (I need minimun 2hdd's) but I got the windows

  • Nokia Booklet 3G - Black Screen with underscore after Linux installSeptember 11

    my computer is Nokia Booklet 3G. I've tried to install Lubuntu and Ubuntu Mate. Both end up in same situtation. When the installation is ready, in the end it asks do you want to restart computer, I press yes and the computer restarts. I end up with b

  • How to fix EFI-boot on my Macbook Pro after Linux install crashed?

    How to fix EFI-boot on my Macbook Pro after Linux install crashed?November 9

    After trying to install Linux (CentOs) and it crashed I can no longer boot W10. I can only choose OS X and its recovery after the alt option key.... The EFI partition is renamed to blank / NO NAME, as you can see in the diskutil list before installin

  • Kali Linux Install Not Showing Up In rEFInd Boot ManagerNovember 16

    I have installed Kali on my Macbook Air (circa 2013). I used rEFInd to boot into Linux live, and had no issues, but now that I have installed the OS, neither the Linux Live nor the full Linux install are showing up in the rEFInd menu on startup. I've

  • I have linux installed on my macbook and i need to create a windows usb December 7

    This question already has an answer here: How can I create a Windows bootable USB stick using Ubuntu? 6 answers I have linux installed as my only OS on my macbook pro retina version and i need to create a installation usb that will boot on the usb...

  • linux install on single boot macbook pro 6,2December 18

    novice here: i am trying to reasonable wipe anything remaining of this macbook for a clean linux install again.. while installing python/eclipse things got flaky and froze up and i had to shut down and restart.. downhill from there.. won't shutdown p

  • Headless linux installJune 6

    How do you do a headless install of linux? No monitor, no keyboard. Machine has floopy and cd drive. Can I configure a live cd to run sshd with a preconfigured pass or something similar and manage it via that? Instructions for fedora 8+ would be ace

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