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  • Difference between Linux Mint LXDE 11 RC(28 June) and Linux Mint 11 (released 28 May)July 1

    What is the difference between Linux Mint LXDE 11 RC(28 June) and Linux Mint Katya 11 (released 26 May)? The release notes seems exactly the same. --------------Solutions------------- "Linux Mint Katya 11" is the 11th release of the Mint distrib

  • The Perfect Desktop - Linux Mint 11 (Katya)

    The Perfect Desktop - Linux Mint 11 (Katya)September 30

    There is a new revision of this tutorial available for Linux Mint 17.1 (Rebecca). The Perfect Desktop - Linux Mint 11 (Katya) Version 1.0 Author: Falko Timme Follow me on Twitter This tutorial shows how you can set up a Linux Mint 11 (Katya) desktop

  • How can I open the Start menu in Linux Mint with the Windows key

    How can I open the Start menu in Linux Mint with the Windows keyJuly 5

    I just installed Linux Mint 11 on my laptop and I am very used with the Windows interface. I could not find a way to set the Windows key to open the Start menu, like in Windows? I did a few searches and I could not find a way to do this. ------------

  • Linux Mint won't run virtualboxSeptember 25

    I installed Linux Mint 11 Katya with Virtualbox 4.1 once and all was running fine. Then I reinstalled system, and I have a lot of software installed too (including Wine). But when I went through the same steps to install Virtualbox, it failed on laun

  • move the gnome-panel to second monitor (Linux Mint 11/12, Gnome 2 & 3)October 20

    Introduction I'm new to Linux Mint but I do use Linux since 2003 (mostly debian and ubuntu). Up to now it was always possible to easily move a panel in Gnome to where ever I wanted it by pressing +Button1 (left mouse) to move the panel. In Linux Mint

  • Linux Mint can not see my partitions - installation problem

    Linux Mint can not see my partitions - installation problemNovember 17

    Scenario: On my laptop I have Windows 7 My disk drive has several partitions whereof not all are used (for now) My plan is to install Linux Mint on the 20000 MB (19,53 GB) partition (called I: in the picture) To complete my plan I: Downloaded the iso

  • Linux Mint Network Proxy Preferences doesn't affect command line apps?July 25

    I am running Linux Mint 11 (Katya) with GNOME 2 and am behind a corporate proxy. I've gone into the Network Proxy Preferences and put in my auto-configuration URL, and this seems to work for things like Pidgin and Chrome (though not Thunderbird...),

  • Upgrade java on Linux Mint 11September 17

    I'm unable to use web-based java content due to my version being out of date. %>java -version java version "1.6.0_24" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_24-b07) Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM (build 19.1-b02, mixed mode) There are no up

  • How to change the Linux Mint Nadia splash screen?May 21

    I was wondering if it is possible for me to change the splash screen when Linux Mint is loading? I am talking about the logo of mint which appears when you start the computer. If so what kind of file format is it? And is it difficult to do? ---------

  • How to enter Ge'ez alphabet (Tigrinyan language) in Linux Mint

    How to enter Ge'ez alphabet (Tigrinyan language) in Linux MintJuly 1

    Ge'ez is an East-African alphabet. Using the powerful Eclipse IDE editor, it is possible to switch "Input Type" to Tigrinya (EZ+). Typing the 5 letters selam will then result in the 3 Ge'ez letters: ሰላም I am looking for a similar feature for Ope

  • Issue with Intel GMA950 on Debian (read:Linux Mint/Ubuntu) VariantJuly 30

    I have a Dell D420 on which I run Linux Mint Gloria. However every once in a while the laptop completely freezes up. First the GUI freezes, then a minute later the ssh session I had with the computer dies. I've heard of strange issues with the Intel

  • Changing the background image of linux mint boot screen

    Changing the background image of linux mint boot screenAugust 2

    I suppose the boot manager for linux is called grub, how do I change the splash image for it? Update: the methods mentioned don't quite do what I want. This grub is customized for linux mint it seems, (or something like that). It uses a graphical men

  • What to call a linux mint converted to xfce?August 5

    I'm using linux right now, I installed Linux Mint 7 (Gloria), but since then I switched to the xfce desktop, and I don't use any of the tools that come with mint (mintMenu, mintUpdate, mintInstall, etc). Instead, I use the normal xfce menu, Add/Remov

  • How to disable ipv6 in Linux MintAugust 9

    Note: ip a | grep inet6 inet6 ::1/128 scope host inet6 fe80::21c:bfff:fe76:32ec/64 scope link lsb_release -a Distributor ID: LinuxMint Description: Linux Mint 7 Gloria - Main Edition Release: 7 Codename: Gloria uname -r 2.6.28-11-generic Wireless mod

  • How do I install fonts on Linux Mint?

    How do I install fonts on Linux Mint?September 13

    I have some external fonts called Eaglefeather (Frank Lloyd Wright fonts) and I want to install them on to my Linux machine running Linux Mint 7 (Ubuntu based). I can't seem to get them to install which looks to me like just copying them to the /usr/

  • LInux Mint Gloria 7 (Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04) - Memory woes - Memory RAM is not cleared or LeakSeptember 19

    I have HP ProBook 4310s loaded with Linux Mint 7 Gloria (Jaunty 9.04) with all the latest updates and ATI Proprietary driver (for ATI Mobility Radeon 4330). I can't identify the culprit of the leak or is it just the physical memory can't be cleared c

  • "AMD Unsupported Hardware" watermark in Linux MintOctober 12

    I just setup my new computer that has onboard video and Installed Linux Mint. I installed the "ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver" from Hardware Drivers and now I have a watermark on the bottom left of my screen that says "AMD Unsupp

  • Problems with Moonlight on Linux MintDecember 15

    I am just started to using Linux Mint. I wanted to view a Microsoft Silverlight page, but, i needed Microsoft Silverlight. Microsoft redirected me, with my FireFox on Linux Mint, to Moonlight. I downloaded and installed the plugin. Restarted my Firef

  • how to install stuff on Linux Mint?December 16

    I have this tar.gz package, which contains just some files, no explaination to install or so. How can i install it, so i have like shortcuts, and it is in my Menu, etc. --------------Solutions------------- Linux Mint is an Ubuntu derivative, so you s

  • How to create a user account for a child in Linux Mint?April 21

    Recently I have renovated an old computer which once belonged to my dad (the old HDD crashed, and I just bought a new one to replace it). My parents want me to fix this computer for my 5-year-old sister to use. I decided to use Linux Mint as the OS b

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