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Linux on surface pro 2 internet

  • How do I login to Surface Pro and use Office 2013 without internet connection?March 2

    I noticed that for successful login with my Microsoft account, I need to stay in a hotspot with the Surface Pro connected to the internet. Even more confusing is that I also need to use my Microsoft account in order to use Office 2013. I wanted to tr

  • Linux Full Installation on USB (Windows 8.1 Surface Pro 1) UEFI issueAugust 27

    I see a few similar questions but I haven't found one that had a solution yet for me. So, forgive me if this seems redundant. As the title implies, I want to install an Ubuntu fork (LinuxLite 2.0) on to a USB that will be bootable in my Surface Pro.

  • Run Linux dist from bootable USB on Surface Pro 2March 14

    I'm having issues booting from USB on my Surface Pro 2 with win 8.1 and UEFI. Tried creating bootable USB using LinuxLive and a Linux dist. Also tried creating bootable USB with Easy2Boot, and adding Linux dist. I've tried Rufus too. They are partiti

  • Install Kali Linux on a Surface Pro 1

    Install Kali Linux on a Surface Pro 1April 13

    I really need your help; thanks in advance to anyone who can give me a hint! I want to install Kali Linux on my Surface Pro 1. I found loads of tutorial with different sequence and tool used in different os, but none of them was completely useful for

  • Ubuntu on surface pro 3 or Linux at all?May 7

    What I found out for now is that I can use ubuntu 15.04 touch but no scrolling. I opened: /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-evdev.conf And added: Section "InputClass" Identifier "Surface Pro 3 cover" MatchIsPointer "on" MatchDevi

  • Desktop Internet Explorer won't open in Windows 8 on Microsoft Surface Pro 3June 2

    I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 running windows 8.1. Internet Explorer works in the touch mode but even though the desktop mode is running, I can't navigate to it. It shows as an icon on the taskbar and the small preview screen shows up when I hover

  • Linux on new Surface pro 4November 26

    I'm interested in buying the new surface pro 4. But 'm also a linux user therefore I would like to run linux (dual boot) on the sp4. There lots of tutorials about the surface pro 3 but until now I only found these links about the sp4: http://www.pcwo

  • Surface Pro Wifi Issues on Mint KDE 17September 29

    I'm running Mint 17 KDE on the Surface Pro 1. Wifi worked on installation, however, after about an hour of use the internet stops working and will not reconnect to any wifi. I have to shut the computer off to fix it, but then it stops working again i

  • Surface Pro 2 WiFi and Ethernet do not functionOctober 8

    all. I'm running a Microsoft Surface Pro 2, and am currently facing some difficulty in getting my internet connectivity back. SOME BACKSTORY I initially had planned on dual booting Windows and Kali Linux. Kali(2.0) wasn't working so well, because the

  • Dual boot Surface Pro with Ubuntu?

    Dual boot Surface Pro with Ubuntu?March 8

    How could I setup a dual boot for Ubuntu and Windows 8 on my Microsoft Surface Pro with 128 GB. Note: My dual boot solution is below. --------------Solutions------------- Video Demo EDIT: July 11, 2014 @ 6:00PM PST This has been updated to reflect ch

  • Dual/triple booting Surface Pro?March 13

    Before I purchase a Surface Pro, I would like to know how well it dual boots. I often develop for Mac, Windows, and Linux, so I highly value in a computer the community-supported ability to natively run multiple operating systems. Does grub work well

  • Cannot get to Ubuntu 12.10 Live USB Environment on the Microsoft Surface ProMarch 14

    I'm attempting to boot a 64bit Ubuntu 12.10 live USB on a Microsoft Surface Pro. I do not want to Dual Boot. I have disabled "secure boot". I have a live USB that can sucsessfully boot on another machine. When I boot, i can get to the grub menu.

  • EFI Stub Loader for Ubuntu 12.10/Windows 8 using rEFInd on Surface ProMarch 26

    I'm trying to do a dual boot of Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.10 on my Surface Pro and would like to use rEFInd for my boot manager. I do not want to ever install GRUB, including during installation of Ubuntu, since my past experience with attempting to do

  • Easiest way to get Surface Pro built-in WiFi working?May 22

    Is there a .deb that I can download from another computer and transfer over USB to get Surface Pro WiFi working? I'd rather not tinker with modprobe, and I don't have a USB Internet adapter.

  • Problems with Windows 8/Ubuntu 13.04 Dualboot Surface ProSeptember 13

    I've been having this problem this whole day and it's been killing me... I'm following Dual boot Surface Pro with Ubuntu? this guide to dual boot my Microsoft Surface Pro with Ubuntu 13.04. The main problem I have is that the WiFi doesn't work and I

  • how to use iio on surface pro to access sensor data in Ubuntu 13.04October 9

    I have Ubuntu 13.04 running on a Surface Pro. One of the usb device (ID 045e:0794) has registered a number of hid sensor devices: HID-SENSOR-200041.0: Light: Ambient Light HID-SENSOR-200062.0: Mechanical: Boolean Switch Array HID-SENSOR-200073.0: Mot

  • Language is not installed on Microsoft Surface ProNovember 9

    Language is not installed on Microsoft Surface Pro. I am trying to install an additional language pack in windows 8 Surface Pro. But when I add the language and tap option to download a particular language it gives me connect to internet to download.

  • Surface Pro 2 Keyobard Cover not working in UbuntuMarch 11

    I'm trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 on my Surface Pro 2 at the moment and it seems to be working fine, exept for the fact, that neither one of my keyboard covers is working, the keys light up on my Type Cover 2, but nothing registers and the same is t

  • Surface Pro 3 Type Cover Not Working Ubuntu 15.10 March 11

    I'm trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 on my Surface Pro 2 at the moment and it seems to be working fine, exept for the fact, that neither one of my keyboard covers is working, the keys light up on my Type Cover 2, but nothing registers and the same is t

  • Surface Pro won't boot from usbJune 21

    I have had a surface pro for a while now and I have decided to try and boot from USB on it. It won't boot from it. I have tried an external hardrive with Windows Vista on, a Windows 98 Microsoft-dos boot disk and even a Windows repair disk on an exte

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