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loadds without d3dx

  • How to deal with D3DX .dll hell?January 29

    There's a large number of versions of the D3DX dll, from each SDK update, each version having a unique name (list of D3DX dll names). All-too-often, people have versions missing. So even though they have a compatible version of DirectX, your D3D-base

  • Unable to import using Wizard or Loadder

    Unable to import using Wizard or LoadderDecember 16

    can i import data using wizard or loadder without matching id,name,email to account or contact? or can you suggest option to do so other way I am trying to import account from csv having name,website and phone as coloumns currently i have no account

  • Since D3DX utility library is deprecated, what can I do about this legacy code?April 9

    D3DX Structures utility library is deprecated for Windows 8 and its not supported for Windows Store apps. So my question is, Does anyone know what to replace this legacy code with.. std::vector<ID3D11Texture2D*> srcTexture(size); for(UINT i = 0; i &

  • Texturing without D3DXJune 25

    Well, i have been online for hours looking for solutions, but i have found none. Im looking for a way to create textures without the function D3DXCreateShaderResourceViewFromFile. Since D3DX is deprecated i figured that DirectXTK was the way to go si

  • Creating Font Textures in Direct3d without D3DX

    Creating Font Textures in Direct3d without D3DXOctober 22

    Update: The completed solution using Nathan Reed's answer is posted in my answer below A few open source programs I've seen that render installed fonts do something like this... Create a texture for the font Draw font to texture using native calls St

  • 16-byte aligned matrix in DirectX9 and D3DX with Havok Physics 2012June 27

    I want to ask a question about D3DXMATRIX and D3DXMATRIXA16, and how to use them with Havok Physics. I'm using Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 8. I successfully created an instance of hkpWorld, added an hkpRigidbody instance with hkpSphereShape. The cl

  • Same game logic on two seperate graphics librariesJuly 19

    What code philosophy/structure of abstraction/program design would allow a game to be used with both 2D and 3D graphics (seperately) WITHOUT having to re-code the Game logic? We're talking taking the same code, changing a minimum of things (for examp

  • Good example of a multi-pass effect?August 4

    In XNA (and Direct3D in general AFAIK), rather than creating individual vertex and fragment shaders, you bundle potentially many related shaders into 'Effects'. When you come to use an effect you select a 'technique' (or iterate through all of them)

  • What are the most common splines you will find in game development?August 5

    List here the most common splines found in game development, how many points the method needs to interpolate a curve, and how can you build a data type that allows you to get an interpolation of the curve points. Examples: Bezier curves, B-Splines, C

  • vertex/pixel shaders and "materials"September 3

    What relationship is there, if any, of "materials" and vertex/pixel shaders (or the "effects" that combine the latter two)? I have the impression that before the advent of HLSL, materials were explicitly handled by Direct3D or OpenGL.

  • When to return a reference and when to return a copy?October 29

    I was looking at the d3dx math .h and noticed that a difference between the "+" and "+=" operators: D3DXVECTOR3& operator += ( CONST D3DXVECTOR3& ); D3DXVECTOR3 operator + ( CONST D3DXVECTOR3& ) const; Why is it returning a

  • Model format for small gameFebruary 6

    I'm writing my own small-time game from scratch, and now I'm looking to start creating models. I've been wondering- what is the best model format to use? Given that I will be writing the model loading code myself and using whatever program generates

  • Moving from DirectX 10 to DirectX 11March 28

    I've done a reasonable number of small hobby projects using DirectX 9 but it's time to move to DirectX 11 now. I have Frank Luna'a book on 3D programming using DirectX 10 but nothing on DirectX 11. I believe they are pretty similar, but was wondering

  • terrain grid rendering problem

    terrain grid rendering problemJune 12

    I'm using DirectX 9 and attempting to write a simple terrain generation object. I'm running into trouble with the rendering - I'm hoping that this is a common problem, and someone could spot the problem by the output: I've generated vertices, indices

  • Do I need the 'w' component in my Vector class?June 24

    Assume you're writing matrix code that handles rotation, translation etc for 3d space. Now the transformation matrices have to be 4x4 to fit the translation component in. However, you don't actually need to store a w component in the vector do you? E

  • Can't update DirectX11 shader constant buffer July 3

    Alright, I'm currently making the transition from DirectX 10 to DirectX 11 (with very little help from the MSDN documention) and recently ran into a snag with updating a shader's constant buffer. My application at the moment simply draws a rectangle

  • What is an OpenGL equivalent to ID3DXSprite?August 10

    As a Direct3D developer I can use the ID3DXSprite class (in D3DX library) for drawing 2D graphics. What's the best way to implement this functionality in OpenGL? --------------Solutions------------- I think, that if you want to draw just 2D sprite on

  • How fill gutter using ID3DXTextureGutterHelper interface?September 4

    Using UVAtlas (Direct3D 9) Packed charts are separated by a user-specified gutter width. The gutter width is the amount of separation between charts, and allows for bilinear interpolation and mip-mapping to avoid rendering artifacts at chart boundari

  • Is there anything like XNA for c++? September 24

    I love the features of XNA but I want to get into c++ game dev. The problem is that I now have to worry about everything from loading a png file to opening a window. This is a little bit annoying. I would really like a c++ version of XNA to solve the

  • How do I use D3DXVec3Normalize()?October 16

    It accepts two parameters, the first is an out parameter - a pointer type, so a referenced variable or a pointer to a variable - the second parameter is an in parameter of the same type but const. This is strange to me, normalizing is a simple calcul

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