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  • Lock Tmux Session With VlockJanuary 18

    I have just installed tmux and vlock. When I try to perform the lock-session command, my terminal flashes and then nothing happens. Is there something in my .tmux.conf that must be added to tell tmux that I have a locking utility? If so, what is it?

  • tmux: getting 'lock-command' to execute multiple commandsAugust 5

    With tmux, is it possible to get multiple commands to be executed after idle time with lock-command? Example: I can bind multiple commands to a key like this: bind R display-message "Sleeping" \; run-shell "sleep 5 && sudo pm-suspen

  • remapping Caps Lock to Ctrl key in tmuxSeptember 23

    I'm a Linux beginner and using tmux 2.0 on CentOS 6.7(without X). How can I use Caps Lock instead of Ctrl in tmux? --------------Solutions------------- Unfortunately, you cannot do it at the tmux layer. The tmux man page man tmux has a section titled

  • tmux: what is the mode I get periodically locked in when (attempting) pressing Ctrl-B ZNovember 23

    I am quite new to tmux (but familarized with the basics). Regularly, I end up in a mode, I do not understand, and I do not know how to leave anymore. This happens sometimes when having multiple panes and trying to zoom by pressing Ctrl-B Z. At least,

  • What's the least conflicting prefix/escape sequence for screen or tmux?November 23

    Screen goes with Ctrl+A. tmux on the other hand-as developed within screen-uses Ctrl+B. Both keystrokes, however, are also used in editors, shells, etc. Thus choosing either one degrades the user experience and functionality of those tools when used

  • Lock down a linux system with screenOctober 30

    I need to lock down a system so that a group of individuals can log into the server via ssh. When they log into ssh I would like them to be presented with a screen session and locked down to that single application. This is so the application can con

  • Lock a byobu session with password?September 14

    I used to leave my byobu sessions detached on a server. I want to lock the session to prevent other users (root account) accessing my session. Is this possible? --------------Solutions------------- GNU screen (one backend that byobu can use, along wi

  • Method of viewing command prompt on remote machine without locking it for local useMarch 2

    I need to remotely view/access an already running command prompt on another computer (it was started by that computer locally). The OS of the local machine is windows 7 32 (or 64) bit. Programs such as gbridge, ultraVNC and the windows remote desktop

  • tmux pane continuationJuly 22

    I would like to have a very tall virtual display to browse code in vim. Is it possible to split tmux into two column panes, so that the right pane continues the left pane? So that I can scroll in one and it scrolls both appropriately. Thank you -----

  • How can I scroll back the output in FreeBSD's console without Scroll Lock?August 23

    I've installed FreeBSD inside a VM on a laptop. As it turns out, the laptop keyboard has no Scroll Lock key, which is used for scrolling the screen back in FreeBSD's console. How can I scroll back the output without Scroll Lock? --------------Solutio

  • Tmux causes Emacs glitchSeptember 16

    Recently I started using Tmux, but I noticed that it causes a strange Emacs glitch. When I open source code for elisp or haskell, the comments aren't highlighted. Only the comment sign is (; in case of elisp, -- in case of haskell). The rest of the c

  • Lock Ubuntu Server 12.0.4October 25

    How do I lock Ubuntu server screen without installing gnome screensaver? I'm running the server with only the console without desktop installed. --------------Solutions------------- vlock does the trick. apt-get install vlock. If you mean a basic X s

  • Setting caps lock key to CTRL but still function as caps lock if I press for long enoughDecember 30

    I just started out using tmux, so I figured I would set my Caps lock key equal to the Ctrl key. Though sometimes I do need the Caps lock key. I don't care if it requires playing with the Terminal or system files, I'm not afraid of that. However it wo

  • The key codes for Caps Lock, Shift, Left Control and FN key?January 7

    Can somebody please provide the key codes for these keys: Caps Lock Left Shift Left Control Option key FN The key code I'm talking about is something along the lines of \<Esc>[200~, although I have no idea what that outputs. :P Thanks! I need this f

  • How can I synchronize processes started in different TMUX panes?January 29

    Consider this: tmux split-window -d program1 program2 # this program depends on some side effects produced by program1 In this case, program2 will start before program1 is ready. program1 will send signals/output when it has produced side-effects tha

  • Binding caps lock key to another unique keyMarch 15

    I've been mapping my caps lock key on windows machines to various keys (I have tried both Backspace, which I have never gotten used to due to deeply ingrained habit, and Esc, which will take time to get me to transition to with Vim) and I'm looking t

  • SSH disconnects when screen locked with vlock

    SSH disconnects when screen locked with vlockApril 2

    I'm using tmux + PuTTY to get all the UNIX goodness I need when using Windows. I have the following settings in my .tmux.conf: set-option -g lock-command vlock set-option -g lock-after-time 1800 As expected, after 30 minutes, my screen goes to this:

  • How to tab completion when typing command in tmux?April 8

    Some commands (kill-session and kill-server) have the same prefix. When I type (prefix:kill-seTab), tmux won't give me any result. Is there a option to show wildmenu for auto-completion inside tmux? I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 --------------Solutions-----

  • any reason not to run tmux/wemux on a bastion host?May 10

    Is there any reason to worry about running tmux/wemux on a bastion host? It seems to me that it would open up vectors to have your terminal sessions hijacked by some locally exploited account on the bastion host, something that the bastion host would

  • How can I Install Tmux in Cygwin?February 7

    I'm trying to install Tmux under a Cygwin 64-bit installation on Windows 7 64-bit. I'm following these instructions: http://java.ociweb.com/mark/programming/tmuxInCygwin.html I successfully compiled and installed libevent and ncurses, but I get this

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