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logitech z623 speaker unbalance sound

  • 6 channel Logitech Z-680 surround sound system 1 speaker blown and need help replacing fuse inside sub-woofer

    6 channel Logitech Z-680 surround sound system 1 speaker blown and need help replacing fuse inside sub-woofer July 19

    I've Logitech Z-680 surround sound system for my intel core2 duo computer. The problem I'm having is I can't get the sound to work on my front right speaker. All other speakers work just fine. So at first I thought it is the speaker. But I moved that

  • Logitech C615 web cam sound control

    Logitech C615 web cam sound controlMarch 22

    I have a Logitech C615 web cam with a built-in microphone. I want to use a headset with earplugs and a microphone for more private conversations. There are phone out and mic in plugs on my Mac Mini. However, I can not turn the sound off on the web ca

  • Logitech Z623 Speakers crackling on PC only?September 10

    One day I just turned on my computer and the speakers started crackling at random points in music, movies etc. I connected them to my iPod and the crackling was gone. Is this something to do with my sound card? How can I fix it? --------------Solutio

  • 13.04 Logitech bluetooth speaker adapter pairing but no mixer outputOctober 31

    I had to change [General] Enable = Socket in /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf to get it to pair. But now that they are I don't get an output in pavucontrol. D: [pulseaudio] bluetooth-util.c: Registering /MediaEndpoint/HFPAG on adapter /org/bluez/3855/hci0.

  • S5360 Ringer speaker (No Sound)June 11

    What to do if Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 has no sound. But if I plugged the headphone there is sound but in the when i unplugged, no sound. Is it the hardware is the problem. And how how much the speaker of it. Hoping for answering my question. Thank you

  • Logitech g430 headset input sound (mic) doesn't work

    Logitech g430 headset input sound (mic) doesn't workDecember 18

    On Windows I had software to manage surraund sound and mic which is not available on Linux. However I managed to fix sound and that works well. However mic doesn't work at all. I cannot input any sound. Has anyone suggestion on how to fix it? Check i

  • Logitech K800 keyboard key soundJanuary 10

    Is there a way to control the volume of the key depressed on a Logitech K800. The click from the keys seems to have increased since I got the unit.

  • Speaker Sound coming from Right Speaker connected to Monitor, but others are fineJune 27

    I recently purchased a Dell 2240L and a Logitech z200 Speaker. The monitor has a headphone jack on the back so I connected the Speaker to the Monitor. It was working fine until the next morning when I realised the sound was only coming from the side

  • PC Speaker sounds when machine locks upJanuary 20

    What would cause my PC speaker to sound a low frequency continuous tone as my system locks up? Generally what will happen is I'll notice the application I'm using will stop responding but explorer will be partially responsive, then after a few more a

  • How does an AM-modulated signal sound like in a speaker?October 14

    Let us compare two signals: one is a normal sinusoidal signal with single frequency 5khz with 1V amplitude (2V peak-to-peak). The other signal has a carrier frequency of 5khz and 2V peak-to-peak, but is an AM modulation signal with modulation wavefor

  • Sound Blaster Z only playing out of left speakerDecember 4

    Just got a new PC using a Sound Blaster Z sound card. A while after starting I noticed that sound was only playing out of the left side speaker. I tried connecting into a different port on the card and the audio played from both speakers but speech f

  • Right speaker louder than left speaker at low volumeMarch 31

    I have a set of Logitech X-520 speakers. As I gradually turn the volume up from 0%, the right speaker comes in at 5% while the left speaker comes in at 10% and they sound even at about 20%. About 10% is the volume I would listen to music quietly, but

  • Ubuntu 11.10 can't play music with Logitech Bluetooth receiverOctober 24

    I'm a very basic Ubuntu 11.10 user and I'm trying to stream music on a Logitech wireless speaker adapter for bluetooth audio devices. I can get to pair the device with my computer, but I can't play music. I also can't find the device on the Sound Set

  • PC sound generation of step waveformFebruary 19

    I have created a wav file (sampling rate of 44.1kHz at 32-bit floating point precision) consisting of 44.1k samples at 0.0 followed by 44.1k at 1.0. After which the file is played out from line-out using Media Player Classic and looped back into line

  • Can a Computer Motherboard Speaker/Buzzer output voltage switch a relay?

    Can a Computer Motherboard Speaker/Buzzer output voltage switch a relay?September 21

    Most 12v relays I've come across require 4v to switch on. I don't have a voltmeter handy to test my computer motherboards voltage output, and if it did give out +4v and held a long enough duration would it even be possible? Using C# or any programmin

  • Can iPhone work with Bose dock and a Bluetooth speaker at the same timeJanuary 23

    I have a Bose docking station and was thinking of buying a wireless bluetooth Bose speaker as well for the living room If I play my iPhone on the docking station in the kitchen, will the blootooth still work to play the portable speaker in the living

  • How can I automatically lower Spotify playback volume when my Video Editing program makes a sound?

    How can I automatically lower Spotify playback volume when my Video Editing program makes a sound?June 19

    I'd like to listen to Spotify while I am video editing. This is just casual listening - nothing to do with the editing work. How can I automatically fade out the volume of Spotify when my video editing program plays audio? I often need to hear the vi

  • Strange. Asterisk key plays random Windows sound when pressedDecember 11

    This is a new one on me. When I press the "asterisk", or * button on my number pad (but not SHIFT+8), Windows makes either a "Exclamation" or "Windows ding" sound. I haven't noticed a pattern to which sound is made. Logitech

  • Choppy bluetooth soundJanuary 25

    I am running Ubuntu 12.10 on a Mac Mini and have extremely choppy sound when streaming and connected to a bluetooth speaker. Sound is normal otherwise. The video streams fine with no choppiness. CPU and network utilization are high but not maxed out.

  • Can a speaker be damaged but not blown?June 8

    If one plays too loud of a sound through a speaker, it can blow - i.e. become visibly torn or stop working entirely. However is it possible that the loud sound will damage it partly and result in the speaker operating at a less loud level; can a spea

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