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  • Windows logoff script to modify registry under HKCUFebruary 26

    I'm trying to modify registry entries within HKCU at logoff. The corresponding script works okay when invoked manually. I was afraid there might be issues with a loopback policy kicking in, but according to rsop.msc this is not the case, i.e. the scr

  • Windows 7 logoff script?June 19

    I've been trying this for a while, to no avail. I read many docs, including: Windows 7 - How to run a script at shutdown but not at logoff https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc770300.aspx http://www.nextofwindows.com/how-to-run-a-script-or-c

  • How to restore local GPO User Logon/Logoff script setting?November 10

    I'm deploying several Windows 7 machines, and apply a GPOPack (exported through MSCM's LocalGPO utility) to set the Local GPO (no AD in there). My issue is that logon & logoff scripts settings are not preserved through the LocalGPO tools export or GP

  • Create a logoff script/task for Windows

    Create a logoff script/task for WindowsNovember 4

    Without using AD GPOs (Active Directory Group Policy Objects), or similar, how would one go about creating a logoff script for Windows? This would be for XP (home and pro), Vista, and 7, in a personal environment (ie, no Domain Controllers anywhere i

  • Create a logoff script/task for LinuxNovember 4

    In similar vein to my question for Windows and Mac OS X, how would one go about creating a logoff script for Linux? Any distro is fine, as I'm sure it'd be extendable across others. I'm most familiar with RHEL/CentOS/Fedora and Ubuntu, though. additi

  • How to run powershell script as Logon/logoff script on Windows 2003?July 2

    I've installed PowerShell Version 1.0 on my Windows 2003 server. How do I run a PowerShell script during logon or logoff event? I tried this through Local Computer policy>User Configuration>Windows Settings>Logon/Logoff Scripts But it doesn't see

  • What to put in startup / login / logoff scripts?August 31

    I certainly hope this question is deemed acceptable, and doesn't violate the Chatty, open-ended questions diminish the usefulness of our site and push other questions off the front page. portion of the FAQ. Anyways, I have a network that I've basical

  • force user logoff script for Windows 7October 26

    Is there any way to force another user to logoff via command line in Windows 7 Home Premium? My work VPN policy requires that there be only 1 user logged in, to log the other users off I have to run the command prompt as administrator, run the task m

  • Scheduled logoff scriptsJuly 20

    I wondered if it was possible to launch a logoff script only, for example, every friday. Can this task be scheduled in Active Directory or must I programm a scripts that adds and remove it every friday ? --------------Solutions------------- I use som

  • Adding logoff script for all users via registry editFebruary 16

    Which key should I edit to add some script to run every time when user logOFF? I tried to compare registry before and after adding it via gpedit but it's look like it's based not only on registry caues it adding some values in 2 places - hklm and hkc

  • Logon/Logoff scripts running when disconnected from domain controllerJune 8

    I have a windows 7 system that is part of a domain. When it is unable to access the domain controller, will it still run logon scripts? Right now, we have a local script that is launched from the run section of the registry that checks for connectivi

  • Shutdown/logoff script in Ubuntu 13.10November 8

    Which would be the best way to run a script upon GUI logoff, shutdown, hibernate, sleep modes? In 12.04 I think I did this in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf, but on 13.10, the folder structure changed and when I create this script, The display manager won

  • Logoff Script on Remote Desktop ServicesJanuary 14

    I have a Remote Desktop services running on Server 2012 R2. My timeout settings have been set to end a session 60 minute after disconnection. This is good for all the users except one: That user's session has to be ended as soon as he is disconnected

  • Logon and Logoff scripts not runningJuly 20

    I have set SQL queries to run on logon and logoff using group policy editor. But sometimes scripts do not run. logon.bat @echo off echo INSERT INTO UPTIME(INTIME) VALUES(NOW()); > abc.sql mysql --user=root --password=**** test < abc.sql del abc.sql

  • Automatic Account lock/logoff scriptAugust 18

    I have 2 scripts created. The first one called "lock_logoff" and it does just that. It locks the account in the script and then logs them off. The second script unlocks the account. I got tire of going over to my daughter's computer and doing th

  • Script to kill process at logoff doesn't execute until process is dead?January 18

    We have a program that, due to memory leaks in some of the screens, doesn't exit cleanly when the user quits. The problem is that this blocks the normal logoff procedure - you select logout and a few processes disappear but the user doesn't actually

  • Run a script at logoff on XP Home?May 12

    Is this possible without having a process running continuously, listening for WM_QUERYENDSESSION or similar? (or worse still, loading a DLL into the Winlogon process) (Also unacceptable: write a script / program that does what you want, then logs off

  • Ninite with a logoff group policy scriptFebruary 15

    I'm trying to use a batch script to automate the updates of some apps using ninite with a group policy log off script. Here is my script: echo Copying ninite mkdir C:\temp mkdir C:\temp\ninite echo STARTING robocopy /xo /"\filesever01\shared data\IT\

  • Windows 7 - How to run a script at shutdown but not at logoffApril 1

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to configure a Windows 7 x64 Enterprise install that is on a domain to run a script if the user attempts to shutdown the computer - but I dont want the script to run if the user tries to log out. Here is a bit of d

  • Desktop icon registry entriesApril 27

    l need some help, l am currently setting up logoff scripts which if a user deletes IE8 it restors it, at the moment l have the registry entries for IE8 which was ie_icon.reg, what l need help is what the entries are for My documents, my computer and

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