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  • Low-noise fans for Sun 1U rack server?May 29

    I use a Sun Fire X2100 M2 (Opteron) 1U rack server for development purposes, and the system has these noise specifications: Idle, at or below 25° C 6.9B Max, at ambient: 7.3B In other words, it's rather loud and I'd like to bring the level down somew

  • Low-noise audio-frequency BJT? February 18

    I found myself looking for a low-noise PNP transistor the other day. I couldn't find any parametric searches that listed noise performance. Even from the transistor manufacturers. You can search by beta, \$V_{ceo}\$, and \$I_{c}MAX\$. All these searc

  • How are low-noise transistors different from other?June 13

    Yes, I know: they have lower noise levels. What I mean is how is this achieved? And I guess there must be a trade-off as well (otherwise all transistors would be made as low-noise?) --------------Solutions------------- These devices address burst, av

  • Ultra low noise power supply

    Ultra low noise power supplySeptember 25

    I am trying to design an ultra low noise power supply for my sensitive circuit. The supply will provide 5V and 600mA. (Worst case, 200mA typical). My input voltage is 2V to 4V. My ripple target under load is less than 5mV. The signals I am trying to

  • Cleaning up a 5V Switching DC-DC converter for low noise 5V outputFebruary 23

    I have a project that I have to hook to a 5V bus coming from this DC-DC switching converter. I need to clean this up to use with a logamp (LOG114), photodiode, and ADC (ADS8519). I would also like this circuit to work on future projects with similar

  • Trouble chaining multiple low noise op ampsMarch 12

    I want to experiment with receiving ELF signals. In particular 76Hz. The goal is to attach a coil of a few thousand turns of magnet wire, place it on the ground, and read the signal level. My thought is to chain a couple of low noise op amps (OPA211)

  • Do PNP transistors have low noise?June 21

    I read somewhere that PNP transistors have lower noise than NPN transistors. The majority carriers in NPN are electrons where as in PNP they are holes, so I thought the noise would be much be less in NPN transistors. Which is correct? --------------S

  • ultra low noise reference and supply voltage with multiple ldo's in parallel

    ultra low noise reference and supply voltage with multiple ldo's in parallelOctober 16

    I need a very low noise power supply and ADC reference voltage for an 24 bit ADC measurement (I need noise level less than 5 uV peak to peak on both power supply and the ADC reference voltage. Supply current can be around 100mA) I would like the ask

  • How can I add white noise to a low-noise 2 Mhz sine signal from the signal generator?November 4

    I want to add a defined level of noise to a low-noise/exact signal generator which produces around 2 Mhz. I heard Zener diodes should be good for that job. But how can I get a defined level of noise onto my signal? --------------Solutions------------

  • Does a hybrid SSD + HDD laptop have a lower noise level than a pure HDD?January 6

    I read that SSD has a lower noise level than HDD because there is no spinning mechanical reader. However, if I have a hybrid laptop with SSD and HDD, will I notice any difference in overall noise level of the laptop? In addition, how significant is H

  • Using low-noise amplifiersMarch 18

    I have a receiver with sensitivity -50 dBm and an input signal from an antenna of -90 dBm, is it prudent to amplify the signal with a cascade of low-noise amplifiers? The LNA I found for my frequency band, 902-928 MHz, has a gain of 23 dB and NF 1.2d

  • Low noise High current regulator

    Low noise High current regulatorNovember 2

    I'm trying to convert 11-16 Vdc to 5 Vdc @ 3 A to run an array of low-impedance ratiometric sensors. The outputs are going either directly into an ADC or amplified through an instrument amplifier. Either way I need fairly low noise (<5mV). To achive

  • Single supply 5V low noise hydrophone preamplifier

    Single supply 5V low noise hydrophone preamplifier March 20

    The title speaks for itself, I want to know if there is some circuit that provides low-noise, single supply operating at 5V and high gain to be used as a hydrophone preamplifier. The output of the hydrophone is equivalent to the output of an electret

  • Very low noise high pass filter design

    Very low noise high pass filter designApril 5

    We are trying to design a high pass filter, which mainly goals are: very low noise. Low noise is the first concern. suppresses 1kHz by around 50dB and passes 2kHz. Gets rid of DC Dont care on other frequencies. Description of our project: We are to m

  • Low noise amplification - Op Amps vs Transistor based amplifiersMay 23

    Whats the best amplification strategy to use for something requiring very low noise like an EEG (brain wave detecting)? Efficiency isn't really an issue. Op amps with high CMRR are expensive, and without a high CMRR there will be a lot of noise.. Is

  • Low noise voltage regulation

    Low noise voltage regulationSeptember 26

    I have a circuit which currently runs off of either a 12VDC wall wart adapter, or it falls back to a 9V battery if the wall wart adapter is not connected. My circuit currently uses a chip which requires a clean 8VDC source in order to run. Right now,

  • Low Noise Using Opamp And Photodiode?

    Low Noise Using Opamp And Photodiode?April 12

    I'm building a small sensor setup that is able to measure the transmission of light through a (clouded) solution. I currently have a laser light that shines through the solution and a LDR on the other side. This works pretty well but there is quite a

  • Low-noise SPDT switch

    Low-noise SPDT switchJune 15

    I need to produce an extremely low noise SPDT switch. This switch will take two different inputs to a single 16 bit ADC. The inputs are 50 ohm BNC outputs from trans-impedance amplifiers. The amplifiers take a small current and convert them to 0-10V

  • Ultra low noise microphone preamp, using LT1115, pesky bias ground pathJuly 28

    I was trying to build a simple ultra low noise preamp or pre-pre amp for a ribbon microphone. The Ribbon microphone itself is a couple hundred mOhm with a 1:37 step up transformer. They like to have a high terminating load for good frequency response

  • Low-noise amplification of microphone signals, tubes or chips?February 7

    When trying to capture faint acoustic phenomena, are vacuum tube amplification designs superior to ICs? In this type of application sensitivity and low-noise amplification are the desired objectives. Should I be satisified with typical modern low-noi

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