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lubuntu intel 1.6ghz dual cpu

  • Dual CPU Intel Xeon E5620 OR Single CPU Intel Core i7 980XApril 8

    We are setting up a Windows 2008 Server to serve as NAT/VPN access server for our local network. Previous server we used for NAT/VPN was an Intel X3440 (single cpu) , during peak hours CPU usage was well over 80% ! Should we get a dual cpu or a singl

  • Why does Apple Activity Monitor report that my Mac with a dual-core Intel i5 Ivy Bridge CPU has 4 cores?June 22

    I just got a new Apple MacBook Pro 13", mid-2012, which has a dual-core Intel i5 Ivy Bridge CPU. When I run Activity Monitor and turn on the Floating CPU Window, it shows a 4-bar graph (indicating 4 cores). On my older MacBook Pro with an Intel Core

  • Can someone clear up the terms Core Duo CPU, Quad Core, Dual CPU, etc.?July 30

    I'll be buying a new computer in the next couple months and want to understand the dual/duo/two CPU issue: Core Duo CPU (is this one "duo" CPU or two? Quad Core (four cpus?) Dual CPU (two cpus?) 2 CPUs (does this always mean two physical chips?)

  • After upgrading Lenovo 3000 N200 Intel T2330 to T9500 CPU Fan stays on High AlwaysJanuary 7

    After upgrading Lenovo 3000 N200 Intel T2330 to T9500 CPU Fan stays on High Always. Running a dual Boot with Windows XP & 7. Stays high on both never decreases & CPU not hot, why & how do I fix it? No other problems besides this. -------------

  • How well does Ubuntu work with a dual CPU computer?December 30

    I am thinking of getting a dual Intel Xeon machine, each CPU is a quad core. Will Ubuntu utilize both processors, especially with both being quad core, optimally? Wanting to do Video editing and processing, but the Xeon machine's clock speed is actua

  • Will dual CPU servers run with one failed?January 16

    Do dual CPUs on a modern server actually provide redundancy? If one fails can the server be rebooted and run on the remaining CPU? In the past I have come across the case where CPU 0 always had to be present so if CPU 1 had failed it would reboot fin

  • Quad-CPU vs Dual-CPU AMD performance difference March 15

    important note: in this text - CPU is a CPU (processor, physical object) and CORE is a CORE (invisible, inside cpu)... Quad-CPU systems are expensive, and there is not so many information about them. (i of course not even dreaming about 4 xeons, talk

  • Xeon E5 1600 v3 family - dual cpu

    Xeon E5 1600 v3 family - dual cpu December 29

    I want to build a multi cpu workstation, and I have never built multi cpu computer before. I wonder if the E5 1600 v3 family support multi cpu setups or if I should use the E5 2600 v3 family instead. Thanks --------------Solutions------------- In thi

  • No dual cpu support for VirtualBox with a CPU that doesn't support multicore?March 18

    With VMWare it works fine and I can run multiple cores on a VMWare image. With VirtualBox I can only run 1 CPU on a image. Its annoying. Why does Virtualbox not work the same as VMware in this respect? My CPU is: XEON 3.00GHz Intel 90nm 2MBCache QUAD

  • Dual CPU Motherboard? September 24

    I have two systems with AMD Athlon X2 processors. I need to put both CPU's into one system. Are there any Dual CPU Motherboards, which i can use? I'm not so techee, so please be simple in your answers... Thanks in advance. --------------Solutions----

  • Single vs dual sticks of RAM, for dual-CPU systemApril 4

    Just wishing to confirm the old adage I'm holding to, is that for X memory on dual-cpu server, it better to have two X/2 sticks, as it enables each CPU to independently access said memory stick. Was there any change with recent CPU's, or it still the

  • Do the xserver-xorg-video-intel drivers support dual monitors with Intel HD Graphics 3000?February 10

    I just assembled a new computer with an Intel Core i7-2600K CPU and I am using the integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics processor. I have an Asus P8Z68V-LE mother board that has a VGA, DVI and HDMI output. I have a Samsung monitor to the DVI po

  • Regarding compatibility of Intel Pentium D 805 CPU with new motherboard October 8

    I currently have an old configuration with Intel Pentium D 805 CPU and Intel D101GGC chipset. Now I am planning to upgrade my system except CPU and hard disk since it doesn't fit in the budget. QUESTION: I am planning to get Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H Moth

  • What happens if no ram is in a dual CPU riser?December 12

    I have a Dell precision T5500 with a dual CPU riser. There are 6 slots on the system board and 3 on the second CPU riser. The Dell recommended configuration is to divide between the system board and the riser, if there is one. I'm trying to upgrade f

  • why my intel core i3-2310M CPU @ 2.10 Ghz become so hot?June 27

    i use Hp Pavilion g4 with intel core i3-2310M CPU @ 2.10 Ghz. I've checked my laptop and the core temperature is among ~75°C and also my fan is working so hard all the time even if I don't use it (in idle mode). This condition just happened 3 days ag

  • Is it smart cost/performance-wise to use a dual-cpu motherboard over a single-cpu?September 11

    I heard that dual-cpu motherboards are quite expensive and not all cpus can work in dual-cpu mode, but I don't know much else. Does it make sense to spend money on a desktop computer with 2 processors, or is it more appropriate to buy 1 powerful mode

  • Dual CPU Socket Motherboard for AMD Phenom II X4 July 24

    I have my eyes on the AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz at NewEgg. I want to build me an 8 core machine. Is there any motherboards out there that will take 2 of these AMD beasts? The best thing I can find so far is this, which has only

  • Intel RAID controlers and CPU processor

    Intel RAID controlers and CPU processor May 22

    Looking at the configuration guide for the Intel Server Chassis / Intel Server Board dating "Junly 2012"(sic!), in the section of "Production RAID Controllers" it mentions "Supported in Single processor configuration only" or

  • What temperature should an Intel Core-i5 750 CPU have, while in idle, and in full load?August 29

    I've heard that the stock cooler the Intel Core-i5 750 comes with is not very efficient. What temperatures are normal under regular operating conditions and under full load for this type of CPU? --------------Solutions------------- I have the i5 and

  • Can the i7 980 be run in dual cpu motherboard?January 30

    I seem to have read somewhere that the i7 980 chip could be run on dual-socket motherboards, but I can't seem to find it. Can it ? My 980 needs a brother ;) --------------Solutions------------- The thread I7 980 microprocessor from Tom's Hardware say

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