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  • Is it possible to convert a Linux box to LVM after the fact?May 4

    My Linux server uses LVM because I replace the machine a year ago and installed from scratch. LVM has been a life saver and I love its flexibility. My Linux laptop, however, was last fully installed three years ago, and thus uses straight partitions.

  • Fastest way to convert an ext4 formatted disk to LVM with ext4 on it?October 26

    I'm currently doing cp -aR to copy data from my (99% full) 1TB ext4 formatted disk to a new LVM-with-ext4-on-it disk. It's taking forever. Is there any way to attempt to "convert" the disk in place? I'm on EC2 so backing up takes minutes. Or alt

  • Options for treating multiple partitions as oneApril 1

    I have an HDD partitioned with one partition used for media files, mounted somewhere on my system (which is a Debian Wheezy box). I would like to expand the space available for files in my mount directory - using an additional HDD, but without using

  • Using LVM to extend 2TB diskd on a linux VM?May 1

    Currently have mounted on one of my web servers a linux box on VMware with two external drives in. These are both 2TB drives which is the limit to what you can add into VMware. I want to use lvm to extend sdc1 to get this to 5TB. Filesystem Size Used

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