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  • How to create a Markov chain with an empty node

    How to create a Markov chain with an empty nodeJanuary 7

    I would create using tikz package this Markov chain but I encountered many problems. Who can post the right code to create the follow Markov chain? --------------Solutions------------- The positioning library Code \documentclass[tikz]{standalone} \us

  • using a Markov Chain, because this question itself as input text for exampleJuly 6

    Create a Markov Chain generator, which generates (and outputs) an Order 4 text chain. It must be able to support all plain text formatting used on this question, so be sure to check for punctuation (parentheses count for example, but HTML doesn't nee

  • Are there some good papers (or discussions) on using Markov chains or Hidden Markov Models for password auditing/cracking?August 15

    As a programmer and language enthusiast I've been very interested in Markov chains for some time. Considering the influence of natural language on password and passphrase selection (by humans of course) I would like to know the state of the art in ap

  • Markov Chain Beatbox Generator

    Markov Chain Beatbox GeneratorSeptember 25

    Just an idea I had the other day: Making beats following a Markov Chain of predefined sounds. I remember someone did a beatbox with Google Translate and the German language (follow the link and press listen). So, the challenge is to build a text inpu

  • Small Markov chain Monte Carlo implementationApril 13

    I've written a small markov chain monte carlo function that takes samples from a posterior distribution, based on a prior and a binomial (Bin(N, Z)) distribution. I'd be happy to have it reviewed, especially perhaps, regarding how to properly pass fu

  • How do I tune the probabilities in a Markov chain based load test to produce specific hit rates?April 25

    I am writing a load test for a web application. I have a few month's worth of access logs that tell me relative hit rates of various URLs. However, the access logs do not contain enough information to tell me where a user is likely to click next. In

  • Drawing a Markov chain using Tikz

    Drawing a Markov chain using TikzJune 9

    I want to draw the following Markov chain using tikz, but I have a few problems that I do not know how to handle: I want the transition grid to look exactly like the picture. All outgoing edges are parallel and so are all the incoming edges. At each

  • Implementation of a Markov ChainMarch 23

    I read about how markov-chains were handy at creating text-generators and wanted to give it a try in python. I'm not sure if this is the proper way to make a markov-chain. I've left comments in the code. Any feedback would be appreciated. import rand

  • How can I draw the transition diagram of a Markov chain?

    How can I draw the transition diagram of a Markov chain?March 26

    I apologize for my heaviness as I am a Mathematica novice. Is there a kind soul who can tell me how to draw diagrams like those shown on page 158, 160 and 161 of this document.Chaine de Markov I oversee several plotting examples unsuccessfully. -----

  • Optimizing variable order Markov Chain ImplementationDecember 26

    I've created a variable order Markov chain built on top of a tree, but I can't train on datasets >1MB worth of text without running out of memory. I'm sure the tree can be replaced by something else more efficient, but I'm struggling with figuring th

  • Nicely illustrating the evolution and end-state of a discrete-time Markov chain

    Nicely illustrating the evolution and end-state of a discrete-time Markov chainJanuary 2

    I'm simulating a discrete time Markov process on a finite state space corresponding to a linear interval $(x_1, x_2, ..., x_N) \in X$, where each time step $t_i$ involves updating the state of some number of agents labeled "Red" and "Blue&q

  • What are problems & biases stemming from mathematics behind using Monte Carlo Markov Chain to make heatmap?January 18

    My buddy and I are using Monte Carlo Markov Chains to make a heat map - in the interest of rigour, and out of curiosity: "What are the problems & biases that stem from the mathematics behind using Monte Carlo Markov Chain to make a heatmap, and w

  • How to obtain the number of Markov Chain transitions in a simulation?

    How to obtain the number of Markov Chain transitions in a simulation?January 30

    I would like to obtain the number of transitions from each state in a Markov Chain simulation to other states, including back to itself so I can compare the simulation results to the transition matrix. I'm fairly new to Markov Analysis so please be g

  • Multiple Simulations of a Markov ChainApril 2

    I am trying to create a simple series of Bernoulli bits whose probabilities follow a two-state Markov chain. ProbInitial = 1 (*Initial State of Markov Chain*) (*Define Two-state Markov Transition Matrix*) p11 = 0.4;(*Probability of a Success given a

  • LFSR and Markov chain question June 18

    This may seem an elementary question about LFSRs, and their link to Markov chains. LFSRs show Markov chain behaviour in that there can be a transition matrix defined over the LFSR, this follows from the very definition of the LFSR. Is there any forma

  • Drawing Graph of Markov Chain with "Patches" using Tikz

    Drawing Graph of Markov Chain with "Patches" using TikzJuly 29

    First time using Tikz. Haven't found any documentation on drawing graphs like these, so I have been reading other examples and trying to modify their code to fit my example. I am trying to reproduce something like this Markov Chain (please excuse my

  • Markov Chain generatorDecember 3

    I'm not sure if a Markov Chain generator is the proper term for this, really all it does is create the chain, it doesn't generate any text from it. The code is below, and I'd appreciate any feedback: bad practices, code smells, poor naming, anything

  • Am I simulating correctly my hidden markov chain?December 26

    I want to simulate a hidden markov model, in which $y_t|y_{t-1},x_t=i \sim N(\theta_0y_{t-1}+\theta_i,\sigma^2)$, where $y_t$ is the observations or data, and $x_t$ is the state variable of the hidden markov chain. Here is my code: markovchain[s0_, P

  • Time inhomogeneous Markov Chain in MathematicaFebruary 11

    I would like to create a discrete 2-state Markov process, where the switching probabilities in the transition matrix vary with time. I can currently do the following, which creates a process with fixed Transition matrix, and then simulates, and plots

  • Fit a custom process to a data: inhomogeneous 2-state Markov chainFebruary 12

    I would like to fit a custom process - a time inhomogeneous 2-state Markov chain, to data. The time inhomogeneity is a result of the transition probabilities varying sinusoidally through time with a periodicity of 1 year. The complete model is shown

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