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  • Programmatically Turn On Gps in Android Lollipop January 18

    I know that the question about turning on/off GPS programatically on android has been discussed many times, and the answer is always the same: "You can't for security/privacy reasons, you have to forward to location preferences screen and let the use

  • Disable Data connection automaticallyMay 8

    I own an Optimus One. I want the Data Connection to go off, everytime I lock the keypad. For that, now, I manually go to Setting--> Wireless & networks--> Mobile Networks--> Data Enable. Is there any way to automatically disable the data when

  • How to remotely disable MobiUCare from sending "SIM card change" SMSes?

    How to remotely disable MobiUCare from sending "SIM card change" SMSes?July 25

    My mother just changed her SIM card. I forgot to disable MobiUCare and I'm about a thousand of kilometers away from the phone. I keep receiving an SMS: SIM card changed. Plz check phone if lost or stolen" with SIM ID and Gmail ID. I found that MobiUC

  • SSH Connection: ssh_exchange_identifcationDecember 20

    I have been connecting to a remote server through my Mac for about a month now. As of recent though, I tried to connect using ssh [email protected]_IP and got this message. ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer I also got some diagnostic

  • Activate and disable GPS through adb shell on Marshmallow (Android 6.0)December 13

    It used to be possible to disable location using adb shell prior to Android 6.0 using this line: adb shell settings put secure location_providers_allowed ' ' And enabling high accuracy mode using this line: adb shell settings put secure location_prov

  • How to toggle closeViewZoomFollowsFocus in com.apple.universalaccess via shell script with instant activation?February 26

    I created a Service with Automator on a Mac running "Lion 10.7.3". The Service toggles via a shell script the visibility of hidden files in the Finder and works like a charm. Here's the script: STATUS=`defaults read com.apple.finder AppleShowAll

  • Shell Script to Toggle Between Two CommandsJune 6

    I need help creating a shell script to toggle between two commands. When it is run command1 is executed then if it is run again it executes command2 and so on... --------------Solutions------------- One good way of accomplishing this is for the scrip

  • How to toggle wi-fi, gps etc quickly in HTC Sense?

    How to toggle wi-fi, gps etc quickly in HTC Sense? September 2

    Possible Duplicate: Can anyone recognize this app (toggles WiFi, GPS, Sync, BT, etc.) in the notification bar? I am used to from cyanogen mod to be able to toggle on/off wi-fi, gps, data, plane mode etc Also I was able to configure what is going to b

  • Android GPS toggle on/off programmaticallyJanuary 23

    How can I toggle the GPS Satellite on and off (the icon), I am not looking for this one // automatic turn off the gps public void turnGPSOff() { String provider = Settings.Secure.getString(ctx.getContentResolver(), Settings.Secure.LOCATION_PROVIDERS_

  • gps cooridnates is not working in marshmallowFebruary 12

    I have implemented the code to get the latitude and longitude it works fine for below version 23, but not working for android Marshmallow. I have set the run time permissions also but still not working, below is my code where i am calling method priv

  • how to on or off gps using toggle button AndroidFebruary 17

    How to on or off gps using toggle button Android I want to on or off GPS according to GPS status using Toggle Button. Thank You --------------Solutions------------- It is not possible to turn the GPS on / off programmatically. Programmatic access is

  • Can anyone recognize this app (toggles WiFi, GPS, Sync, BT, etc.) in the notification bar?

    Can anyone recognize this app (toggles WiFi, GPS, Sync, BT, etc.) in the notification bar?March 18

    I found this screenshot in one of the market apps (Galaxy Nexus Flashlight), in the red rectangle there is an app do you know this app? it seem very interesting. --------------Solutions------------- Thanks a lot everyone, I found it, it's a custom RO

  • Toggle permission to use shell escape in document itselfApril 9

    Permitting LaTeX to execute shell code (aka -enable-write-18) is dangerous. But I sometimes need it due to dot2texi. So in my IDE (which in my case is WinEdt) I manually switch it on when I work with dot2texi, and switch it off when when I do not lon

  • Toggle/macro/xargs-like thing for shell variablesMay 17

    So I'm stuck doing a lot of cross-compiling and am typing stuff like this a lot FOO=bar command --some-args BAZ=qxt other-command --other-args But obviously the real shell variables are long and cumbrous to type. Bash is not a dynamic language, so ba

  • One tap GPS toggle on Nexus 4

    One tap GPS toggle on Nexus 4September 14

    Is there a way in Android 4.4 to activate (on/off) the GPS in only one tap on Nexus 4? Now I use a shortcut to arrive at the GPS menu (first tap/first picture) then click on/off (second tap/second picture) then accept Google position option (third ta

  • How to toggle between vim buffer and command shell screen in vim?March 24

    I find it annoying to constantly press Ctrl-Z and then fg to go between these screens (where command terminal is the command line that you used to invoke vim from). It also generates unwanted fg lines on my console. I'm pretty sure this can be done a

  • Is it possible to enable Location Services via Shell?

    Is it possible to enable Location Services via Shell?February 22

    Is it possible to enable Location Services(GPS or Google NetworkLocation) via ADB or Terminal Emulator? I'm on a rooted Phone. Extra Points: Is it also possible to change other system-related settings? --------------Solutions------------- Is it possi

  • How to show the current Vi mode when using Vi keybindings in the shell?August 5

    I use the vi keybindings in my tcsh shell. Now, I don't know which vi mode I'm in (insert mode or command mode), which leads to a lot of frustration. Does anyone know of a way to show the current vi mode in the shell? (by including in the prompt or s

  • Windows Shell Extension for Pictures Showing Geodata October 16

    Does anyone know if a program exists that installs a shell extension for Windows that will display geodata from a photo? I have a lot of photos taken with my iPhone that have GPS coordinates in the files (Flickr knows how to extract it). But I want t

  • Setting default working directory/drive in Emacs shell on WindowsApril 13

    how can I change a default working directory/drive for shell in Emacs (on Windows)? Normally, shell starts in the same directory as the file in current buffer. However, when my current file is on D: drive, it starts in c:. Manually changing drive to

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