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mathtools.sty not found

  • Missing mathtools.stySeptember 11

    I'm really new to LaTeX and am having a problem with mathtools.sty. I am using MikTeX and Texmaker. When I try to create the pdf (compile?) it gives me the error: ! LaTeX Error: File `mathtools.sty' not found.Type X to quit or to proceed,or enter new

  • Windows Miktex can't find mathtools.sty September 16

    This question already has an answer here: problems installing mathtools 5 answers When I try to compile my paper I get the following error: ! LaTeX Error: Filemathtools.sty' not found.` Other packages are successfully found and automatically installe

  • Mathtools.sty not found 'latex error' October 14

    This question already has an answer here: How to install mathtools package? 2 answers I am using MiKTeX 2.9 and TeXnicCenter to compose and execute my LaTeX file(s) on Windows 8. When compiling, my code has this error: Mathtools.sty not found What sh

  • Mathtools.sty not found error in TeXstudioFebruary 18

    I am using TeXstudio in Ubuntu 12.04. I have downloaded the mathtools.zip package from CTAN website. I have been through a few posts on how to install it, but couldn't understand them specifically. Please provide an step-by-step solution on manually

  • Problem in installing mathtools.styJuly 7

    After performing above procedure Permission denied: C:\Users\Sheetal\AppData\Local\MiKTeX\2.9\miktex/data/le\df2c24cb21984fa85003c1ecc818ff83.fndb is the error

  • mathtools vs amsmathFebruary 8

    I read on http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Mathematics: The mathtools package fixes some amsmath quirks and adds some useful settings, symbols, and environments to amsmath. It sounds like "mathtools has everything that amsmath has and more", i

  • mathtools part of TeX Live 2012 but not accessible? October 12

    I'm having problems being able to use the mathtools package. It seems to be installed on my system after I installed the complete TeX Live 2012 system. If I run the GUI on my Ubuntu installation thus: tlmgr -gui I can see that the mathtools package i

  • How to install mathtools package?

    How to install mathtools package?July 3

    I'm new to Latex so forgive me if the questions are dumb... I was trying to right left-top corner superscript, someone recommended mathtools package on this forum: Left and right subscript. So I downloaded mathtools.zip from CTAN, unzip it, there's a

  • How should I install mathtools package using linux mint?

    How should I install mathtools package using linux mint?January 21

    I am trying to install the mathtools package using Linux Mint. My first attempt was via the Terminal: sudo apt-get install mathtools on which I got response Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree... 0% Building dependency tree Reading

  • In MikTeX, `mathtools` package not found even if it is installedAugust 15

    I have installed mathools package from MikTeX packahe manager (both normal and admin). However, MikTeX still tries to find it in the mh bundle and does not find it as a separate package. How do I tell MikTeX that this package is now not part of the m

  • Space between a|b in math mode?

    Space between a|b in math mode? July 28

    What's the difference between the different vertical bars? $S = \{\, x \mid x \not= 17 \,\}$ $a \vert b$ implies $a \leq b$ when $b \ne 0$ $a|b$ implies $a \leq b$ when $b \ne 0$ $\lvert x \rvert$ is always non-negative Are all of these uses correct?

  • Bullets not showing in beamer

    Bullets not showing in beamerOctober 23

    I copied a presentation in which everything worked fine, and now in this new presentation there are no bullets showing on slide! MWE: \documentclass[xcolor=dvipsnames,hyperref={breaklinks=true},mathserif,professionalfont,12pt]{beamer} \usecolortheme[

  • empheq conflict with ntheorem?

    empheq conflict with ntheorem?April 5

    I am trying to use the empheq package as indicated here. But I am seeing some problems with where the tags to the equations are placed, since my document also uses the ntheorem package. (Remark: the \usepackage... incantations in the MWE are the sugg

  • \middle uses spacing as if it were regular size even when it's \biggMay 2

    Following the lead of this answer and the interface of mathtools.sty's \DeclarePairedDelimiter macro, I've made a \setof<*|[<size>]|>#1#2 that uses setbuilder notation for a set. But I cannot for the life of me understand why the third setbuil

  • ! Argument of \@Aboxed has an extra }

    ! Argument of \@Aboxed has an extra }May 11

    I have a problem using \Aboxed in the following align*-environment: \begin{align*} \omega(\sigma_{ij}) &\equiv 1 - \left(\frac{27J_3}{2\sigma_e^3}\right)^2 \\ & = \omega(L) = 1 - \frac{\left( 9L - L^3\right)^2}{\left(L^2+3\right)^3}. \end{align*}

  • pdflatex quit compiling - removed offending code but still get error with .lofJune 9

    I added something like this to my tex document: \begin{figure}%[!htbp] \begin{center} \iftoggle{isPrintingBigPictures} { \includegraphics[width=1\textwidth]{images/simResults/hiLo/hiLoDynamic.png} } { \includegraphics[width=.25\textwidth]{images/plac

  • Custom class creating compilation problemsMarch 19

    I tried adding my preamble to a new class file called labs.cls, in the same directory as my lab1.tex file. I then changed the preamble of my tex file to \documentclass{labs}. When I try to compile the tex file, I get this error: This is pdfTeX, Versi

  • thmtools: "Your backend doesn't allow styling theorems" warningApril 5

    I'm writing a package. Here is a part of it which should be enough for people to try reproducing my problem: %[-] \ProvidesPackage{mworks} %[-] \RequirePackage{amsmath,amssymb,amsfonts,nicefrac} \RequirePackage{multirow} \RequirePackage{xparse} \Requ

  • New warning on ConsoleApril 20

    I've just started getting the following warning (or rather, two warnings) on my console: ** WARNING ** Too thin line: width=655 (0.00995717 bp) ** WARNING ** Please consider using "-d" option. What do they mean? More precisely, typesetting: %!TE

  • Is there an EASY step by step guide to installing packages?September 11

    Im trying to install a package, the one called "mathtools". I am using MikTeX and Texmaker, and the Package Manager does not work, so i need to do it manually. I have downloaded a folder from CTAN and that gave me a folder filled with some files

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