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  • linux - Burn bootable dvdMarch 5

    I try to burn a bootable dvd for linux mint mate 17.1. I tried 3 tools: Braseo (ubuntu/mint) windows disk image burner (win7) Nero (a tool for windows) Only the image burned by Nero succeed to boot linux mint mate from dvd. The other 2 solution can't

  • Can Linux-burned Installers boot on iMacs?April 3

    I know a version of this question has been answered concerning Windows, but I'm looking to burn a Linux installer.iso within Ubuntu on a PC, then boot the installer on my 2006 Intel iMac. The reason for the roundabout install is that the combination

  • Compiler & Burner for 8051 Micro-Controller lab?

    Compiler & Burner for 8051 Micro-Controller lab?August 17

    Till now In Windows, I've used Keil-C Software to Compile 8051 Micro-Controller Programs in C and Flash Magic Burner to burn/dump the software on hardware. But now I'm having Ubuntu OS. Hence I need an alternate software to compile and dump the progr

  • Linux live-CD Distribution with partition resizingMarch 25

    I would like to install Linux besides my Windows 98 partition on an old laptop, but unfortunately the laptop is formatted with only one large partition. win98 doesen't offer to resize the partition with the system on it, so the easiest way would be t

  • Do we need isolate the MCU from the relay driving transistorNovember 4

    This question came to me when I saw this question driving a relay with transistor and Opto-isolator. As Olin Lathrop had pointed out in his answer, relays already provide isolation between the coil side and the switches. Then any reasons to isolate t

  • How do I reinstall Windows 7 through my backup?

    How do I reinstall Windows 7 through my backup?October 2

    A few years ago I got Windows 7 off the official site through a special student discount. My HDD failed the other day and now I need to reinstall it. This is what my backup looks like: These are the files I have: - expandedSetup - DLMWin7HP64UK.exe -

  • Is there a tool to check the entire computer for errors?

    Is there a tool to check the entire computer for errors?August 15

    Is there anything available in the world of Ubuntu to have the entire laptop/PC checked for errors? I am wondering if there is an application that comes on the live CD or can be installed to run and find even the slightest error that causes problems

  • IR proximity sensor for automatic sprayingMay 9

    I am a beginner in field of circuits, so excuse me for my amateur questions. Let me explain my task: I have to build a low cost proximity sensor for a sense and spray device. I have read various posts on IR proximity sensors in this site. But I am st

  • How to interface two wire & three wire SPI device?

    How to interface two wire & three wire SPI device?December 13

    ADC AD9266 Here is the datasheet of ADC AD9266. page no 25 of it is SPI I'm working on a Project where I have to interface my ADC with MCU 8051. The Problem I encountered with is my ADC supports two wire SPI mode ( SCLK , SDIO pins ) while my MCU has

  • Teensy 3.1 PWM, TIP31C, and LED stripsSeptember 7

    So I have been having some trouble with my Teensy and I think I have an idea of what it is but I need some help understanding it . So I have four 12v RGB led strips. Each color pulls close to an amp so I used 12 TIP31C NPN transistors I had. This wor

  • Virtual burner like Phantom Drive for Linux OS?August 29

    On Windows, I used Phantom Drive or Virtual CD to emulate a burner. I was able to "burn CDs" into an ISO file without wasting a CD-R. I would like to do this in Ubuntu as well. Does anyone know a suitable tool or any way to do this? ------------

  • Burn AVI file to DVD on LinuxSeptember 23

    What is the most streamlined process in Linux for getting a high quality .AVI file burned to DVD disk for playback on normal DVD players? --------------Solutions------------- Convert Xvid or Avi to DVD Format in Ubuntu, also the Ubuntuforums thread C

  • How can I install Linux on a single partion XP machine without a CD burner?September 30

    I have an old laptop that I would like to convert to a media center (media player, netflix online, youtube, etc.). It's got something like 1.3 GHz, and 1GB ram and currently has XP so its really just not powerful enough. For this reason - and also be

  • How to burn a linux distribution into CD?November 2

    Can someone list the steps? --------------Solutions------------- Burning a linux distribution is the same as burning any image-cd. You will find recommendations of programs for this task, at this question: http://superuser.com/questions/308/which-iso

  • Linux : How to convert media files to DVD format and burn?January 26

    I have a load of media files on my PC, mostly AVI/MKV and some mpegs. On Windows, I would use ConvertXToDVD to convert these to DVD format, and to burn to disc. That application also lets you save a bit of space on the DVD to put the original file in

  • Live Linux CD for burn-in with Bonnie++?March 31

    Is there a live linux distro that I can use for burn-in? I'd like something that has Bonnie++ on it. I've found other live CDs that have utilities, but nothing with bonnie++ on it. --------------Solutions------------- StressLinux StressLinux is a min

  • 8051 MCU debug board functionMay 10

    In school I have written many programs for an 8051 compatible CPU. But I never actually knew how our "debug" sets worked. I mean, we test our programs in special sets, which actually allow you to very simply load program to CPU via PC serial por

  • How to burn an .img file under Linux?September 30

    I have an .img file, where file reports this: Files-11 On-Disk Structure Level 2 (ODS-2 OpenVMS file system) How do I burn that onto CD? The image is 621MB in size, so it should fit on a CD just fine. And I'd like to burn that under Linux. ----------

  • Run a script in Linux straight from CD drive (CD was burned in Windows)January 21

    I have a self-extracting Bash installation script. I'd like to burn this to CD on my Windows box, drop that in a Linux box, and run the script straight off the CD drive. Is there a way to add "+x" Permission on the Windows box when creating the

  • Installing Linux to external hard drive without burning a CD

    Installing Linux to external hard drive without burning a CDJune 11

    Question I'm at a loss for where my USB sticks/CDs are. I want to install Linux on an external hard drive connected via USB without burning a CD/finding a flash drive. This seems like it would be relatively simple but I can't seem to make it work. I'

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