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  • Default Midnight Commander key binding for "change-directory"July 27

    What is the default key binding in Midnight Commander to open a dialog box asking for the target directory ? --------------Solutions------------- It's been a while since I've used it, but try Alt + C.

  • Midnight Commander: how to enable find-as-you-type behaviorMarch 10

    Ok, I just need Total Commander 'quick search' feature. --------------Solutions------------- Go to Options > Layout and disable Command prompt. You'll get the desired behavior. I believe alt+s will show the "quick search" in Midnight Commande

  • Midnight Commander Woes: Output while panels are active, and tab completionApril 8

    I'm trying out midnight commander (loved Norton back in the day!) and I'm finding two things hard to work out. I'm curious if there's ways around this or not however. 1) If the panels are active and I issue a command that has a lot of output, it appe

  • How do I change the view in Midnight Commander?August 30

    I have been using Midnight Commander for a while and I have always been able to view the contents of a directory in each panel. I made some change that now the left panel shows the contents of the file highlighted in the right panel. How do I change

  • Can I set up Nautilus to use a Midnight Commander-like hot keys scheme for 2-panel mode?

    Can I set up Nautilus to use a Midnight Commander-like hot keys scheme for 2-panel mode?October 2

    I have been using "commanders" with DOS and Windows for more than 15 years. Needless to say it'd significantly improve my comfort if I could be able to create directories by pressing F7, deleting by F8, copying (to an opposite panel) by F5 and m

  • How to switch the editor in mc (midnight commander) from nano to mcedit?

    How to switch the editor in mc (midnight commander) from nano to mcedit?December 9

    Using ubuntu 10.10 the editor in mc (midnight commander) is nano. How can i switch to the internal mc editor (mcedit)? --------------Solutions------------- Press the following keys in order, one at a time: F9 Activates the top menu. o Selects the Opt

  • sudo midnight commanderDecember 30

    I sometimes start midnight commander as superuser with the command sudo mc to do some operations on the current working directory as superuser. But this results in ~/.mc having the wrong permissions, which I need to fix manually. Any solution? Edit:

  • Midnight Commander: configure coloring of file namesJanuary 9

    Is it possible to configure the Midnight Commander (Ubuntu 10.10) to show certain file and directory names differently, e.g. all hidden (starting with a period) using gray color? --------------Solutions------------- Under Options>Layout select Highli

  • How to open the same directory in another panel in Midnight Commander?January 15

    In Midnight Commander, how to quickly set the right panel to the same directory as the left panel (and vice versa)? --------------Solutions------------- Newer versions of Midnight Commander use Alt-o (also ESC followed by o) to do this. Older version

  • Compiling midnight commanderFebruary 22

    I need help with compiling midnight commander so that I can make some changes (for educational purposes). Or even creating the make files. After downloading latest version from git. I try to perform ./autogen.sh . Result is: maint/autopoint: 418: can

  • Midnight Commander search exclude?April 7

    In Midnight Commander, is it possible to exclude some directories/patterns/... when doing search? (M-?) I'm specifically interested in skipping the .hg subdirectory. --------------Solutions------------- In the "[Misc]" section of your ~/.mc/ini

  • Does mc (Midnight Commander) have favourites for directories?June 6

    If I am in remote directory on different server via ssh I want to do to directory like /var/lib/edumate/backup without typing the whole path. Is there any way to do that in mc? --------------Solutions------------- In MC favourites or bookmarks are st

  • Start Midnight Commander on iTerm2 launchJuly 13

    What is the best method to make sure Midnight Commander is launched whenever iTerm2 window/tab is open? --------------Solutions------------- Profiles -> Open Profiles -> Edit Profiles -> General Tab -> Send text as start: mc

  • gnome-terminal and midnight-commander in different Unity Launcher's groupsNovember 22

    I have a gnome-terminal icon and midnight-commander icon in launcher. When I press mc icon and then press gnome-terminal icon both applications add to the group of applications of mc icon. How can I make them to appear in different icons? -----------

  • Prevent Midnight Commander opening files on mouse click?November 25

    I use to accidentally doubleclick an archive on a remote FS (in a FISH panel) and then it starts being downloaded to be opened - very annoying. Can I prevent MC opening files with the mouse to avoid this? It would also be nice to totally forbid openi

  • SSH / TLS support for midnight commander?November 29

    Does anyone know if Midnight Commander could support FTP over TLS / SSH? One of our clients use Midnight Commander and we since we recently switch to explicit FTP over TLS (for security reasons) she can't connect to the server anymore. Does anyone kn

  • How to connect through sftp to a non-standard port on Midnight Commander?January 19

    In Midnight Commander one can make an SFTP connection to a remote machine using: cd #sh:[email protected]:/home/username/ How can this be done when the remote machine is using a non-standard port? --------------Solutions------------- I realise

  • Is it possible (and how) make user customization for syntax highlighting in build-in Midnight Commander editor/viewer?February 7

    Recently I discover a power of MC to view/edit certain types of file. For example this: shell/.class View=%view{ascii} tmp=%p; javap -c ${tmp%%.class} from ~/.mc/bindings take me brief look for Java class methods/fields by pressing F3. But it is hard

  • How to resume file upload to FTP in Midnight Commander?March 21

    Trying to upload very big file and after some hours connection is lost. When I try to upload one more time, there is only Append option in Midnight Commander, which is not the same as Resume... --------------Solutions------------- You could use curl

  • Midnight Commander installed via Ports to support scpApril 22

    I have installed Midnight Commander via Ports, but I am unable to connect to a remote computer to copy files as: cd #sh:[email protected] I keep getting: "Cannot CHDIR to #sh:[email protected]". How can I get my MC to be able to do that?

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