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  • What is wrong with assigning values to a WP_List_Table class?October 4

    I was trying to fix a use of the Wordpress list with 4.3 update, when I noticed some odd behavior when subclassing the list class. As a minimal example: class Another_List_Table extends WP_List_Table { function __construct($handle) { $args = array( '

  • A Minimal HTML DocumentSeptember 23

    I am often surprised by just how many professionally-designed sites are delivered in the form of incomplete HTML documents. To be fair, however, the amount of code required for even an empty HTML document has grown significantly over the years. One u

  • Is it bad to defrag a minimally fragmented drive?April 30

    Someone told me that it is not always a good idea to defragment a minimally fragmented drive (<2%); and that it could cause performance issues. Are they right, and why/why not? --------------Solutions------------- No, if you want to spend the time do

  • How do I add outbound only mail service for local tools to a 'minimal' debian system?May 7

    I have several servers running applications on debian. Each has the packages it requires for the application, and no more. Currently, none have mail sending capability. However, I would like the output of tools like cron to be mailed to me. The serve

  • Altering a column length on a large Innodb table with minimal downtimeMay 10

    I need to change the the length of a column in a MySQL innodb table with 164M rows. Here's the script I want to run: ALTER TABLE SESSION_DECISION CHANGE COLUMN NAME NAME VARCHAR(255); When I tried running the alter query, the database churned for an

  • Why does my minimized Terminal Services Remote App Disappear?May 22

    Have you ever minimized a remote app shared by a Windows 2008 server and had it disappear after about 10 seconds? If so, how did you over come that particular inconvenience? The application is an in-house app, I'm asking here and not on StackOverflow

  • How to migrate a web site from one server to another with minimal downtime?June 1

    I have a server hosting a web site and other services that needs to be reinstalled. I would like to relocate these services to another server temporarily, with as little downtime as possible. Both servers are in the same data center, and can be on th

  • Red Hat server minimal installJune 20

    In a farm of virtualized Red Hat servers, there's the need to install a minimal system for security reasons. Minimal installs have several advantages (even no security related): Less exposure to vulnerabilities (if you don't need it, don't install it

  • Minimizing emerge impact on a low-mem/high load system?June 30

    Any best practices on minimizing system performance impact during emerging? --------------Solutions------------- You could always use a different system to do the hard work using distcc: http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/distcc.xml you can set the variabl

  • Cheap, minimal, robust web application hosting for at least three nines (99.9%) uptime?July 1

    How can one achieve the cheapest yet very reliable web application configuration? Let's assume at least 2 application servers for $80/mo plus a DB server will support most people's applications for a while - and we just want to achieve good reliabili

  • A minimal Linux distribution for my ASUS EEE PCJuly 4

    I recently bought myself a ASUS EEE 1000HE and I intend to use it for note-taking and light browsing at the University. The machine has a 10" screen so the interface needs to be very compact. I've already tried: EEEbuntu: Very nice driver support and

  • What are the best minimal windows XP themes you know? July 15

    I'm thinking about changing my plain-old xp theme (classic) into something new, but still minimalistic. Which ones do you recommend? --------------Solutions------------- Lite Step themes offer a lot of customization. You could probably find a lot of

  • Minimizing webpage load time (assuming low traffic)July 30

    Want to make pages load in a blink. My front page takes 1.1 s to load with ping 74 ms. A similar (ping 72 ms) English wikipedia page (actually 40% larger document on a heavily used host) loads in 0.4 s. My site runs Mediawiki software under APC on a

  • Is there a shortcut for restoring "hidden when minimized" MS Outlook

    Is there a shortcut for restoring "hidden when minimized" MS OutlookAugust 6

    My Outlook is set to "Hide When Minimized" (see this). Is there a keyboard shortcut key to "unhide" it instead of going to that icon and right clicking it and selecting "Open Outlook"? Or at least, is there a fast way to do t

  • Cycling through minimized windowsAugust 20

    In Mac OS X, how can cycle through minimized windows and/or maximize them using a shortcut? I noticed that I cannot cycle through minimized windows with ⌘-``. --------------Solutions------------- In addition to the built-in ways of cycling through wi

  • Converting a non-raid linux box to Raid, with minimal downtimeSeptember 7

    I want to convert a non-raid linux system to RAID1, using two new disks. I would like to do this with minimal downtime. Rather than adding the disks and shutting down to single user mode to copy data over is there any way to do this conversion while

  • Minimizing Window in shortcut -VistaSeptember 11

    Is there a way to assign a shortcut for Minimizing a window the Alt-Space-n sequence in just one keyboardshortcut? --------------Solutions------------- This script for AutoHotkey defines CTRL+M to minimize the current window: ^m::WinMinimize,A You ca

  • How to get an autostart application to start minimized upon login?September 18

    I'm running Ubuntu with Gnome but in order to install KMouseTool I had to install KDE also. Whenever I start up Ubuntu, KMousetool, which I've set as an autostart application, starts up in a fully maximized window. If I run it in KDE there seems to b

  • Which is better for performance a minimal virtual machine or full install?September 22

    I just started experimenting with ubuntu server. I have a minimal virtual machine ubuntu server 9.04 64bit running on my macbook. It's great for testing. In actual practice, would a full install virtual machine be better performing? Or would the mini

  • What is the difference between bulk_logged and simple recovery model? Which one is minimally logged?September 26

    What is the difference between bulk_logged and simple recovery model? Which one is minimally logged and what is always a better choice for bulk operations? suppose i am using select into statement to copy more than millions of rows, which one is opti

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