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  • Why to choose low latency kernel over generic or realtime ones?April 28

    After installing Ubuntu Studio 12.04, I found that it uses a low latency kernel. I searched why and how to change back to realtime or generic ones. But, looks like this part of Linux hasn't been covered so much. Q: Why to choose low latency kernel ov

  • What kernel does Windows use? June 24

    XNU for OSX, Linux for Linux Distros. What is the name of the kernel that Windows use? (Don't tell me it uses "Windows Kernel") --------------Solutions------------- The kernel file itself is ntoskrnl.exe

  • How to bypass firewall protection to hack windows server 2003? August 2

    I am trying to hack windows server 2003 sp2, i can see a lot of services running on target, there is also a lot of backdoors listing on ports like netbus, remote-everything .... But Firewall (as i guess) is refusing any tcp connection, except on some

  • Kernel copy windows and edit in linux October 19

    I have an interesting question. If I copy the kernel of windows and tries to run in linux will it be possible to edit and create my own new one which is competiting to windows.? --------------Solutions------------- No, this is completely not possible

  • Low level Android kernel hackingDecember 16

    Where can I find information regarding low level kernel hacking on Android? For example, I'd like to know how the device boots and follow the execution path from that point. Where exactly is the code that runs after I press the power button? --------

  • Looking for a Distro for a beginner in kernel hacking February 2

    I'm currently trying to learn the basics of the linux kernel via Linux Kernel in a Nutshell and Linux Kernel Development books, the problem is that when using Ubuntu, there are a lot redundant (education-wise) configurations being built into the kern

  • Minimize on click / dodge windows in Unity under 12.10

    Minimize on click / dodge windows in Unity under 12.10 March 1

    I don't like the auto hide launcher for it is too annoying for me. The launcher stays hidden and to reveal it, the mouse pointer has to be moved to the default hot spot. I'd instead like to have the hide to dodge windows previously available in Ubunt

  • High-latency VM-centric workstation, vs. low-latency, (but, hack-ish) configuration for Oracle 11gJanuary 3

    tl;dr Low-latency native (i.e. VM-less) development workstation vs. higher latency VM-centric workstation? Hey StackExchange, I'm unsure of whether or not I should be using a VM for development, as opposed to running a native configuration on a distr

  • Audio Latency on Virtualbox Windows Guest on Linux HostSeptember 2

    I am trying to run Cubase (music production system) inside a Virtualbox Windows Guest machine on a Linux Host. I have also installed the ASIO4All driver on the Windows Guest to reduce the latency. However, when playing my MIDI keyboard, I am having v

  • Where would I be able to hire someone for linux kernel hacking contract work? July 14

    The linux kernel credits are in many cases years old, and even when you find someone who seems like a logical fit (don't pester the guy who did virtual memory stuff if you want a serial driver) the contact information is no longer valid. [edit] This

  • Visual C++ 2010 is extremely slow/unusable. Can't type and have to minimize to refresh the window/view codeSeptember 17

    I downloaded Visual C++ 2010 express and am shocked at how completely slow/unusable it is. I have a pretty beefy computer (4 gigs ram, 3.2ghz dual core, Radeon hd4890) and I literally cannot even type when I have opened up a solution. To even see the

  • Ways to minimize the size of Windows 7 OS PartitionDecember 18

    I'm reinstalling Windows 7 on a new 60 GB SSD and want to keep the OS footprint as small as possible. I'd like to minimize things like winsxs and driverstore, and I want to move user folders to another drive if it makes sense. What do you recommend?

  • Kernel Hacking EnvironmentMarch 16

    I have been working in embedded OS like uCOS, ThreadX. While I have coded apps in Linux, now I'm planning to start learning Linux Kernel. I have few questions regarding the environment. Which is best distro, which has easy to use tools for kernel dev

  • Kernel hacking methodology - how to find out where to hack the linux kernelSeptember 7

    I have a throw-away cheap laptop I'd like to twiddle around, a Thinkpad SL 500. What bothers me are two leds, the one for wireless connectivity, and the one for hibernation, which don't light up at all, although they're functional, I've tried it on w

  • Minimize a program's windows after running it via .bat/.cmdMarch 1

    I'm trying to find a way to auto-minimize a program just after running it from a .bat file. I'm launching a SSH session via putty, and I'd like putty to auto-minimize. I use it just for the SSH tunnel. Here is my script : @echo off start "" &quo

  • Suspected of hacking Windows 7 SP1

    Suspected of hacking Windows 7 SP1 August 11

    This question already has an answer here: How do I deal with a compromised server? 4 answers Hi.I have Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 on my PC. I have an Ubuntu OS near Windows OS. My internet connection has a proxy server from Iran that monitors our networ

  • When i enable Compiz, i can't close, minimize, or move the windowsNovember 21

    I can with firefox, but i have to enable a firefox fix in compiz. But i'ts the only one. The others Compiz features are working, but if i Maximize a window, i can't minimize, move, or close it. --------------Solutions------------- You must switch on

  • Emerald missing close, maximize and minimize buttons when restoring window from maximized state

    Emerald missing close, maximize and minimize buttons when restoring window from maximized stateJanuary 14

    Emerald is working fine. But when I restore a window which was maximized; the close, maximize and minimize buttons are invisible. The buttons are there and working like if i move the cursor where the button suppose to be the drop down menu comes with

  • Windows: Minimize a non-responding windowJanuary 19

    I have a window that is doing some long calculation. I want to minimize it, so I could access my desktop, but it doesn't respond to events (one thread busy calculating). I would have expected this to be fixed in win8.1? In linux: Click minimize, the

  • Is there a Perl or Python script I can write which can minimize the Gnome terminal window?February 19

    I'm on Ubuntu 14.04 with the old-style GNOME setting from the GDM. (I don't like the new Unity interface.) Is there a way I can create a command that I can type in my terminal window to minimize it? It would be so awesome to simply type min and the t

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