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miui rom for samsung galaxy GT-I9060

  • Flashing Stock ROM for Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505December 5

    Device: Samsung Galaxy S4 (I9505) Android: CyanogenMod 10 I am having problems trying to flash stock ROM on Samsung Galaxy S4 (I9505). I have tried a couple of the stock ROMs from sammobile, but the ones I tried have all failed using Odin and come up

  • Anyone know of a custom GPS ROM for Samsung Galaxy 5? October 13

    Possible Duplicate: Where can I find stock or custom ROMs for my Android device? I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy 5 (model number GT-I5500) and I'm new to the android world. I'm not satisfied with the performance of the GPS on my cell phone so I th

  • Original ROM for Samsung Galaxy S i9000September 17

    I've put a custom ROM on my Samsung Galaxy S I9000 and now I want to go back to my original ROM. I was wondering if there was a way to get the original ROM, that came with my device, from an official site somewhere. I've searched this websites and ot

  • ICS ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y November 29

    Possible Duplicate: Where can I find stock or custom ROMs for my Android device? I am looking for a custom rom for my Samsung Galaxy Y S5360. I want to install Android 4.0 ICS, but most of the custom ROM's I find are actually ICS themed, meaning they

  • support of Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean CM10 ROM on Samsung Galaxy Ace s5830December 13

    Is possible to update with this jelly bean version? I have updated my phone with this jelly bean version and when i am rebooting it then it is showing only samsung start screen. I don't get further screen to show my phone start desktop! Please help m

  • Flashing 5300 ROM on Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300BJanuary 19

    A friend of mine asked me to root his Samsung Galaxy Pocket, but the model he has is 5300B. I found a root guide, and ROMs only for the regular 5300. Can I still install a ROM which was made for the 5300 on the 5300B version? Thank you.

  • Will I get OTA updates from Vodaphone Australia by flashing stock I9300XXEMC2 ROM on Samsung Galaxy S3?August 13

    I have an Australian Samsung Galaxy S3 from Vodafone (GT-i9300T). I want to flash a non-branded ROM to it using Odin. I found a ROM on samfirmware.com called I9300XXEMC2. Will I be able to get OTA updates if I install this? It is a stock ROM, but I'v

  • JellyBlast ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360LOctober 2

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360L, and I wanted to install a new ROM, JellyBlast. The only problem is the download link is broken. I searched all over google for the download, but all the links are broken. Where can I get the download? (Does it sti

  • What are the differences between PMP Ultra ROM and PMP Light ROM and PMP U-Ex ROM for Samsung Galaxy S Duos s7562?January 29

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S Duos GT-S7562. I would like to install a custom ROM. Either the PMP Ultra ROM, or PMP Light ROM, or the PMP U-Ex ROM. I have browsed and searched in the XDA forums, but cannot find any explanation of why the same developer r

  • Flashing ROM to Samsung Galaxy SIINovember 3

    I'm trying to flash ROM to my Samsung Galaxy SII GT-I9100 (AT&T). During the process I corrupted firmware so I can only 'start' the device either in download or recovery mode. Because of this I cannot upload to the device firmware to the SDCard and l

  • How to replace the stock rom of Samsung galaxy with that of GoogleFebruary 15

    I want to first, back-up the stock rom on my Samsung Galaxy and then replace the stock rom with the unmodified/raw rom of Android Marshmallow by Google. Is this possible and how? Model: Samsung Core Prime Android version: 5.0.2

  • Unable to flash official Indian JellyBean ROM on Samsung Galaxy Note GTN7000 SHV-E160lDecember 29

    I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note GTN7000. When connected it to Kies it shows as galaxy note SHV-E160l. I tried to flash Indian Samsung official JellyBean 4.1.2 update to it via ODIN. I have sufficient drivers (actually I went through a vide

  • Install Custom ROM in Samsung galaxy y CDMA SCH-i509 December 19

    There are several reasons to be looking for a ROM: Upgrading or downgrading your stock ROM Looking for firmware from a different region/language Flashing a custom ROM for different features, removing bloat, etc. But where can one find ROMs in the fir

  • No cell phone network after STOCK ROM install (SAMSUNG GALAXY S DUOS GT-S7562)November 17

    I rooted my phone,deleted some apps but then got stuck with Samsung logo that would not disappear after 1 hour. Decided to install stock ROM to get rid of the issue but now I'm unable to get any cell phone signal which renders my phone useless. I've

  • How to flash roms for samsung galaxy grand 2 single sim?November 13

    I have a samsung grand 2 single sim (G710) and I want to flash the G710S model or G7105 rom for it ... Is it Even possible and if yes...How? --------------Solutions------------- I'm afraid you can't flash your phone with a different ROM. In some rare

  • Capture stock rom from samsung galaxy s3November 15

    I'm about to flash CM10 to my friends S III. However, if it doesn't work properly, I want to be able to get back to stock rom, so how would I capture it, as I have only found Verizon and A&T roms, and we live in finland, where's nothing like this. --

  • Samsung Galaxy S I900 Bootloop in Recovery after flashing custom ROMSeptember 28

    My friend gave me his old rooted Galaxy S running android 4.0.x (or 4.1.x probably) asking me to restore its official ROM on it. Context Downloaded and installed Odin Downloaded Galaxy S stock ROM Downloaded and installed Samsung USB drivers Removed

  • Installing samsung galaxy s3 neo stock rom on ssamsung galaxy s3April 4

    can I install samsung galaxy s3 neo (GT-I9300I) ROM on Samsung galaxy s3 (GT-I9300).... If yes then please tell me how?

  • How to install the official Android 2.2 (froyo) on Samsung Galaxy S without Windows/Kies October 17

    Possible Duplicate: How do I upgrade Firmware on my Samsung Galaxy S without windows Froyo has been finally released for Samsung Galaxy S. The update seems to be only available via a Windows application called Kies. I don't have access to a Windows c

  • Android 4.0 ICS in Samsung galaxy R April 17

    Possible Duplicate: Where can I find stock or custom ROMs for my Android device? I want to install Android 4.0 in samsung galaxy R. However i have installed ClockWork in my phone by following this link. But i haven't find any ICS ROM for samsung gala

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