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  • Blank menu.lst file after installing Ubuntu9.10

    Blank menu.lst file after installing Ubuntu9.10November 9

    I just installed Ubuntu 9.10 on my PC. I have Windows XP as the primary OS. I am trying to set XP as the default OS with the following command in terminal: sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst After that it should display something like this: Instead it is

  • How to make sure that grub does use menu.lst?March 19

    On my Ubuntu 9.04 ("Karmic") laptop I suspect grub does not use the /boot/grub/menu.lst file. What happens on boot is that I see a blank screen and nothing happens. When I press ESC I see a boot list which is different from what I would expect f

  • ubuntu: kept old menu.lst, think it is the source of problemsMarch 27

    I recently upgraded to karmic, and clicked to keep my old menu.lst (to keep my windows XP boot info)... but now I'm not using the right kernel. Is there a way to have it give me the correct up to date menu.lst file again which I can manually merge in

  • not able to make entry of ubuntu 10.04 grub.cfg into redhat 5.1 menu.lst file to run 2 linux os and 1 windowsJune 4

    In my computer there are three operating systems.. First i installed Windows 7 then i installed ubuntu 10.04 and in last i installed redhat 5.1 NOw i know one thing as i installed redhat then grub installed by ubuntu will be overwritten by redhat gru

  • Grub menu.lst blank in all three triple boot ubuntu OS variantsNovember 25

    I am triple booting linux: Ubuntu 10.04, Ultimate Edition 2.6 and PC/OS 10.1. My boot menu is almost three pages long and I want to edit it. Two versions (Ultimate and Ubuntu) return a blank menu.lst file when I use gksu gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst in

  • Is it safe to delete the old kernels from menu.lst? December 14

    This question already has an answer here: How do I remove old kernel versions to clean up the boot menu? 34 answers When the computer starts, GRUB shows a long list of previous kernels in addition to the usual stuff, e.g. Ubuntu 10.10, kernel 2.6.35-

  • GRUB's menu.lst deleted after a kernel update

    GRUB's menu.lst deleted after a kernel updateMarch 5

    I have installed ubuntu through wubi and all was well until I updated to the next kernel version. I am now trying to boot into ubuntu and it shows me the GRUB rescue command line. I am able to boost windows and the problem seems to be related to the

  • I have neither grub.conf nor menu.lstMarch 14

    I just compiled my own kernel for the first time. Because it is mentioned in a tutorial, I now want to check whether the kernel got written into the grub.conf file. Well, I did not find a grub.conf file. So I googled. Answer: Ubuntu does not have gru

  • Error: cat: /boot/grub/video.lst: No such file or directoryMarch 23

    I recently shifted from Windows (Windows7) to Ubuntu (10.10) 64 bit. After installation I performed the usual updates and I received a new kernel version (2.6.35-28-generic). After that I read the post on the address mentioned below: http://osdir.com

  • Need to edit boot.lst from busybox

    Need to edit boot.lst from busyboxApril 16

    I have just managed to break my Debian install. I was having problems with a kernel update, and had to edit menu.lst to get it to install. I have managed to typo and set the boot device to /dev/xvda11 instead of /dev/xvda1 Now, every time I boot I ge

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6: /boot/grub/menu.lst or /boot/grub/grub.conf?August 30

    I have a brand new Scientific Linux 6 system, but this same question should apply to CentOS 6, RHEL6 or any RHEL6-derivative. I see that /boot/grub contains a menu.lst as well as a grub.conf file. There is also a symlink from /etc/grub.conf to /boot/

  • Can I determine if a Grub menu.lst is valid on a virtual machine without rebooting?January 19

    There's a problem with Ubuntu running on my hosted VPS. All I have access to is a recovery console which allows me to mount the devices. I've narrowed the problem down to a messed menu.lst. I have the kernel and initrd pointing to the correct images,

  • Updating /boot/grub/menu.lst on OpenSuSe 11.3January 20

    I compiled the latest kernel, and the menu.lst is updated as follows. My aim is to keep the other kernel around, so that if the new one fails we can still boot from the other one. Is this the correct way to achieve that? # Modified by YaST2. Last mod

  • Grub 1.98 on Ubuntu 10.04 ignores grub.cfg, goes for menu.lst insteadMarch 13

    I've got a VPS that's merrily running Ubuntu 10.04 server (I believe it's on Xen). I was doing some kernel maintenance and updating grub when I noticed that the update-grub tool writes an accurate grub.cfg, but this is apparently ignored by Grub in f

  • listing's lst@BeginWrite gobbles '- ' and '= ' from input June 1

    I'm trying to write a package that takes verbatim input and appends it to several files. My current approach is based of off an answer by Martin Scharrer to a similar problem. The difficulty arises in that all occurrences of => and -> in the input a

  • Is there any method to create monthly LST images?June 22

    Is there a method to create monthly LST images from combining MOD11A2(8days) product? The MOD11C3 product which is delivered monthly has larger spatial resolution than MOD11A2. Im trying to create a script in python to do that but it seems to be abov

  • After reinstall grub, it looks for menu.lst in /boot/boot/grub folder?June 25

    Basically, after I reinstalled grub-legacy (grub1), it expected to have menu.lst at /boot/boot/grub/menu.lst instead of /boot/grub/menu.lst Thus, when I reboot the system, it stops at the grub command console and I need to manually run configfile /gr

  • How can I get from menu.lst to syslinux.cfg?September 20

    Problem I'm creating a bootable iso from a YUMI USB drive to burn on DVD's for friends. More info here. I took the grldr and menu.lst from a bootable XBoot iso, but now I'm trying to figure out a way to get from the menu.lst to the syslinux.cfg menu?

  • Problems with 12.10. Can't find menu.lst in /boot/grubNovember 8

    I have Asus 1225N and I've installed Ubuntu 12.10 but I have 2 major problems: Sometimes when I restart the system after boot my touchpad and keyboard don't work and I must reset 3 or 4 times When the system boot nothing, shows only purple screen wit

  • Weird problem with serial console when ttyS1 is listed first in menu.lstNovember 23

    Hello. I have two presumably identical machines running Ubuntu 8.04.1 Server. I'm having a weird problem with the ttyS1 serial console on one of them. I have copied files from the working machine to the problematic machine so both presumably have the

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