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mount bind ddwrt readonly

  • Mound bind a readonly partition as read-writeJune 25

    I'm putting together a simple daily backup script which rsyncs my home directory to a separate partition. I want to have the backup partition mounted at all times to allow browsing, however I also want it to be readonly so I don't mess it accidentall

  • ln -s vs mount --bindDecember 31

    Is there any practical difference between using ln -s or mount --bind? I want to move some folders to another partition, without changing their daemon setting, and wonder what approach I should take. I prefer ln -s as it requires minimum setup (no /e

  • Mount --bind persistence over rebootMay 13

    I'm having trouble finding an answer for this question Does mount --bind persist over reboot? On my CentOS it looks like it doesn't, so I've placed apropriate mount --bind calls in rc.local. How can I do mount --bind to avoid rc.local scenario? -----

  • mount --bind NTFS partition in read only modeSeptember 6

    mount -r --bind /media/NTFSPartition/ftp/public /media/NTFSPartition/ftp/users/user1/public This gives me warning mount: warning: /media/NTFSPartition/ftp/users/user1/public seems to be mounted read-write. and of course mounting in rw mode :( What I

  • mount --bind nohide alikeJanuary 3

    I have some mounts under /mnt like other filesystems. If I make a mount --bind /mnt/raid /export/raid, everything that have a mount on /mnt/raid/ don't appear under /export/raid. I know I can use nohide for nfs, or even follow symlinks on samba, but

  • Security implications of mount --bind in a chroot environmentMay 19

    Assume you have a chroot environment where you need a resource - an application or a library - which resides on the host (external to the chroot). Which are the security implications (if any) of performing a mount --bind (from the host to the chroot)

  • Linux `mount --bind` made client's folder disappear?February 20

    I tried making a VSFTPD user with access to all of our clients' FTP folders. (the users are all chroot'ed to their home directories, where the public_html folders are). What I did was create a new FTP user and created a client directory inside /home/

  • SFTP server, mount bind limitMarch 19

    I am building an SFTP server where I have to give users access to individual dirs on different drives. I can't use symlinks because that allows them access to everything and cause navigation confusion. I cant use cp -r because it takes too long and u

  • Linux SFTP and many local user accounts, limits with mount --bind?June 4

    I am in the process of building a solution to handle many developers (possibly hundreds) to work on their files via sftp, each one Jailed in their home directory. For our particular needs, we have a samba mount point that contains all of the users ho

  • Are there any drawbacks from using mount --bind as a substitute for symbolic links?October 1

    Symlinks have limitations in how functions like ls, mv, and cp can operate on them because unlike shell initiated commands like cd, these functions do not have information about how the user accessed the directory with respect to the logical path (se

  • Moving stuff off of SSD to HDD after installation. Using mount --bind? LiveCD?March 20

    I installed Ubuntu 12.10 on my SSD. /dev/sda1. No other partitions. No swap. Then I went about reading how to optimize usage, and have come to the conclusion I want my /home, /var and /tmp mounted on my hard disk drive. I don't have it mounted yet, b

  • file still read-only after a mount --bind from a rw partitionApril 12

    I use mount --bind to "overlay" a file from one ext4,rw filesystem onto another file in ext4,ro filesystem. For example, /etc/hosts is on a read-only / partition, but I have another partition where /rw/etc/hosts is writable. So when I do # mount

  • Mount bind with full ownership and permissionsApril 12

    I am using 12.10 on virtualbox. I have my windows documents folder shared through virtual box folder share. Then I wanted to use mount --bind to mount my documents folder to the ubuntu user documents folder under ~/Documents Here is the command I am

  • Mount --bind versus symlinksMay 14

    Linux server /www/website directory is my html directory Want users to ftp to /user/website/public_html directory which is chrooted and limited to ftp only access I currently accomplish this via sudo mount --bind /www/website /user/website/public_htm

  • How to see the olddir after mount --bind olddir newdir?October 25

    In my debian 7: $ pwd /home/freestyler $ mkdir old new # mount --bind old new then $ mount /dev/cciss/c0d0p9 on /home/freestyler/new type ext4(rw,noatime,nodiratime,user_xattr,barrier=1,data=ordered) I can only see the /dev/cciss/c0d0p9, which is not

  • mount --bind other user as myselfFebruary 16

    I'm using fstab to bind a folder that belongs to another user in one of my own directories. I know that I can map users when I mount an SSHFS, I've been doing some research and I can't find a mount --bind equivalent. Is there any way I can mount anot

  • How do I do 'mount --bind' in /etc/fstab?July 16

    I'm trying to figure out how to add "mount --bind /proc/ /chroot/mysql/proc" to /etc/fstab, but how can I to do this? --------------Solutions------------- If I had a volume mounted at /media/3tb-vol1/Private/, and I wanted to bind it to /srv/Pri

  • How to make mount --bind permanent?November 16

    When i am doing: mount --bind dirone dirtwo After OS reboot they are all lost. I am checking binded dirs in /proc/mounts How can i make these binds permanent without clogging up /etc/fstab ? Here's one entry from /proc/mounts /dev/disk/by-uuid/4f5082

  • Ordering mount --bind and OpenVZ start on bootDecember 16

    I am using mount --bind to share some directories/files between containers. My issue is that on root server boot, the containers are started, but these mounts are not yet mounted. Some of the services can't start and I have to manually restart all se

  • Mount Binding to move App data to External MemoryJanuary 1

    I recently came across the idea of mount binding in Linux. I am wondering if I can mount bind the /storage/emulated/0/Android to /storage/sdcard1/Android. Will this extend my internal storage? Should I partition my sdcard into 2 partitions with one b

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