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  • Link2sd gives "Mount script error"January 10

    Im using a rooted Samsung Galaxy ACE with 2.3.4. I installed link2sd and I have a 1Gb ext2 (I tried with fat32 also with the same result) partition. After starting the app and selecting the partition I get this error: MOUNT SCRIPT ERROR Mount Script

  • link2sd: mount script cannot be createdMay 1

    Rooted lg volt. KitKat patched and link2sd moved to system apps. I Tried various options using Aparted (fat32, ext1,2,3,4) forum for lg volt suggested using ext4. I Couldn't find similar error forum topics on the directory error. Error is: mount scri

  • Mount script error link2sdJanuary 31

    Mount script cannot be created Mount:read-only file sistem Help me sifu..... My lenovo a850+ cannot mount second partition SD card.. Help me find a way to solved that.. Android Jeally bean 4.2

  • Mount script cannot be created. mount: No such file or directoryApril 24

    I have micromax bolt a58, I have rooted it with farmaroot and install link2sd but it didnt work when i formatted it with ext2 it says try with fat32, and when i do so it gives error - Mount script cannot be created. mount: No such file or directory P

  • Mount Script cannot be created in Bolt A58July 21

    I have a bolt a58. I want increase internal memory by parttion. I followed exactly the same steps what you've in the turorial "How To Increase Internal Memory on any Micromax". After selecting FAT32/FAT16 format in Link2SD it gives error: "

  • FTP Script to download a set of filesJune 24

    I am after an FTP script to download all the files from an FTP server, then delete these files once complete, but leave files on the remote server if any were added during the download process, to be fetched during a later session. Is it possible to

  • PowerShell script to download SharePoint attachments (Excel) with certain worksheet nameMarch 12

    I'm trying to write a PowerShell script that will scan a SharePoint list and download an excel spreadsheet if it has a certain worksheet name. I'm not sure of where to start as far as syntax goes... Has anyone provided a solution like this before? --

  • PowerShell script to download images by item field valueNovember 17

    I've found this great script that downloads all images and their folders from a given library. I'd like to update it so that it only gets images that have a certain value for the product code. However when I try to just log the code filed I'm getting

  • Bash Script to download ftp filesFebruary 16

    I wrote a bash script to download files from a FTP server. #!/bin/bash screen /usr/local/bin/wget ftp://user:[email protected]:/Folder/* When I run this script manually it works, but when I try and set it to automatically do it with a cron job it doesn't wor

  • How can I script a download from Windows File Sharing?June 5

    Given a set of XML files available on a Windows Share \\server\share contains spaces\direcory\, I need a bash command to download one specific file from that share. Neither wget nor curl support any smb:// URI, and I'd like to avoid the mount command

  • Autorun windows share mount script after login as rootMay 14

    I have looked everywhere for a solution that lets me run CIFS automount script after login with around 20 second delay. What I have tried. Added the script to visudo: rait ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /home/rait/Downloads/Testing/mount.sh, /bin/mount After th

  • Mac: Script application downloaded from the InternetApril 19

    I downloaded a php framework and has started to make a website using that. Sometimes I need to look at the source of that framework and every time I open a file I haven't opened before I get this message: "somefile.php" is a script application w

  • Script to download music and transfer to Ipod?March 6

    I need help making a script that would do this This is what I would do manually in terminal (I will be using the .getmusic script from 360 percents to download myspace music): cd /home/eric/Music to make sure music gets downloaded to /home/eric/Music

  • Batch script to download many files via http?June 30

    I have a list of urls (over 100) of patch files from various sources that I need to download. I need to create a batch script that will download these files and dump them all into the same directory. I do not have administrative privileges on the sys

  • Can I write an Automator/AppleScript script to download all the iTunes app updates?July 9

    This is related to How can I tell iTunes to always download free updates I would like to write a script to tell iTunes to download all the free app updates available, and have that script run regularly using iCal. Is this possible? --------------Solu

  • Recommended technique for a custom filesystem mount scriptJuly 18

    In my situation I need to ensure one particular filesystem is mounted before a few subsequent filesystems should be. In this case, for example, I want to mount a USB disk before bind mounting some other directories on it. I am comfortable enough to w

  • encryptfs auto-mounting scriptApril 27

    I'm trying to make a script, that creates and mounts encrypted directory using ecryptfs(on ssh logons(with passphrase sent via pipe) and by some other scripts). I know about ecryptfs-setup-private already. What I'm trying to do: #!/bin/bash mkdir 1 &

  • How to make a script to download and configure apps?June 13

    I need to write a script to avoid the chore of downloading things and having to configure everything, every time I make a fresh install of Ubuntu. Any ideas on how to do that? Is bash the recommended tool or language for this use case?

  • Script to download latest versions of software and drivers June 29

    I would like to have a script of some sort that can download a stack of software for me, for example // run script, downloads into current directory download latest graphics drivers download notepad ++, foobar, skype, ... I would then run it every ti

  • Some way to "embed" a script to download/delete a file whithin a web server?August 24

    I need to make a server work this way: Check if the requested file exists locally. if is there, serve it right away if not, pass the REQUEST_URI to a script which will download it if the file has ?delete=1, call the script to remove it I had successf

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