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msp430g2553 stand alone connection

  • Can Airport Extreme host a standing VPN connection?February 1

    I'm not sure how to word this to even google if this is possible even without an Airport Extreme, but my network has the AE providing network services to it. What I want to do is have the AE establish the VPN to another network so that the computers

  • What does "low profile" stand for, connected to hardware?October 19

    When it comes to hardware I often read something like "Apple Mac computers, and other lower profile ...." For me it sounds like a better word for low end segment hardware but I am not sure about it. Google didn't help me well to answer this ques

  • How to encrypt a POP/SMTP connection?July 6

    I'm getting my email by SMTP/POP3 to my local ISP provider like that : email client <--- unencrypted cx ---> POP/SMTP server "cx" stands for connection. That provider doesn't support TLS/SSL neither for SMTP nor for POP3. That doesn't both

  • Change the default route without affecting existing TCP connectionsNovember 26

    Let's say I have two public network addresses on my server: one NAT through an ISP (, and a VPN through a different ISP (, already configured with a per-host route to the VPN server through my ISP. Here is my initial ro

  • How can I create a VPN connection inside windows image?May 2

    Just like we can add driver packages to a windows image file can one add a vpn connection preferably thru Add-VpnConnection inside a .wim file ? --------------Solutions------------- I have done a lot of digging and it looks like CMAK is what you want

  • Work from home VPN not safe on home router?October 31

    I'm getting set up to work from home and I have an existing cable internet connection with a router connected to the cable modem for my home computers. My work's IT dept says it's their policy not to connect work at home computers to a router; they m

  • ssh tunneling a local display to another serverAugust 12

    I have a GUI test stand simulation connected to some hardware that is under test. The test stand is a Sun Sparc Ultra 2 SunOs 5.7. The simulation software checks to see if your running your display on :0.0. If not it won't apply power. We do not have

  • What does "STA-ASSOC" mean?September 9

    Looking at the wireless statistics on a TL-WR740N wireless router, I sometimes see the MAC address "00-20-00-A5-22-1A" connecting, with the current status being "STA-ASSOC". The manual actually shows exactly this current status as exam

  • Shortest raster path

    Shortest raster pathJune 13

    I am trying to create a path from the blue square to all the green dots. The blue square represents an existing road and the green dots represent centroids of forest stands. The total path distance shall be as short as possible and the path shall be

  • Configure OpenVPN as a local proxy to use it only when neededOctober 30

    First, I think it is the proper place to post my question (and not serverfault or networkengineering). If not, please tell me what's the correct place. I used FreeGate. I configured the Firefox extension autoproxy for tunneling through FreeGate only

  • Python function to find and tokenize string dataMay 17

    #!/usr/bin/env python import re import nltk.corpus def tokenize(text, **kw): """ Break down text into a set of unique lower case words. """ plain_words = nltk.corpus.abc.words() stop_words = nltk.corpus.stopwords.words() # De

  • Why JavaScript and the Internet of Things?November 25

    JavaScript has proven itself worthy on both the client and server side world of web applications, but why does it have potential in the ever expanding Internet of Things (IoT)? Over the past two years, I've covered the growing amount of technology th

  • Using pogo pins in a commercial product as contacts

    Using pogo pins in a commercial product as contactsSeptember 23

    I've a question about possible usage of pogo pins in a commercial product. I've seen they have simply working principle and are easy to integrate in a case, some of that also have current rating up to 2-3Amps and gold finish. Is it possible to use th

  • Questions about Android Unit Test with gradle or android studioFebruary 4

    I am writing some test cases in my project and I have bunch questions about android unit test with android studio & gradle I met in recent days and cannot get the good answers after searching. Here are situations I have met and they are really bother

  • Jquery id not loadingFebruary 9

    I have the following jquery code on my squarespace website and it has 4 blocks with 4 links, only the first 2 are loading. What am i doing wrong? the website is: theprofessorofpersuasion.com/#rates-packages <!-- some test stuff --> <script> va

  • Jquery script on mobile deviceFebruary 9

    So my script works fine on desktops but it looks like when I open the links on mobile devices it loads the script behind the page so I can't see it. Is there a way to have the script popup in front like on desktops? /* rates & packages section */ .pa

  • TV connected to PC doesn't catch signal when PC returns from stand-byMarch 16

    I have a media center PC with Windows 8 which is connected to my TV (from DVI to HDMI). When idle, the PC goes into stand-by. But when the PC comes back from stand-by, the TV doesn't get a signal anymore. I have to restart the PC to get the image bac

  • Mass storage mode for an SD card connected to a MSP430G2553 chip?July 14

    Right now I have a program that stores values obtained from the on chip ADC to a SD card. The card is connected like the diagram shown in this PDF: http://www.ti.com/lit/an/slaa281b/slaa281b.pdf I am planning to connect a UART-to-USB chip (FTDI or MA

  • What does the "service" box in the PostGIS connection dialog stand for?

    What does the "service" box in the PostGIS connection dialog stand for?August 8

    Can sоmеbody explain me what to write in the "service" box when connecting to the local DB. QGIS Lisboa and Postgres are installed. --------------Solutions------------- What does the "service" box in the PostGIS connection dialog stand

  • AWS Instance stand-alone ssh connect string differences: root vs ec2-userOctober 22

    I have an instance I created from the web console, using the "Classic" wizard & the default Amazon Linux image. When I go to Instance Actions, Connect, and select the "Connect with a standalone SSH Client" option, it has the correc

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