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  • Access "advanced boot options" in Vista when using multibootSeptember 1

    Using MDT and WDS for deployment I setup a Vista system where I have 3 partitions. One partition is the OS, one is a factory recovery partition with winRE on it and the last is a linux system with a hardware test for the system. Only the OS is visibl

  • Multi boot option for WDS

    Multi boot option for WDSFebruary 7

    I have a Windows Deployment Server (Server 2008 R2) that I use to roll out XP/Vista/7 installs using the standard retail CDs. I am looking to expand its functionality to include DOS/Linux/Repair Utilities and OEM versions of Windows such as the XPA 3

  • How do I install Vista 64bit automatically via WDS and unattend files?August 13

    I am trying to automate the installation of Windows Vista 64bit on my network. I have WDS setup and working fine and can deploy images across the network. At present I manually select the settings for both phases of the vista installation but it work

  • How to make a multiboot USB key?September 1

    I want to cut my 8 GB USB key into several partitions to use WinToFlash for a Windows XP (maybe nLited before). I also want to put the Framakey ubuntu-fr remix pack into it such that it has the second bootable OS. I want to tweak and modify it a litt

  • Testing different OS's with multiboot and Windows Home ServerOctober 9

    I'm comfortable installing OS's, but I've never done much with multiboot. I want to test some software that I'm writing against multiple OS's, but VM isn't a great option, as my software uses USB devices which has caused some problems in the VM. I ha

  • Deploying Windows 7 using WDS - Some applications seem to be stuck at 125% dpi settingsNovember 25

    I've been using Windows Deployment Server to deploy Windows 7 (64 bit) images and it works very well. However sometimes the deployed installation seem to default to 125% (medium) dpi settings (monitors are generally are 1920 x 1200) which I do not wa

  • WDS Auto Logging in after InstallDecember 10

    I have setup WDS to push out images to our machines completely hands of. It all works fine, accept at the end of the process, when the machine is sat at the crl+alt+del login prompt. If you hit crl_alt+del instead of asking for a username/pass, is is

  • WDS updating raid drivers in an already existing image WIMDecember 11

    Here is my current setup. WDS installed on Server 2008 R2 for the new driverstore and multicast features. A Windows Server 2003 32bit Standard image built to support previous DL360 models. A new HP DL360 G6 which has a new raid controller in it. I ne

  • best WDS alternativeFebruary 25

    I'm looking for some way to capture an image of a PC after I run a sysprep - a lot like WDS but without networking on the PC. So instead of the network part it would be possible to (with an easy wizard like on WDS) create an image of the PC to a USB

  • Using Windows 7 with Linux - Tools for Multibooting?March 23

    I'm looking to install a Linux distro on my Windows 7 machine. Could anyone suggest any tools to handle the multiboot? (I may install 2-3 distros to try out) --------------Solutions------------- Installing a Linux-distribution usually gets you a dece

  • Sharing internet connection with WDSApril 20

    Is it possible to share an internet connection through WDS? I'm on the very edge of a wireless network, the spot that I'm in maintains a stable 22% according to XP with the help of a parabolic reflector crafted from a cheap pie tin. I was thinking I

  • How to create multiboot flash drive

    How to create multiboot flash driveMay 17

    I've found a guide here: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/boot-multiple-iso-from-usb-multiboot-usb/ And found this menu.lst in my flash drive, which seems to be the one that I'm seeing when I boot using my flash drive: # This Menu Created by Lance http:/

  • Can Server 2003 (32-bit) host a 64-bit boot image for WDS?June 10

    I'm running WDS on a Server 2003 32-bit system and need to capture a 64-bit Windows 7 image and then image a lab of computers with the 64-bit image. Can my 32-bit server host a 64-bit boot image, as well as capture a 64-bit machine for imaging? If no

  • Windows 7 deployment thru WDSJune 11

    I am deploying new systems on my network and I built my reference computer by installing the OS the manufacturers (Dell and a custom built system from some local business) gave with all drivers, installed all the desired applications. As for the sett

  • Multiple PXE boots on the same subnet for RIS and WDSJune 14

    We are looking to migrate off our existing server 2003 sp2 machine, running RIS (which I know is WDS as of Server 2003 Sp2, but to be clear..) with a bunch of legacy RiSETUP images to a Server 2008 r2 box. Because the change in architecture (x86 to x

  • vmware esx pxe boot guest wdsJuly 24

    I have WDS set up to PXE boot for physical hosts in my network, but when I try to boot from a newly created VM on an ESX server, I get the following error: PXE-E53: No boot filename received PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel PXE Rom Operating System not found I

  • How to create WDS wireless link between two home wireless routers?August 30

    I have a Netgear wireless router (DG834Gv3) plugged into my broadband internet connection and hard-wired into my main PC. I recently bought a Bufallo Router / Wireless Access Point (WHR-HP-G54) and am trying to set this up so that it extends the rang

  • Can I create a WDS network over ethernet with multiple Airport Extremes?September 17

    I have an Airport Extreme and have ethernet wired through most of my house. I'd like to add another Airport Extreme/Express to parts of the house where the signal is weak. I don't want the network the traffic between the routers to go via wireless, b

  • Multicasting for WDSNovember 16

    I want to install a Windows 7 image on 40-something computers without touching 'em I have a WDS server, an image captured, and an answer file setup. I go to create a multicast transmission out of the image, but I can't see it on my client computer. I

  • Cannot start WDS serviceNovember 18

    I built this WDS server that I made into a RODC also. After running the dcpromo, it get this error message that the WDS service is not started and could not start. I found this so I tried changing the logon account to my domain admin account. Now it

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