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Nested Static Library dependencies

  • Are Nested Static Library dependencies possible?

    Are Nested Static Library dependencies possible?September 19

    I am working in QT . Can a static library depend on another static library?(Static Lib is made by linking another static lib) If yes, is it possible that after linking to lib2, the generated lib(lib1) would not contain all the codes of lib2? In my Qt

  • Objective C Static Library with Pod Dependencies swift file errorFebruary 17

    I have a static library that is used by two of my projects. This static library is using CocoaLumberjack and RNCryptor. They worked fine before but after I updated the pods they now have a swift file and this causes an error "Swift is not supported f

  • Splitting and hiding headers in a static libraryApril 19

    I am writing a static library for C/C++ (personal project). As my headers became rather large, I thought that splitting my headers would be a good idea. Right now a header looks like this: MainClass.hpp: namespace impl: implementation details enclose

  • Moving programs compiled on a machine to another machine & avoid library dependencies problemsOctober 26

    When I compile a program with .dll dependencies on Windows, it is enough to copy those ddls with the desired program to another pc and put the DLLs inside the program directory. Now here is my problem: I've compiled a program with Ubuntu using clang

  • How do I use a static library (in my case assimp) without the source filesFebruary 4

    I have a libassimp.a file and the header files. How can I use the library? I'm adding the header files to my project with set(CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS "${CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS} -isystem ${ASSIMP_INCLUDE_DIR}"). With ASSIMP_INCLUDE_DIR being ../contrib/assimp/i

  • Transitive Library dependencies are not found in the applicationFebruary 10

    Say I have a library module which contains some 3rd party libraries like OkHttp. When I include this library in my application I was unable to use these 3rd party libraries. I read the following articles Article 1, Article 2 and tried 1. compile proj

  • Enable bitcode for libJB4ASDK-*.a static libraryFebruary 15

    We are using JB4A-SDK as 4.1.0 now, and just found out that the static library file: libJB4ASDK-4.1.0.a is not using bitcode. Since our whole project and other 3rd party dependencies are using bitcode now, that leaves JB4A alone. Will bitcode be enab

  • What is inside .lib file of Static library, Statically linked dynamic library and dynamically linked dynamic library?July 14

    What is inside of a .lib file of Static library, Statically linked dynamic library and dynamically linked dynamic library? How come there is no need for a .lib file in dynamically linked dynamic library and also that in static linking, the .lib file

  • What is the standard place for static library files on Unix/UbuntuJanuary 16

    I am trying to install a library manually, well actually just put it in a sensible location preferably in my lib path. I have a lib[...].a file and a bunch of headers pertaining to that static library file. If I look under /usr/lib/ I see only .so fi

  • UIDevice properties not working in static librarySeptember 7

    I have created a static library in Iphone SDK in which i used some UIDevice properties. When i run the app, this xcode show this error UIDevice Undeclared... Even the same code is running perfectly fine while I dont create static libraries and just b

  • How to create a custom, static library in SharePoint?

    How to create a custom, static library in SharePoint?September 26

    I want to create a static library of documents like the one below. I'm working on a Mac, so if it is possible to not use SharePoint Designer, that would be great. --------------Solutions------------- If you want to show library content like picture a

  • ant doesnt get the library dependenciesOctober 17

    My system: Windows 7 Ant Version: 1.8.2 JDK: 1.6.27 x64 Sorry Im starting to work with ant and currently trying to install it properly. When I type in cmd this command: ant -f fetch.xml -Ddest=system to get the library dependencies, according officia

  • Variables in static library are never initialized. Why? September 27

    I have a bunch of variables that should be initialized then my game launches, but must of them are never initialized. Here is an example of the code: MyClass.h class MyClass : public BaseObject { DECLARE_CLASS_RTTI(MyClass, BaseObject); ... }; MyClas

  • How to link OpenGL with my own static library?January 20

    My game project is split up into three parts: Core (lib) Editor (exe) Game (exe) I'm using OpenGL in both my Core and Game parts, but as soon as I try to call an OpenGL function in my Core library the application crashes. I assume this is because the

  • iOS static library compiled with Xcode remembers its source filesNovember 15

    I compiled a static library for iOS with Xcode with symbols stripped. It's compiled in the Release configuration. When I copy the static library into another iOS project (I physically copy it into another directory), I'm still able to view the source

  • load static library (.lib) using NETLinkApril 18

    is it possible to load static library (.lib) compiled in c++ using NETLink or similar in Mathematica? --------------Solutions------------- Such a library is not meant for dynamic loading and typically will not contain all of the information necessary

  • Linking a static library when compiling a C programOctober 13

    I'm linking *.a file with *.c file, so I have used the following command: gcc abc.c -l ad.a (here abc is the C source file and ad is the static library file) then after executing the following error message is coming. the library lad.a not found. ---

  • iOS static library: path for documents directoryJanuary 14

    I am developing a static library with some common classes which can be used in multiple applications. My code contains functionality to download the images from server and store them in documents directory. When I integrate this static lib with sampl

  • Satisfy external symbols with static library exportsJanuary 18

    I'm trying to hook GCC's __cxa_throw so I'll be able to receive exception backtraces without cluttering exception objects themselves. While it worked well with executable, it doesn't work with shared objects. I'm constructing tiny static library whic

  • Need to avoid undefined reference to `WinMain' in a static library that needs to use a linker script *.ld fileJanuary 21

    I have 3 static libraries, one of them (BinaryMain) has the entry function int32_t main(int32_t arg, char** argv) { .. .. } I want to create an executable by combining these three static libraries (BinaryMain, Binary1, Binary2) While creating static

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