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  • Set System Variable in UbuntuJanuary 1

    I install Multipath TCP kernel and try to make it work. I don't know how to set the system variable as explained in http://multipath-tcp.org/pmwiki.php/Users/ConfigureMPTCP. Using Ubuntu 15.04, for the command (+sudo) I get sysctl -w net.mptcp.[name

  • fedora : no space left on device while compiling mptcp kernelSeptember 9

    I have to install MPTCP Kernel on my fc16. On my fc16, I had the base kernel of 3.1 I updated the kernel. Next i went for Linux Kernel 3.2. Once all this was done. I got mptcp source from github and configured everything as per the manual in menuconf

  • How configurable is MPTCP?May 26

    I work on embedded Linux devices that usually have hard wired Ethernet as well as cell modem connections. If I were to use MPTCP would it be possible to easily configure the system to use eth0 all the time if it's available, then fall back to ppp0 if

  • MPTCP doesn't create multiple subflowsDecember 29

    I've installed MCTCP in one machine, and tested it in https://amiusingmptcp.com which gave a positive result. Now, when I do iperf -c multipath-tcp.org like they say here I only see one connection: [email protected]:~# netstat -m Active Internet connections

  • MPTCP installation and configuration on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTSJune 10

    I'm trying to install MPTCP (Multipath TCP) on my Ubuntu but I have a problem : I follow instructions under this link : http://multipath-tcp.org/pmwiki.php/Users/AptRepository I have no problem on first steps but, after restarting my pc and follow in

  • TCP Sessions and IP ChangesSeptember 3

    What happens to a TCP session when the IP of a client changes? I did a simple test of having netcat listen on a port, and connecting to that port from a client machine. I then changed the IP of the client while that nc session was open and sent some

  • Automatically-reconnecting TCP tunnelMay 30

    I have an unreliable network connection between two machines: sometimes active TCP connections get dropped for reasons beyond my control. I want to establish a reliable TCP connection between the two machines. If the network was reliable, I'd just ru

  • Does Windows 7 split packets between wired and wireless connections?October 10

    On an old Windows laptop, I always had to use the hardware switch to force it to use the wired internet connection, otherwise it would try to connect to wireless, and either fail or get poor speeds, and then not discover that it was also plugged in.

  • Seamlessly transition from wired to wireless in LinuxNovember 20

    I have a Linux laptop running Ubuntu 12.04. I would like to be able to seamlessly transition from using eth0 to wlan0. When I say "seamlessly", I would like, for example, to be on wifi only with an ssh connection established to somewhere on the

  • Header files missingMarch 12

    I'm trying to compile a source code and I'm getting many errors indicating that header files are missing from my system checking sys/ioccom.h usability... no checking sys/ioccom.h presence... no checking for sys/ioccom.h... no checking sys/sockio.h u

  • Where does the command make search for librariesMarch 13

    I wonder if you can tell me the path make command uses to search for libraries and header files, I'm getting these errors posted in my question and I wanna check the path manually. I have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, 2.6.38-16 kernel and gcc version 4.6.3 and I

  • Unknown type name gccMarch 20

    I'm trying to compile this source code http://nrg.cs.ucl.ac.uk/mptcp/mptcp_userland_0.1.tar.gz and I'm getting unknown type name 'u8' among other types (u_int, u_char, u_long....etc) I have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and gcc version 4.6.3 How to solve this iss

  • Calculating throughput and queue length of network in ns-2 simulation

    Calculating throughput and queue length of network in ns-2 simulation April 11

    I am doing a simulation on ns-2 for a datacenter network and I just realised that I am not sure how exactly I would go to calculate the network throughput. I know that to calculate throughput over a link I would first trace the last hop link, add the

  • Application specific browsing two internet connections on same machineMay 12

    There are 2 situations for which I am looking for a solution I am having 2 internet connections. One is a normal connection in our LAN (Wifi) , another is a USB Device which has internet connectivity. I want to use both connection simultaneously on s

  • Enabling multipath in ns2 with no rtproto DV

    Enabling multipath in ns2 with no rtproto DVMay 13

    So I am trying to run a simulation using the MPTCP protocol in a data center but rtProto DV is not working; produces an error, I am guessing the implementations doesn't have support for it and I can't figure out what to change so it works. For anyone

  • Configuring squid to download big files on one interface and do anything else on anotherJune 16

    I have two internet connections, one with high download speeds, but it is slow for browsing. The other one is fast for browsing, but slow for downloads. I tried to set up an acl in squid to manage this but everything is still routed over just one int

  • Aggregating multiple internet connections into a single connection to allow improved throughput over a single connection July 3

    This question already has an answer here: Merging two incoming broadband lines for faster internet 6 answers I have 2 or more internet access paths e.g.: 3G (2 Mb/s) Eth0 (20 Mb/s) Eth1 (separate network) (20Mb/s) I'd like to aggregate them like Spee

  • How to allow DHCP Client to switch to an identical network on a different subnet without losing TCP/IPJuly 22

    I was wondering if it is possible to build a network that allows two subnets to be linked by wireless routers with identical network SSIDs and security protocols in such a way that a DHCP Client can switch between the two without losing any packets.

  • How does anycast work with tcp?July 29

    TCP, being stateful, should require subsequent packets to reach the same server. (Stateless) HTTP runs on top of TCP, and CDN's can use anycast. So how does TCP work with anycast? What if the syn and the ack go to different servers? I think I've hear

  • Multiple network Adapters switchingSeptember 23

    I have a multi-network adapter workstation. Lets say its a ethernet and a wifi. The ethernet is somewhat restrictive, blocking alot of blogs and other resources, and is behind a proxy server that f*** things up for some indie-apps that i use (such as

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