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  • Random Number Generation June 18

    I have a need for true random number generation. I've been looking at a number of hardware solutions. Does anybody have any solid experiences with these? Any recommendations? I don't think I can make a convincing argument for a lava lamp hack. ;) ---

  • How Do I Generate A Random Number Per Row?

    How Do I Generate A Random Number Per Row? June 25

    I need a different random number for each row in my table. The following seemingly obvious code uses the same random value for each row. SELECT table_name, RAND() magic_number FROM information_schema.tables I'd like to get a INT or a FLOAT out this.

  • AVR Random Number GeneratorJuly 21

    I've read an appnote from TI (slaa338) that describes a technique for generating "for real" (as opposed to "pseudo") random numbers. It exploits the somewhat exotic clock subsystem of the MSP430 to achieve this goal. Does anyone know o

  • Random number field code?February 16

    I want to add a random number to my documents as a unique identifier. How would I go about doing this? A Random number field code or something? To clarify: I want a random number in my document generated automatically, without any dependencies, so th

  • Random number generation algorithm for human brains? February 18

    Are you aware of, or have you devised, any practical, simple-to-learn "in-head" algorithms that let humans generate (somewhat "true") random numbers? By "in-head" I mean.. preferably without any external tools or devices. Als

  • Apache HTTP: Define environment variable as a "random" numberFebruary 24

    I want to define an environment variable as a random number, say like between 1 and 10 in my httpd.conf. Is this possible? I'm using mod_proxy_html and I want to rewrite some URLs to simulate a CDN, so I would need to define something like this: Prox

  • I need a true random number generator web service May 17

    I need a way to get non-deterministic random numbers on demand for my application. However i do not wish/have the capabilities to build the hardware myself, thus I'm looking for a web service which does just that. Basically I'm looking for a non-dete

  • How to get a random number from Google omnibar?

    How to get a random number from Google omnibar?June 13

    Is there any command to get a random number from omnibar? E.g. like how we can type 21 + 56 and it will show 77: --------------Solutions------------- Using some versions of Google (esp. www.google.com) you can search either flip a coin to roll a 2-si

  • Using computer random number generators to produce keys, it is secure?June 28

    Does generating an encryption key using the random number generator on one's computer present a security risk? If so how might that risk be mitigated, specifically when generating RSA key pairs in .Net? --------------Solutions------------- Using comp

  • Clarification of pseudo random number generatorJuly 6

    I am asked to create a pseudo-random number generator using the following algorithm: The generator will generate every integer from 1 to N-1 exactly once The algorithm for N=2^n Initialize an integer R to be equal to 1 every time the tabling routine

  • Redirect incoming traffic based on referrer or random numberAugust 10

    This working script directs incoming traffic to different locations depending on the value present in the session for referring URI. If there is a present value, it sends the user back to their original location. If not, then a random number is gener

  • Random number for HTTPS MACSeptember 19

    Recently I found that Netscape used quite simple algorithm to generate random number for Message Authentication Code to establish an HTTPS connection (Nestscpe used time, process identification number, and parent-process identification number). So no

  • Random number for HTTPS Message Authentication Code (MAC)September 19

    Recently I found that Netscape used quite simple algorithm to generate random number for Message Authentication Code to establish an HTTPS connection (Netscape used time, process identification number, and parent-process identification number). So no

  • How do random number generators work?September 20

    I am a Programmer out of Oregon, I currently work as a web developer for a local company, and am starting college this winter for Computer Science. I was just pondering about php rand() function, and thinking about how I could remake it, and I came u

  • How to fairly select a random number for a game without trusting a third party?September 23

    Several people are playing a game with random events and require a way to produce a random number. (Such as dice rolls or a lottery.) Can this be done such that each player has the power to be reasonably sure that the random number was fairly selecte

  • Program with random number generationNovember 8

    I am having trouble with the random number generator. For week 0 only, I want to set the starting number of roaches in House A (totalRoachesInHouseA) to 97 and the number of roaches in House B (totalRoachesInHouseB) to 79. Then, for weeks 1 to 10, I

  • Is ISAAC considered secure as a cryptographic random number generator?January 10

    The ISAAC site claims it is secure, but I wasn't aware of any trusted 3rd party sources that verified its security. --------------Solutions------------- It's actually fairly good. Unlike the previous post it was actually published in Fast software en

  • Generating random number between 1 and 10 in Bash Shell Script January 24

    This question already has an answer here: Random number from a range in a Bash Script 13 answers How would I generate an inclusive random number between 1 to 10 in Bash Shell Script? Would it be $(RANDOM 1+10)? --------------Solutions------------- $(

  • How to Create Your Own Random Number Generator in PHPFebruary 8

    Computers cannot generate random numbers. A machine which works in ones and zeros is unable to magically invent its own stream of random data. However, computers can implement mathematical algorithms which produce pseudo-random numbers. They look lik

  • Is there some way to generate a non-predictable random number in a decentralised network?February 15

    Is there a way to generate a random number with given restrictions: It will be used in a decentralised network with a big number of peers (no central authority to generate it) Its generation should not rely on any third-party service (for example, go

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