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notepad doesnt work with Firefox

  • Why would Adobe Flash be causing Firefox to hang?July 9

    In the past when using Windows 7 I had no problem with using Flash on Firefox. Now I am having trouble using Firefox because it hangs when a page contain Flash. If I disable the plugin it works fine. I have tried to reinstall plugin from adobe.com si

  • Firefox makes links non-clickable

    Firefox makes links non-clickableOctober 26

    I am using some online reporting pages from my company's web site. After logging in the related pages, I cannot click on the links that produce the reports. The links seem just as plain texts, and non-clickable. When I open the same pages in IE8, the

  • Xmodmap ignored in Firefox, revisitedFebruary 26

    Related posts, but no solution: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20386403/xmonad-xmodmap-changed-tab-to-alt-gr-but-it-doesnt-work-on-firefox-or-thunderbi Iso_level3_shift key not working in Firefox (Linux) I have the following ~/.Xmodmap keycode 13

  • How do I get ftype & assoc to match Windows Explorer?October 28

    I changed the association to use upon launching a .py file, via Windows Explorer: Tools -> Folders -> File types. Then browse to .py. Change the association to Wordpad. Now when I type the name of a py file in the command line, Wordpad opens it. But

  • Text editor with exclusive modeOctober 9

    Is there text editor that can open file in exclusive mode? Its a standard way how to restrict access to file to one process / user in operating system Windows. I need this because of editing file stored on network drive. This file can be edited by ot

  • How do I open a program via the command prompt in Windows 8?

    How do I open a program via the command prompt in Windows 8?October 28

    Suppose I have a program named any_program.exe and my operating system drive is C:. The location of the program is D:\Any_Folder\any_program.exe How do I start/execute that program via command prompt in Windows 8? I have tried the command line START

  • WYSIWYG+CKEditor outputting span with style attributeJanuary 29

    I have a strange behaviour on the text editor on my D7 site. I am using WYSIWYG-7.x-2.1 module with CKEditor v. If I type: test test test on the editor then Disable rich-text I can see: <p>test</p><p>test</p><p>tes

  • Paste rich text with formating

    Paste rich text with formatingMarch 24

    I would like to be able to paste rich text that I've copied (for example) from a webpage directly into notepad (or other plain text box) and retain details like urls etc. For example, if I copied text from a webpage that read "Stackexchange" and

  • First-come first-serve job scheduling algorithmFebruary 6

    I tried to make the code for implementation of first-come first-serve job scheduling algorithm as used by operating systems. How can I make it better? I am using turbo C++ compiler #include<conio.h> #include<iostream.h> #include<dos.h> s

  • What plugins are installed in ckeditor for primefaces?January 15

    Im using primefaces/ckeditor and experiencing some issues with performance on large amounts of text under IE11 (this doesnt happen under Firefox) I am wanting to test the impact of removing some plugins/extensions - but cant find a list of whats inst

  • PHP Get the newest opened applicationJanuary 22

    Good day! I am getting all the applications that you can see in the task bar (with the help of powershell) and place all the results in the notepad. This script would run for every minute. I am trying to make a php code on which it would fetch the co

  • How to change FileZilla so that View/Edit opens .html in Notepad++, not FirefoxDecember 30

    Currently Firefox is set by Windows to open .html files. I'm hoping I can sort of override this in FileZilla so I can do quick edits and then upload them to the server. --------------Solutions------------- In FileZilla go to edit > settings... In the

  • How can I get Firefox to open XML files in Notepad++ instead of in the browserMay 11

    I don't want Firefox to display XML files internally, I want it to open Notepad++ instead. I have had a look a the Tools\Options\Applications menu but there is no 'XML' content type. I am using FF 3.6.2 Obviously this only applies to XML files that I

  • Webapp integration in Firefox doesnt show

    Webapp integration in Firefox doesnt show August 7

    Possible Duplicate: I don't see the Unity section in Firefox preferences In Firefox the webapp integration doesnt show. in chrome it does. I also have no unity tab in my firefox preferences. --------------Solutions------------- I solved my problem by

  • Notepad++ - cannot launch FirefoxJune 6

    I am running Ubuntu 14.04 and Notepad++ 6.6.4 (through WINE) Under the 'Run' tab, I clicked on "Launch in Firefox" , but nothing happened I uninstalled Notepad++ and WINE, then shutdown. I re-installed Notepad++ and WINE and still have the same

  • Why do fonts look better in firefox (waterfox) than they do in notepad++?

    Why do fonts look better in firefox (waterfox) than they do in notepad++?August 30

    If font rendering is handled by the OS for both my web browser (firefox / waterfox), and my text editor (notepad++), why do they look so much worse in the text editor? I see the same subpixel rendering in both, but the anti-aliasing seems to otherwis

  • Firefox tries to open TeX files with wined notepadSeptember 21

    I am using Arch Linux. Each time I download a TeX file, Firefox suggest me to open it with notepad (which is installed through wine). Why? $ xdg-mime query filetype Random-file.tex text/x-tex $ xdg-mime query default text/x-tex (nothing appears with

  • firefox portable: doesnt open links from other applicationsMay 7

    I'm having a very annoying problem: I'm using Firefox 4 Portable on my office PC, everything is ok except when clicking links from my email programm or messenger. Firefox (already running) won't open them but instead displays an error message: Firefo

  • why doesnt notepad++ in Wine display the filenames properly?

    why doesnt notepad++ in Wine display the filenames properly? August 22

    This question already has an answer here: How to install and configure Wine? 1 answer Tiny yet strange issue: In the list of files/folders, notepad++ running in Wine completely ignores the last character. Other than that it works perfectly under Wine

  • Firefox doesnt see java pluginJune 15

    I work on a machine without administrator access. There is java installed on it however Firefox doesn't pick it up somehow. IE has no problems running Java content however. My question is how can I force Firefox to use already installed Java without

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