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  • How can I migrate from Excel VBA with ADO to C++ with OCCI? December 7

    I am employed as a developer, but the only application development tools I have available to me are Access and Excel (i.e., VBA). Fortunately, I have good access to our Oracle DB, but that took some persuasion! It's been a while, but I can write good

  • OCCI for non-web applicationFebruary 8

    I am writing a non-web application (written in java) which will allocate cloud resources. I want to make it compatible with as many providers as possible. Is it wise to use OCCI interface? Will it be too complicated? --------------Solutions----------

  • "ImportError: No module named XKit.xutils" while removing nvidia-currentOctober 21

    I got the following problem: My PC shutdown while upgrading from 12.04 to 12.10. Everything seems to work but I can't install the missing updates. It always tells me to run apt-get install -f, but when I do so it just says: (It's in German, hope it d

  • Difference between OCCI and Instant Client package OracleAugust 25

    I am a bit confused. I want to use Oracle Call Interface in C++ to interact with databases. This link: http://oradim.blogspot.co.uk/2009/07/getting-started-with-occi-windows.html says you need such packages: OCCI (Visual C++9 (VS 2008)[Windo

  • Can we connect to Oracle database from Unix system without OCCI?January 20

    Can we connect to Oracle database from Unix system without OCCI? Is it necessary for a Instant Client to be installed to use the Database connection? Kindly give suggestions. Thanks

  • C++ Access violation reading location issue [on hold]February 12

    I'm trying to run the following code. #include <string> #include <iostream> #include <occi.h> using namespace oracle::occi; const std::string DATE_FORMAT = "YYYY-MM-DD"; int main() { const std::string userName = "SCOTT&quo

  • Is running Ubuntu One on Debian 'possible'? October 29

    I read somewhere that Ubuntu One only runs on Ubuntu, which was a surprise (and I suppose it's just an official stance). What will it take for me to run it on Debian? --------------Solutions------------- Just for the record, you can run Ubuntu One an

  • Is Ubuntu One available for Aptosid or Siduction? October 29

    I read somewhere that Ubuntu One only runs on Ubuntu, which was a surprise (and I suppose it's just an official stance). What will it take for me to run it on Debian? --------------Solutions------------- Just for the record, you can run Ubuntu One an

  • FSL Bus Problem in Xilinx FPGA Data ReturnJuly 22

    I wrote a custom IP peripheral in Verilog and interfaced it to MicroBlaze, using a hardware co-processor option. I can see the peripheral connected on the System Design Diagram. Everything compiles and the build is successful. Now I can see on hypert

  • Replace VMware vSphere infrastructure with open source alternatives?October 14

    We are planning a slow migration from VMware (and third party apps) to open source alternatives (free would be great). Basically, we want to start with some little cluster lab, then migrate the production environment (35+ ESX, 1500 VMs) in the future

  • How do I permanently change the brightness of the screen?

    How do I permanently change the brightness of the screen?October 14

    On the previous versions the default screen brightness was perfect for me but on 11.10 the default brightness is killing my eye. I have changed the brightness like this level but after restarting and every login/logout it returns to default 100%. ---

  • Determine Oracle session client character set?November 11

    I know how the database characterset (NLS_CHARACTERSET in select * from v$nls_parameters;) and the client character set (the client environment setting NLS_LANG) interact. What I can't find out however, is how or if I can determine, for an establishe

  • How can I shadow an entire directory tree and copy over files before writing them?November 29

    I have a large source code repository on a Linux NFS mount and I'd like to create a shadow copy of that repository such that only files that I write in this shadow repository are modified in my shadow repository. All other files remain symlinks or ha

  • How to get/install xmkmf?December 2

    I would like to compile FreeNX like so aptitude install build-essential apt-get install subversion patch apt-get install expat fontconfig xterm zlib1g libgl1-mesa-dri libgl1-mesa-glx libglu1-mesa libpng12-0 libdrm-intel1 libdrm-nouveau1a libdrm-radeo

  • How can I build a link for a directory aside from one file?April 2

    I run World of Warcraft on Windows 7 on one hard drive and Ubuntu on another. Until I can figure out how to get my wine version working at the same framerate as the Windows 7 version, I have to do large group content on my Windows installation. I hav

  • How do I install ccmake?

    How do I install ccmake?April 13

    How do I install ccmake (not cmake)? I have tried the following to no avail: sudo apt-get install ccmake --------------Solutions------------- Install the package cmake-curses-gui. You can install it by clicking the below image: Or by executing the fo

  • How to let an icon in the launcher wiggle?April 23

    Trying to let my python application inform the user by wiggling or shaking its icon in the launcher, I found: Wiggling seems to be the "urgent animation": How can I change the wiggle time of 'urgent animation' in Unity Launcher? https://wiki.ubu

  • Oracle: Long delay opening connectionsNovember 8

    I am getting a very long delay (about 2 minutes) opening initial connections on my 11g2 development server. Sometimes I get ORA-28547: connection to server failed, probable Oracle Net admin error and no connection at all. However, the problem disappe

  • Packages needed for configuring software

    Packages needed for configuring softwareNovember 15

    Hi folks, Debian Etch - base installation, running as domU (guest) on a Xen box I'm installing BIND on its tarball and encountering following problem. # ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/bind Code: checking build system type... i686-pc-linux-gnu checki

  • resource description in a server-cluster February 20

    I am searching for a way to describe resources/services on a server-cluster but couldn't find a proper solution yet although I actually think there should be one. We're running here a bunch of servers, each of them has is responsible for a different

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