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  • Run 'rng-tools' in OpenVZ containerDecember 2

    I have a problem with run 'rngd' inside OpenVZ container: [email protected]:~# rngd -r /dev/urandom unable to adjust write_wakeup_threshold: Permission denied Is it possible to run an application in another way? Thanks to all! --------------Solutions------

  • OpenVZ migrate and failover from NAS?May 8

    Is there any supported way besides using a SAN (with one VE on a LUN) to have migration and failover in an OpenVZ cluster? From what I've read, things like NFS will not work, but I haven't seen any definitive information in English. --------------Sol

  • Which virtualization platforms should I choose, Xen or OpenVZ? May 26

    I am upgrading my shared hosting to VPS hosting, mainly to just add server administration skills to my development skills, so I'm facing a lot of new choices just signing up. I need to choose a virtualization platform, either Xen or OpenVZ. From what

  • What is the best practice to backup OpenVZ containters?May 29

    I'm running Linux server with OpenVZ containers. I back up data with rdiff-backup in two steps (to minimalize downtime). First step is on live containter, and second step is on suspended container. Is there a better way to back up OpenVZ containters?

  • How to mount glusterfs inside a OpenVZ container?June 22

    glusterfs uses fuse to mount a glusterfsd volume, wich works fine on any hardwarenode without virtualization. But, I now try to mount the device inside a container glusterfs --debug -f /etc/glusterfs/glusterfs.vol /storage and get the following error

  • Log Rotate and OpenVZ Virtual MachinesAugust 11

    I noticed that my OpenVZ virtual machines (VEs) don't have logrotate installed, and my logs are getting a bit big :-) Since the file systems of the VEs are exposed to the host via /vz/private/.. , is there any reason not to just have logrotate on the

  • managing openvz on multiple serversSeptember 24

    I have 3 (quad core each) servers that I'm going to run a small 10 server virtual cluster on. I'm using openvz. xen and kvm aren't options. My current plan is to have a script that resides on each of the servers that I give a unique id, hostname, ip,

  • openvz performance issuesNovember 12

    I have two VEs running on the same physical server. One VE sends requests and the other reads/processes them. I'm trying to benchmark the setup, but I keep blowing through the UBC limits. Things grind to a halt when this happens. Is there a way I can

  • openvz shared configurationNovember 13

    I have 9 openvz VEs running on 3 physical servers. I'd like to add another VE to each physical server. Soooo, each physical server would then be running 4 VEs. I used vzsplit -n 4 to generate new params to fit the VEs to the resources of the physical

  • install and config openVZ December 9

    I want to install OpenVZ on my server(fedora10), and then assign a block of ips to each of the vps. I have a moderate amount of linux knowlege, how much effort is involved to setup what I just described and maintain it? all suggestions are welcome. -

  • OpenVZ Host is the source IP address rather than actual web surfers?January 3

    I am experiencing something a little bit odd. I'm running OpenZV on a CentOS 5 server. It appears that on containers the source IP address that say Apache webserver sees a request from is the OpenVZ Host's IP address rather than the actual surfer's I

  • OpenVZ: limit number of cpu cores per VEJanuary 8

    Is there a way of limiting number of cpu cores seen from inside a VE? I have an eight core server, but I want my VE to see only one particular core. Thanx! --------------Solutions------------- If you vz is number 101, than use the following to set it

  • Partitioning recommendations for a Proxmox VM Server (OpenVZ)February 6

    We are new to virtualization and we are planning to turn our online server into a virualized one, mainly for maintenance, backup and recovery improvements. Initially we would only have one real virtual system with load plus 1-3 copys for testing and

  • OpenVZ - share files between virtual machines (VEs)?February 8

    Is there any way to share a directory of files between virtual machines running in OpenVZ? My particular use case is that I want to have a shared YUM cache directory, for when they all need to run updates, so that each virtual machine doesn't have to

  • openvz graphing user_beancountersFebruary 10

    We run a cluster of openvz servers and are looking for a way to automatically graph the content of user_beancounters for all ves. We currently have a fairly rudimentary cron which alerts us when limits are hit but we could like a graphing solution to

  • OpenVZ container as gateway performance issue?February 19

    I am running a lot of openvz container in server. Now I have a lot of performance issue, and I think they come from I/O since munin graph show a lot of I/O activiy. Server is proxmox, and it was recently upgraded (this could be the problem also) But

  • Karmic iptables missing kernel moduyles on OpenVZ containerFebruary 23

    After an unsuccessful p2v migration of my Ubuntu server to an OpenVZ container which I am stack with I thought I would give a try to a reinstall based on a clean OpenVZ template for Ubuntu 9.10 (from the OpenVZ wiki) When I try to load my iptables ru

  • Can OpenVZ have SLES, CentOS, and OpenSuse guests?March 30

    I have a SLES Xen Host and a CentOS Xen host, so I was wondering, if I would be able to migrate these Xen guests (CentOS 5, SLES 10, OpenSUSE 11) to OpenVZ? None of the guests uses any kernel feaures. Can OpenVZ handle all those on one OpenVZ host? -

  • OpenVZ multiple networks on CTsApril 18

    I have Hardware Node (HN) which has 2 physical interfaces (eth0, eth1). I'm playing with OpenVZ and want to let my containers (CTs) have access to both of those interfaces. I'm using basic configuration - venet. CTs are fine to access eth0 (public in

  • Second filesystem in OpenVZ VE?April 23

    I need a second filesystem inside one of my VEs in OpenVZ that I will want mounted with mandatory locking. Does anyone know how to do this? --------------Solutions------------- This is normally done from /etc/vz/conf/vps.mount and vps.umount scripts

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