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  • OrientDB - JDBC Driver controlled by a Connection PoolJanuary 19

    We are in the process of changing some of the applications that use a relation database, to OrientDB (2.1.9). This transaction will be made in small steps, we will first start with the JDBC driver approach, and maybe we will switch to a native implem

  • Configuring jdbc-pool (tomcat 7)January 20

    i'm having some problems with tomcat 7 for configuring jdbc-pool : i`ve tried to follow this example: http://www.tomcatexpert.com/blog/2010/04/01/configuring-jdbc-pool-high-concurrency so i have: conf/server.xml <GlobalNamingResources> <Resource

  • HAProxy, client timeouts when connecting from JDBC poolOctober 17

    I have a webapp (Tomcat/Hibernate/DBCP 1.4) that runs queries against MySQL, and this works fine for a certain load, say 50 queries a second. When I route the same moderate load through HAProxy (still just using a single database), I get a failure, m

  • JDBC pooling Oracle driver Socket read timed outDecember 17

    I run Java EE application on Glassfish server v3 together with Oracle 12 DB on the same machine under Windows Server 2012 64bit. I use latest ojdbc7 driver. Connection pool config: <jdbc-connection-pool validation-table-name="DUAL" steady-poo

  • No suitable driver found Orientdb jdbc driver

    No suitable driver found Orientdb jdbc driverMay 11

    I have some problems with Orientdb driver for jdbc. i´m using Netbeans, i have include the library JDBC+OrientDB libraries (orientdb-jdbc-2.0.8-all.jar) in the directory and in netbeans, i have also include the connector in the proyect (i have includ

  • OrientDB JDBC OpenSQLConnection : Execution of SQL failedAugust 3

    I am testing JDBC connection of OrientDB v2.0.13 from Wolfram Language. Needs["JLink`"] AddToClassPath["C:\\OrientDB2013\\jdbc\\orientdb-jdbc-2.0.13-all.jar"]; Needs["DatabaseLink`"] conn = OpenSQLConnection[ JDBC[ "com.

  • Spring MVC Hibernate Specified JDBC Driver oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource could not be loaded errorFebruary 8

    I am trying to integrate hibernate with Spring. Until I dont introduce hibernate code & the libraries, it works fine. Here is the code, welcome-servlet.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <beans xmlns="http://w

  • Spring-Boot: How do I set JDBC pool properties like maximum number of connections?August 29

    Spring-Boot is a pretty awesome tool, but the documentation is a bit sparse when it comes to more advanced configuration. How can I set properties like the maximum size for my database connection pool? Spring-Boot supports tomcat-jdbc, HikariCP and C

  • Oracle Database keeps JDBC pooled connections on DRCP configured port as dedicatedNovember 21

    Our developers have had an application in java that connects to the database and JDBC was controlling their connection pools. To comply with pooling requirements for our PHP developers, we enabled DRCP on the server so they could benefit from this fe

  • How to use JDBC Connection Pooling without JNDI DataSource? (in Apache Tomcat)April 19

    I have an Apache Tomcat 7 server. I have a quite complex Java Servlet application running on it which needs some MySQL queries per POST. Thus I need a MySQL Database connection to do the query. Currently I use the following Java code to create the Da

  • What is wrong in my jdbc config pool?August 19

    I am using clearDB with max_connections plan being 40. This is my jdbc pool configuration: <bean id="dataSource" class="org.apache.tomcat.jdbc.pool.DataSource" destroy-method="close" p:driverClassName="com.mysql.jdbc.

  • Tomcat7 JDBC connection pool - Connection has been abandonedSeptember 11

    I have the following configuration for the JDBC connection pool initialSize="2" minIdle="10" maxIdle="50" maxActive="100" maxWait="15000" jdbcInterceptors="org.apache.tomcat.jdbc.pool.interceptor.Conn

  • Failed to connect to localhost orientdb using jdbcJanuary 19

    I'm using OrientDB 2.1.9 and has created plocal graph database called 'TimespentEvents'. When trying to connect from Java using JDBC driver in the same machine with URL 'jdbc:orient:remote:localhost/TimespentEvents' and user/password admin/admin I en

  • Mysql JDBC Connection timeout error,Communication link failureJanuary 21

    I am getting connection timeout error suddenly with hibernate. Normally application is running properly, but at some times suddenly i am getting below exception. The last packet sent successfully to the server was 0 milliseconds ago. The driver has n

  • JDBC CommunicationsException in Spring Data JPAFebruary 5

    I have a Spring Boot application that uses Data JPA / Hibernate / JDBC and MySQL with a default timeout of 8 hours. When left running overnight, it crashes with the following exception: javax.persistence.PersistenceException: org.hibernate.exception.

  • Spring connection pool, JdbcTemplate, Hibernate and abandoned connectionsFebruary 10

    My Spring Boot 1.3.2.RELEASE app is using both Hibernate and JDBC (using JdbcTemplate). This is running on Java 8. The JDBC driver is Oracle ojdbc7 It is configured to use Spring connection pooling. I recently switched from c3p0 which worke

  • Default connection pool for tomcat in spring-boot?February 17

    What is the default value used for maximum connections on a postgres database with tomcat connection pooling using spring-boot? There is a property spring.datasource.maxActive, but when I try to sysout it, I'm getting an exception: @Value("${spring.d

  • Apache+Tomcat having problems communicating. Unclear error messages. Bringing down websites hosted under TomcatJune 4

    Setup: Fedora 8 Apache 2.2.8 Tomcat 5.5.8 Apache is forwarding requests using AJP. Problem: After a certain period of time (no constant at all, can be between an hour or two, or one or more days) Tomcat will go down. Either it stops responding, or it

  • EC2 performance problemSeptember 16

    just spent two days this week troubleshooting dev issue in EC2 logged by offshore team. have run apache/tomcat Version 7.0.21 in muliple Dev instances in EC2 for weeks with no problem. then major performance issues in D3 env. re-ran the scripts on sh

  • Migrating from tomcat to tc server - receiving java.sql.SQLException on startupOctober 27

    I'm receiving below error when I start tcServer. I do not receive this error on standalone version of tomcat. Is there extra config I need to add for tcServer ? WARNING: Unexpected exception resolving reference java.sql.SQLException: Io exception: Th

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