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otg cable enable in a5 fu

  • how to check if a mobile has hardware support for OTG cable?

    how to check if a mobile has hardware support for OTG cable? January 4

    Some Android devices can act as a USB host, so that you can use other USB devices attached to them. For instance, browse or import the photos stored on a camera from your phone, or copy files onto a USB memory stick attached to your tablet, plug a fu

  • Transfer Data from Ubuntu Desktop (PC) to Ubuntu Nexus 7 (tablet) without OTG-cable or WifiJanuary 8

    Are there any ways to transfer data without wifi or cloud based services from my Ubuntu Desktop PC to my Nexus 7 (tablet) which is running Ubuntu and NOT Android. Or is there any other solution to this problem, besides using memory unit and OTG-cable

  • Apply manual update on Xoom without an OTG cableFebruary 6

    So the ICS update came out for Xoom and applying it is straight forward enough - pretty much like in any other case. Except, it seems to require the OTG cable. Would anybody know a way to do that without using such cable? I mean, applying the patch e

  • Does Android USB host mode depend on an OTG cable?October 12

    In order to take advantage of USB host Mode on the Nexus 7 (Android 4.1.1) is it necessary to have an OTG cable? Can I do it using the standard micro to male cable, then use a female to female adapter? --------------Solutions------------- Yes, you ne

  • Using OTG cable, transfer file from cardreader to external harddisk, is it possible?October 28

    I will be going on a holiday and I want to be able to back up my photos to my external harddrive. Usually this means bringing a laptop with me. However I have : Galaxy Nexus, rooted and unlocked OTG Cable Powered USB hub Standard, fullsize SD card re

  • Using an OTG cable while chargingNovember 27

    Most Android devices have a single port for both connecting to the computer (USB) and charging. I have to use this OTG small cable to transfer data, but also to use a real keyboard. However, when I connect the keyboard, I cannot recharge my device wh

  • How do I use a USB OTG cable to read a USB thumbdrive on Arduino Uno?April 14

    Is is possible to use a USB OTG (On-The-Go) cable hooked to the Arduino Uno's (or similar) USB connector to read a thumb drive or other device? If it is possible, what software would be needed? --------------Solutions------------- Not without getting

  • How to use OTG cables for NEXUS4 without rootingAugust 26

    Is it possible to use OTG Cables for Nexus-4 without rooting the device? Can Nexus Media Importer work with OTG cables for Nexus4? --------------Solutions------------- The Nexus 4 does not support USB-On-The-Go. From the Nexus Media Importer descript

  • Using OTG cables with Nexus 7 (2012) without rootingAugust 28

    Is it possible to use OTG Cables with Nexus 7 (2012) without rooting? Can Nexus Media Importer be useful here? --------------Solutions------------- Yes, you can use Nexus Media Importer. From its description: This is the only non-root solution for de

  • How to access a memory stick using a OTG cable?October 14

    I have a OTG cable connected to my phone and a memory stick on the other end. My android phone is rooted and I have no idea how to find/access the files on my memory stick. How do I access files from my memory stick with my phone? EDIT: Is it also po

  • Connecting a USB stick: OTG cable required or will standard USB (charging) cable work?November 8

    I am wondering if it is necessary to buy a USB OTG cable to access a USB stick from an Android (4.4) phone, or if it suffices to take the Micro-USB-to-USB cable that comes with the phone (for charging) and connect it to the USB stick (via a female-fe

  • Using OTG cables when connecting to PCJanuary 1

    Can an OTG cable, micro B male to USB A female, be used with the cell phone if connecting to a PC either with a USB A Male to Male lead or with a standard A Male to Female lead plus a standard A Femal to Female adapter? --------------Solutions-------

  • Nexus 7 (2013) OTG cable with flash drive doesn't workFebruary 12

    I just bought Nexus 7 (2013) and an OTG cable. I wanted to connect a flash drive to it. When I connected it, nothing happened. I tried to find the folder with my flash drive contents in /etc - there was nothing about my flash drive. I searched in /st

  • How to troubleshoot OTG cable?September 16

    Because android doesn't handle the broken screen problem very well (frankly, it doesn't handle it at all) I bought OTG cable in hope that I'll be able to connect my mouse to the device. I connected it to the broken phone (Huawei U8500) and nothing ha

  • Male-male micro USB OTG cable?

    Male-male micro USB OTG cable?August 11

    I'd like to get an OTG cable so I can back up photos from my digital camera to my Android smartphone. For some reason, there doesn't seem to be any male-male micro USB cable: Google only returns male micro USB - female USB, so users must carry two ca

  • Can't connect via OTG cable - Samsung I8190 S3 MiniSeptember 18

    I was using a keyboard case with an OTG cable connector. I pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del and my device restarted but now I can't connect via the OTG cable with my keyboard or pendrive. What should I do?

  • How to use OTG cable in Motorola Moto G2?November 2

    Recently, I purchased an OTG cable model S-K07 to use with my Moto G2 mobile. When I connected the OTG cable with 4GB pen drive, FAT32 formatted, it did not work. After some time, the pen drive got heated up and I removed the pen drive from OTG cable

  • How can I make a controller work on my android tablet using an OTG cable?December 15

    I am trying to make my Thurstmaster GP XID controller (http://www.thrustmaster.com/products/gp-xid-pc) work on my android 4.2 device (Onda v975s) by plugging it into the microusb port using an OTG cable. Many articles say you just need to plug it and

  • Cordova Android Development: Looking for OTG cable options for debugging with peripherals connectedJanuary 28

    I'm developing a Cordova Plugin for Android that interacts with a printer connected to my Android device's USB port. I also have Ionic in the mix running a working Anular application. I have the Plugin working, but getting to that point was painful.

  • Can we play movie in non-jailbreak iPhone using OTG Cable?February 9

    In Android i am able to play movie using OTG cable and Pandrive using file manager or VLC, But does Apple provide same functionality for non-jailbreak device? Want to buy OTG cable if its support.

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