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outlook 2010 room list empty

  • Outlook 2010 Room list empty butOctober 28

    I've created a room list and added rooms to it using this method http://blogs.technet.com/b/exchange/archive/2010/04/14/3409791.aspx but as in the room finder, i can see the group i created in the show room list, but in Choose available room it's emp

  • How to make Outlook 2010 not warn on empty subject?December 9

    I'm using the beta of Outlook 2010, and am wondering how I can set it to STOP warning me on empty subject lines. My family and friends (as opposed to work) I generally send with no subject, and it is REALLY annoying that it constantly asks me "Really

  • Address book empty after migration from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2010July 12

    After a new Windows XP installation on a notebook I imported the old Outlook 2003 Outlook.pst file into Outlook 2010. All the old emails and folders showed up, but not so the addressbook which is empty. The mail accounts are several quite large IMAP

  • How to prevent automatic emptying of Deleted Items when exiting Outlook 2010?

    How to prevent automatic emptying of Deleted Items when exiting Outlook 2010?March 29

    I've just started using a new PC running Outlook 2010 and I'm trying to set my preferred options. In Outlook 2007 on my previous PC, I had changed the settings so that the Deleted Items folder was not automatically emptied when I exit the application

  • Outlook 2010 - Names in "From" field empty

    Outlook 2010 - Names in "From" field emptyApril 16

    I've searched online and on ServerFault, but cannot track down any explanations or solutions. In Outlook 2010, in a folder under the Inbox, the name in the "From" field is empty, even though other messages from that same person have the name pop

  • "Empty" Outlook 2010 address book (despite having over 1,000 contacts)

    "Empty" Outlook 2010 address book (despite having over 1,000 contacts)August 19

    I am in the process of migrating our users to Office 365. After adding the Exchange Online account for a user in their Outlook 2010 client (and importing their old emails), I then copy their contacts from their old address book into the new one. For

  • Outlook 2010 not storing settings; Customize Ribbon is empty

    Outlook 2010 not storing settings; Customize Ribbon is emptyDecember 23

    (Windows 7 64-bit, Office 2010 32-bit, a lot of free HDD space). I had my Outlook 2010 set up according to my habits and it worked for years, but a couple of weeks ago some of the settings have started being reset on each application start. I change

  • Outlook 2010 address access problemAugust 9

    Outlook 2010 addresses missing problem - I've tried everything to find the addresses to send my e-mails and although there's a ton of addresses in my contacts file there's no addresses or access to addresses when I try to send e-mails to anyone - zer

  • Keep outlook 2010 open

    Keep outlook 2010 open October 15

    Possible Duplicate: How to make Outlook 2010 minimize when I try to close it? I want to "disable" the ability to close Outlook2010. I always "close" it instead of minimizing it. What are some good light-weight solutions to keeping Outl

  • Outlook 2010 inbox unread count is wrong

    Outlook 2010 inbox unread count is wrongNovember 25

    My outlook 2010 inbox shows a count of 3 unread messages, but there are no unread messages in the inbox. There is no view, no filter on the inbox. Do you know a way to force re-calculation of that count ? Thanks --------------Solutions------------- S

  • Why do some emails sent in Outlook 2010 get stuck in Outbox with date set to "None"?

    Why do some emails sent in Outlook 2010 get stuck in Outbox with date set to "None"?February 28

    I'm using Outlook 2010 against Exchange 2007. Emails I compose sometimes get stuck in the Outbox with date "None" as shown below. These emails never leave the outbox unless I delete them and recompose. Sometimes the problem happens again until I

  • How to find sent emails in Outlook 2010 without a replyMarch 8

    Here is an interesting question: In Outlook 2010, how could I find emails I sent that did not receive a reply? I'm open to almost all solutions. --------------Solutions------------- you can do the advanced find as suggested - that will bring up any w

  • New Install of Outlook 2010 won't retrieve all messages from serverJune 8

    I recently got a new laptop, installed Outlook 2010, set up all my accounts and everything is running fine. However when I do a send/receive, my old emails pre-new install aren't being retrieved. I would have thought this would happen automatically,

  • Moving Outlook 2010 PST files to a new locationJuly 22

    I am trying to move my PST files for Outlook 2010 between folders. From what I have read all I have to do is close Outlook, go to the folders and move the file over. Then, when I restart Outlook, I should get an error message. When I hit "okay"

  • using outlook 2010 my contacts are not associated with "address book" when using emailSeptember 5

    I'm using Outlook 2010 on a new computer and I have successfully migrated "my contacts" data from my old to new compiter but when using "mail" my address book is empty. I.e., when I click on the TO or CC button, the address book is emp

  • Outlook 2010 clients corrupts every .pst archive openedDecember 15

    We have got an installation of Outlook 2010 that corrupts every .pst archive opened with it, except for a newly created test archive which only had one mail in it. All archives cannot be opened and give a message stating the archive ist corrupt, and

  • Outlook 2010 complaining about missing Outlook.pst

    Outlook 2010 complaining about missing Outlook.pstApril 18

    Since I wasn't using Outlook.pst (or so I thought), I decided to delete it. Oops. Now Outlook 2010 is complaining every time I open it. How can I remove all trace of it? Here's what Control Panel > Mail shows me: Here's the error message when I try a

  • Outlook 2010 & Exchange 2007: Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipientsSeptember 10

    We just set up a new user at our office and she is getting some weird NDN errors that are consistently inconsistent. When she tries to email some recipients it immediately bounces back a NDN error. These recipients are external to our domain and can

  • Adding multiple Exchange accounts under one profile in Outlook 2010 or 2013

    Adding multiple Exchange accounts under one profile in Outlook 2010 or 2013November 8

    I work for two companies, each having own Exchange Server. I want to configure my Outlook for both email accounts. I am not able to add both accounts under the same profile in Outlook 2010, nor 2013. I found some how-to articles, each involving Offic

  • Remove To-Do List/filter in Outlook 2010

    Remove To-Do List/filter in Outlook 2010November 26

    I have a user that is currently using Outlook 2010 and uses Tasks (part of outlook 2010) on a daily basis. We are looking to remove the To-Do List filter from the My Task bar. I've googled for many hours and have come up empty. I am beginning to beli

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