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  • Stop currently running Windows screensaver from command lineJuly 2

    I have a number of Scheduled Tasks running on a Windows machine, which is design to run stand alone and show useful information to the office. Part of it's use is to run a screensaver that itself shows useful information. There are some scheduled tas

  • Windows HID device driver for USB KeyboardFebruary 15

    I've this problem to solve with an USB device: connected to POS PC (Windows POSReady 2009) there is a USB Keyboard and a USB Dallas I-Button reader USB Reader is connected to MoBo USB bus, and shows up as USB Composite device: USB Composite Device US

  • sccm with distributed clients not in ADJanuary 29

    Before I go through learning about sccm can you guys tell me if it is possible to update and organize Pos systems, windows updates, software updates, which are not within an ad domain...How does this work is it workgroup etc. and online links much ap

  • Ray Intersecting Plane Formula in C++/DirectXJanuary 12

    I'm developing a picking system that will use rays that intersect volumes and I'm having trouble with ray intersection versus a plane. I was able to figure out spheres fairly easily, but planes are giving me trouble. I've tried to understand various

  • Fading in while scrolling - is this an elegant solution?February 6

    I have posted such question at StackOverflow but the single answer I got there was to ask here. My task is to get elements fading in while the user is scrolling. Here is my link - http://layot.prestatrend.com/ I have made it with the help of such jQu

  • Cloud 9.10 server.. Yes I know..

    Cloud 9.10 server.. Yes I know..April 18

    I'd be interested in a down and dirty minimal cloud server setup and how to setup a minimal 'dummy client' machine. I have to youngsters here who use the system to do school work and to be honest I'd rather avoid a POS barebone windows machine.. As I

  • Bastion host for PCI compliance

    Bastion host for PCI complianceAugust 2

    A client in the retail industry has a network with point-of-sale (POS) terminals that connect to a POS Server. Additionally, most of the Windows workstations in non-sales areas also connect to the same server. This is because the POS software is only

  • Obtain rectangle indicating 2D world space camera can seeOctober 17

    I have a 2D tile based game in XNA, with a moveable camera that can scroll around and zoom. I'm trying to obtain a rectangle which indicates the area, in world space, that my camera is looking at, so I can render anything this rectangle intersects wi

  • GLFW - Event Polling SystemJuly 28

    I need some help on design. I'm making an event polling system, where a window is notified of events as they happen. I handle events at a system level in my GLFW backend, by using callbacks. Example (within my backend's init() function): // Setup a k

  • XNA/Monogame Change SpriteBatch Blendstate in between callsDecember 3

    I'm working on polishing up the particle system in the project I'm working on in Monogame. Currently particles and objects are all drawn within the same Begin/End block to allow for FrontToBack depth sorting, however my particles use the Additive Ble

  • Wrapper div not centering after using -moz-box elements in bodyFebruary 9

    Margin: 0 auto; Does not seem to be working in my code for the wrapper div. The only way i seem to get everything to center is to add: -moz-box-align: center; To the body element. However this takes away the full width on the nav and page head at the

  • Change width of element without reflowFebruary 10

    I have a music player with an animated bar that displays the current position in the song. It is rendered with requestAnimationFrame and works by changing the width style of the div to X%, where X is the percentage of time through the current song. T

  • Does Poser 8 work in Windows 7?December 18

    I have just bought Poser8 but it crashes on Windows7 on my computer. This maybe linked to the absence of a Library? The display of Poser8 only shows a white screen. Help would be appreciated. --------------Solutions------------- Yes, Poser 8 is repor

  • Windows XP expiry security vulnerability of POSFebruary 11

    Now that Windows XP will stop being supported by Microsoft, it has become common knowledge that it should be abandoned for a modern operating system in most cases. However, I have the corner case where I am using Windows XP to run a point of sales sy

  • 3D drawing program to pose human figures (like Windows Poser)June 2

    Are there any good Linux-alternatives to the Windows-program Poser - a program that allows you to manipulate human-figures (dressed in skins) in a humanly way (ie. with the restriction a human body impose on body-movement)? --------------Solutions---

  • How to restrict Windows 8 to one app for POS October 13

    I want to create a Point of Sale type app for a computer for one of my clients. I don't want anyone to be able to do anything else but use that app. No accessing the start screen, no control-alt-delete, nothing. Is there a way to do that using Window

  • subdomain dns on windows server 2003 needing fully qualified name

    subdomain dns on windows server 2003 needing fully qualified nameJune 3

    Please excuse (or even better, correct) my misuse of terminology here, I'm a bit of a noob at this. On my companies internal network, on the DNS server (server 2k3), if I create an AName record to an internal machine, say: AndrewsPc this

  • Monitor number of users logged into Windows XP with NagiosJuly 31

    I have a POS system that won't work unless the is logged in to the console session. I was thinking since I already have NSClient++ maybe I could monitor a counter via Nagios. Is there a counter for this that I can alert if the account is not logged i

  • windows pptp vpn client *do not* use default gateway on remote networkOctober 6

    By default the windows vpn client has this checked in the advanced tcp/ip settings: Use default gateway on remote network... I do not want to use the default remote gateway... (the clients internet access uses the company network when it is like this

  • Compose key on Windows

    Compose key on WindowsNovember 2

    On Linux, the Compose key is a great way to enter many symbols. E.g. em-dash - by pressing Compose then - - - ö by pressing Compose then : o Euro € by pressing Compose then C = (The Compose key function can be assigned to various keyboard keys, such

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