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  • Postfix add computername on subjectMay 16

    I have several ubuntu servers / desktops running on the same machine using kvm (under ubuntu server 12.04) With postfix on each virtual machine I've redirected each root's mail to my gmail account. Everything works fine, The problem comes that some d

  • Postfix Add Custom Header Based on MySQL ResultAugust 18

    I have a quick question about accessing a MySQL database via Postfix and adding a custom header to an email based on the result. So we have setup an Ubuntu server with Postfix which is using a MySQL DB for virtual addresses, now my question is this:

  • Postfix add custom header with random valueMay 21

    I am trying to add a custom header to all messages handled by my postfix server. I tried using a guide on the internet without any luck. In my master.cf i added: -o smtp_header_checks=regexp:/etc/postfix/test_tag_header test_tag_header: Prepend X-Mai

  • How can I have Postfix add a header to all outgoing mail based on command?December 9

    I would want to have postfix to run the command: /usr/bin/hashcash -mXb 26 <RECIPIENT1> <RECIPIENT2> ... <RECIPIENTn> and add the output of this command as a header. How can this be accomplished? This command should be ran at the most fi

  • postfix add single IPv6 addressAugust 13

    I have my webserver set up to send out email as a smartserver using postfix and it does not allow any other machines on my network to send mail through it. I've been able to send email from my webserver to any address I like and it still works like t

  • Postfix add sender based on from headerDecember 27

    I have a server process sending out mail using one out of a handful of addresses in the From header. Unfortunately, the program does not set the sender header resulting in "{Sender} on behalf of {From}" in Outlook user's inboxes. Is there a way

  • postfix/fetchmail change subjectMarch 19

    Hi there, I was just wondering, i want to Identify that mail came from the postmaster address and not from my own address or anyone elses. I don't know if fetchmail can do it, so when it doesn't find a local match for mail that it tags the message li

  • how can I add a custom subject line below the \opening section of in scrlttr2 doc?August 2

    I'm struggling with my first latex project and I need to add a subject line, and make it bold, below the opening salutation in letter. Any help much appreciated --------------Solutions------------- scrlttr2 supports an option that allows the placemen

  • How to add subject line when sending email output of find using ssmtpNovember 20

    I got a script running (as cronjob) that will list the files in a folder before doing a Rsync job and emailing me the list. How can I add a subject line. find /path/to/folder/ -type f -size +1M -name "*.mov" -printf "%f\n" | ssmtp my_e

  • How to add multiple X509v3 Subject Alternatve names during cerificate request (CSR generation) without editing openssl.cnf fileDecember 11

    I want to generate CSR for two domains. I have tried according to this http://apetec.com/support/GenerateSAN-CSR.htm But there is no such section available in openssl.cnf file and i don't want to edit openssl.cnf Also tried http://blog.endpoint.com/2

  • How to relay mail via Google account using PostfixJuly 7

    I want to non local emails to be relayed via my personal Google account and local to delivered to local user. My configuration is: /etc/postfix/transport * smtp:[smtp.gmail.com]:587 and /etc/postfix/main.cf [[email protected] postfix]# cat main.cf # This fi

  • How do I fix Outlook's reply and forward subject prefixes?

    How do I fix Outlook's reply and forward subject prefixes?December 22

    I'm trying to change the prefixes Outlook adds to subjects from "RE:" and "FW:" to "Re:" and "Fwd:", respectively. Any ideas? I've been trying to figure it out and googling for at least 15 minutes. I've been force-c

  • Use different relay in postfixMay 7

    In our application, we send different kind of mails. On a broad view we can generalize it in two category, Mails which monitor the health of the app. Mails which we send to end user. Is there any way(Setting some header/configuring some parameter in

  • How do I add a Notebook to a Box in a VBox?

    How do I add a Notebook to a Box in a VBox?June 24

    I have created an empty box in Glade to add a Notebook to. The reason I am not adding the actual Notebook in Glade is because I hear that you cannot add pages to a Notebook made in Glade. So, in Glade I have created a Box in an empty slot in a VBox.

  • Postfix configuration - keep the envelopsJune 26

    I have a postfix server that delivers mail and send a copy of the outgoing mail to a second server for content analysis using the following configuration (addresses and IPs have been replaced): main.cf content sender_bcc_maps = pcre:/$config_director

  • Postfix: Map display name with smtp_generic_maps June 26

    I have a postfix server that delivers mail and send a copy of the outgoing mail to a second server for content analysis using the following configuration (addresses and IPs have been replaced): main.cf content sender_bcc_maps = pcre:/$config_director

  • pdfx and "undefined control sequence" caused by Subject meta-tagJuly 19

    According to the pdfx documentation it should be possible to add a Subject field to the XMP metadata file. Addition of this field however seems to cause an unexpected error during compilation of the LaTeX source into a PDF/A-1b file (pdfLaTex). Try t

  • Is it possible to include subject lines in the default sendmail maillog?November 3

    CentOS 5.8 I'd like to be able to track an email based on Subject line. The default log of 9 in SendMail doesn't appear to include that information. My questions are: What is the minimum sendmail log level that includes this information? Is there a w

  • Postfix: mail transport unavailable

    Postfix: mail transport unavailableDecember 16

    Hi there, I've just moved to a new dedi using ubuntu 10.04.2 following linodes setup guide for ISPConfig. http://library.linode.com/web-applications/control-panels/ispconfig/ubuntu-10.04-lucid Everything seems to be working as intended other than my

  • Configure a Sendmail subject using crontabJanuary 16

    My cron job is running the following line: */40 * * * * cd /home/qa/prod/seo/casino && make testv 2> /dev/stdout | /usr/sbin/sendmail -t [email protected] As you can see I am using the sendmail package. The thing I don't manage to find out is how

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