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powerpoint 2007 recover overwritten file

  • Recover overwritten fileAugust 3

    I accidentally overwrite my file with another file. It was happened when take the latest version from Visual Source Safe(VSS). Can I recover my old file? --------------Solutions------------- Been there, done that. Ended up losing lots of work because

  • How can I recover overwritten files? July 11

    This question already has an answer here: Is there any way to restore/recover a file that was saved over to its last version? 4 answers I have a few files that I accidently updated without making a backup first. I transferred (instead of copying) the

  • recovering overwritten file in ubuntu August 25

    I recently just overwrote one of my sql dump file by doing the following command: mysqldump -u root [email protected] Directory > directory.sql is it possible to get back the file that is being overwritten? --------------Solutions------------- First thi

  • Recover overwritten PowerPoint 07 file from temp?June 4

    What is the full path of the temporary office 07 directory on windows vista or windows seven? A PowerPoint presentation was overwritten, are there any other options besides checking the said temp folder? --------------Solutions------------- You might

  • How can I recover damaged file from overwritten ext4 partition?July 29

    My disk, which was previously ext4 has been formatted and Windows has been installed. I want to recover my previous files (family photos, ..) and I tried everything I could find on the internet. I first cloned an image of the disk to work on it, and

  • Is there any way to recover deleted files which may have since been overwritten?September 24

    I deleted lots of files & folders on my laptop and then I put a new files in the same folders. I need to recover the deleted files. I tried a lot of recovery software and I couldn't recover my old files. I read that if you refill the folders with new

  • Recover overwritten sound recorder files? November 21

    I just deleted a file on my Nexus S that I really need back. (It was actually part of an app using a sqlite database that did a drop table when upgrading to a new version.) Presumably I need to root the phone first (which I hear is easy on Nexus phon

  • How to recover a file overwritten with another in Linux?July 8

    I did this on the command line (Ubuntu 12.04 , ext4) mv some_arbit_file required_file Is there any way I can recover required_file? I had put so much work into this. I usually backup files but I forgot this time. --------------Solutions-------------

  • Moving Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 files to usb

    Moving Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 files to usbOctober 26

    I am trying to attach all my files used in a presentation with the .ppt file so I can get it working on a different PC. I tried to follow this tutorial which said that I should click on File option, but there is no file option in PowerPoint 2007. Ple

  • Recover overwritten contents from a saved word file in Office 2013 & Windows 8August 6

    My dad wrote a new word file and saved it with a same name to a word file previously saved. Now previous file was overwritten. How can I restore this file and keep the new one as well. Now the answers to the questions I might be asked - I tried Recuv

  • Can overwritten files be recovered?August 9

    I am not talking about recovering deleted files, but overwritten files. Namely by the following methods: # move mv new_file old_file # copy cp new_file old_file # edit vi existing_file > D > i new_content > :x Is it possible to retrieve anything

  • how can I recover a file overwritten in the .app directory inside /Applications on OSXSeptember 22

    I am using Android Studio and the application is stored in /Application/Android Studio.app. I'm not sure why, but at some point my keystore file was stored inside this directory, in the bin directory. It is no longer there. I assume that an update oc

  • Combine multiple powerpoint 2007 slide showsOctober 9

    I have several power point sideshows which I want to play in order and on a loop, I use Power point 2007, and can't find the 'insert slide from file' option that used to be in 2003. If push comes to shove, I will have to use each slide as a static im

  • Undo Overwritten FileJanuary 4

    I have just overwritten the CSS file on my site so it is now all messed up! Is there any way to go back, or undo my changes. my host is bluehost! Emailed to bluehost and they replied that they dont have backup :( off! Bluehost said, they only backup

  • Saving (Imaging) Free Disk Space (Unused Clusters) to Recover Deleted FilesJanuary 6

    Is there an app that can save all of the free clusters on a disk to a file? In some circumstances, when a file gets deleted, the only way to try to recover it is to scan the disk (or partition) for a unique string or something that is known to be in

  • recover deleted files from other computerJanuary 23

    I moved a html file from my computer to another and accidentally deleted it from that computer which I accessed from my computer like this: \name\folder As a result the file did not go recycle bin. I tried ntfsundelete and it did found the file on my

  • How to record a macro in PowerPoint 2007March 5

    I want to create a following macro in PowerPoint 2007: Add specific animation to selected object, pressing hotkey. I already enabled Developer page, but I can't find how to record my actions and assign hot key. --------------Solutions------------- Th

  • Insert total number of slides in PowerPoint 2007April 13

    Is it possible to insert the total amount of slides in a PowerPoint presentation into a footnote? I'm looking for an automated way. Of course I could edit the footer and put it in manually, but if I increase/decrease slides, it would be necessary to

  • Recover a file deleted using rm command in Linux June 8

    By accident, I used rm on a file I didn't want to delete. Is there a way that I can get it back under Linux? --------------Solutions------------- The following are generic steps to recover text files. First use wall command to tell user that system i

  • Recover deleted files Raspberry Pi June 8

    By accident, I used rm on a file I didn't want to delete. Is there a way that I can get it back under Linux? --------------Solutions------------- The following are generic steps to recover text files. First use wall command to tell user that system i

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