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  • Delete multiple points (vertexes) in powerpoint

    Delete multiple points (vertexes) in powerpointAugust 5

    I want to modify a powerpoint figure () imported from another application. The figure is made of hundreds/thousands of points. I want to delete some sections of the figure. I can delete points one by one with right-click -> delete point but when the

  • Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2008 deleting multiple user tablesMay 12

    Is there an easy way to delete multiple tables in the database without dropping the database and recreating it? In this case we have over 100 to remove. I am happy enough to remove all user tables and reimport the needed data but can't touch any of t

  • How to delete multiple sub folders in Outlook, in one go?September 1

    In Outlook 2007, is there a way to delete multiple sub folders under a given folder in one go? I would like to keep a few sub folders and delete the rest. How can I do it in one fell swoop, instead of selecting each sub folder and deleting it? There

  • Is there a way to delete multiple Picasa Web Albums in one operation?

    Is there a way to delete multiple Picasa Web Albums in one operation?July 9

    I have a bunch of albums that I need to delete from Picasaweb. Is there a way to do this, or do I have to go through them one at a time to delete them? --------------Solutions------------- You could use the Google Command Line tool. google picasa lis

  • How to delete multiple text at the same time in Word 2010?July 15

    Title says it all, how do I delete multiple text at the same time in Word 2010? Example, right now my document is cluttered with Mediafire Link Code: Select All http://www.mediafire.com/?mdjnz2c5xzy I want to tidy up the document by removing the quot

  • How to delete multiple users?December 6

    How to i implement deletion of multiple users in my code. So i have an option as an admin to delete multiple users in 1 command #!/bin/bash echo "SELECT $OPTION" echo "-------------" echo "1- Create username" echo "2- Cr

  • How do you delete multiple rows in excelMarch 29

    How do you delete multiple rows in excel, if I mark everything and try to delete it just deletes a single row. --------------Solutions------------- I'm personally a fan of right-click (or control click on an Apple) and select delete from the pop-out

  • Deleting multiple vertices at once from representations using ArcGIS Desktop?

    Deleting multiple vertices at once from representations using ArcGIS Desktop?June 29

    I have a polygon feature class that I've converted to representations so that I can delete some vertices. I'm doing this to simplify some of the shapes manually, but I'd like to speed this up by selecting a group of vertices with the Representations

  • Deleting Multiple FilesOctober 8

    I am deleting multiple files with the command: del /s *.doc *.rtf *.txt I get the error Could Not Find *.doc. How can I get the command to continue deleting RTF and TXT files when there are no more DOC files? I want to use a single command so I can t

  • Delete multiple files on PowerShell command lineDecember 16

    With PowerShell, what is the most concise way to delete multiple explicitly named files? E.g. on *ix it would be: rm subDir/a.png anotherDir/b.jpg thirdDir/c.gif I'm currently using: echo subDir/a.png anotherDir/b.jpg thirdDir/c.gif|rm But I consider

  • How to delete multiple feature classes simultaneously?January 17

    I created a number of feature datasets to temporarily store the output of some ModelBuilder models. Each dataset contains several thousand feature classes, and the idea was that I could just delete the feature dataset when I was finished with the Mod

  • In Firefox how to delete multiple about:config entries at the same time?February 25

    I'm using a development version of Firefox, and there are a lot of custom entries in the about:config section that were added by extensions that are no longer installed. It's a really long list, and there is no obvious way to select all of them and d

  • What is the FTP Command for deleting multiple files as once?March 8

    I'm trying to run this command via FTP in order to delete some files I have stored in a folder in my website: DEL *.csv However this doesn't work and I don't know why. However if I try to delete every single file this works: DEL file.csv (works) How

  • Delete multiple cards in a list in TrelloMay 18

    Is it possible to delete multiple cards from a list in Trello all at once? It's a pain to select each one and delete. --------------Solutions------------- Just use shortcuts. You can select the first one that you want to delete and the press on C as

  • How to delete multiple podcast episodes from iOS 6 podcast app?October 12

    I know how to delete a podcast subscription form the iOS 6 podcast app (How to delete a podcast from new iOS 6 Podcast app?) but I'm having trouble deleting multiple episodes within a subscription. Even if I have it set to save only "unplayed" a

  • Can't delete multiple files at once in Windows 8November 1

    This is weird, but I can't delete multiple files at once in Windows 8. Files are on my desktop, I'm selecting them with Ctrl+left click. After that delete option is disappearing from the right click menu, delete button on the keyboard also doesn't wo

  • Deleting multiple selected rows in ExcelNovember 15

    How can I delete multiple rows in Excel? If I mark everything and try to delete, it just deletes a single row. Even if I right-click and select delete, it still deletes one row at a time. I need to delete all rows separately selected with Ctrl in one

  • In Facebook Groups, is there any way to delete multiple photos?December 14

    I am an admin on a couple of Facebook group pages. Deleting the photos on these groups is a fulltime and tedious job. Is there a way to delete multiple photos at once? Is there a way to change the sequence of them so the oldest photos show first, as

  • delete_post hook - deleting multiple itemsApril 12

    I am using delete_post hook. add_action('delete_post', array($this, 'remove_audio_file')); // delete post event (Using it inside the class). When I delete a single post I have no problem retrieving its ID. global $post; However, when I delete multipl

  • How to delete multiple files from an MTP device?

    How to delete multiple files from an MTP device?July 6

    How may I delete multiple selected files from an MTP device in a single operation? Though Delete on a single file succeeds, on multiple files it fails, saying No such interface is supported, as here:

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